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  1. You probably do have it correct. Keep trying to join the server. I believe there may be a DNS/Firewall issue at the moment that isn't yet resolved. Severs aren't querying properly since the move. If this means anything to you and you understand it this will show you what the issue is. Responses from the server are typically non-existent but after a while you do get a response which is marked by the RED BOX. I hope it suggests how bad the issue is as well considering that there were 9/10 failed responses. This does go to show though, that if you keep trying you will get a response. I am wondering if this issue could have something to do with ping and location both being a factor. In response to this issue to the staff, would OVH not be a decent contender to resolve this issue? The main reason that I am making such a big deal out of this is because it in itself is a big deal. This communities playerbase is already dwindling badly. When I was actively here a majority of the servers had more than half of the max player count at least and now each server barley pulls in players. It would be good to get this fixed before it is too late.
  2. Not sure whether this issue is still being addressed. Struggling to connect to servers and they are a bit touch and go with browser querying (50% of the time I can see them and the rest of the time I can't). Any servers that have the port of 27016 seem to be less likely to display. If I manage to get into the game on the same server with port 27015 then I seem to be able to join the other. I am assuming it is a Firewall issue. All those in favour of turning the firewall off say I:
  3. SatoshiAaron

    Hg Snapchats

    SatoshiAaron ^^^ Add me for foot nudes
  4. Forbiddens names are not allowed, please change your name. jk jk kkkkkk hello doe
  5. Yesterday I tried some Kebab that I'd left over for a few days. I didn't expect anything to change, but it had an amazing flavour. Here I am going to show you how to make this new food yourself... 1. Get Kebab It doesn't really matter where you get it. You can either get it from a takeaway or from your supermarket in the frozen section. 2. Freeze the Kebab Put the Kebab in the freezer and leave it there for about a day. 3. Heat the Kebab Take the Kebab out and take it out of the current container/wrapper and put it into a plastic microwaveable container. Microwave the Kebab for 4 minutes. 4. Leaving the Kebab Leave the Kebab in a closed container in a dark place at room temperature. Leave the Kebab for about 72 hours (3 days). 5. It's ready! The Kebab should now be green in colour. Please be aware that the smell may not be too nice, but it does taste nice. You can either eat it cold as it has already been cooked or microwave it for just under a minute. ENJOY
  6. I believe that it is a law that has been passed that allows ISP's to monitor traffic and get reports on all outgoing and incoming traffic rather than ISP's being legally obligated to, although a few people did report it is the opposite. For the fact it is only a law... It is only permitted in the places the law has been passed in which I believe is just the US altogether in general. We have had issues related to this in the UK for quite some time. ISP's were snooping without permission and it was debated whether it was a violation of terms or allowed for their safety and to uphold the law, etc as the law on it wasn't exactly clear. The law was changed over here some time ago but I think it is only in some cases they can check our traffic and are allowed to monitor traffic for certain sites only.
  7. I thought the whole view model changing around thing was a bit silly although it depends on what direction you find easiest to move in. For example some people prefer strafing in a certain direction. This can have a small impact. Obviously the model position is made just for the fact that people do use their mouse with their left hand. Makes sense that the gun comes from the hand you are controlling your mouse with. It is just a psychological thing. While you may find it an advantage to use the left hand model while using your mouse in the right hand, you will sometimes become confused and make little mistakes. You might not notice it, but I'm sure it will happen.
  8. I don't really know how to explain this... Why send each and every new person a personal message when the information is explained with an official format in the place regarding clan membership. Also how do you know that the said person wants to join clan. I'm sure only 1 out of 10 people that register want to or do end up joining clan. At the end of the day, it is just wasting time.
  9. wat? is this at yours house? do you own an arcade or work in one?
  10. I actually wouldn't mind adding you for a few bits of advice. I actually learnt how to map completely by editing existing maps and now I am able to create my own. Obviously there are some artistic aspects that I lack, but another thing that helps me with that is having experienced people on Steam to contact whenever I want. Also, your portfolio is really looking good, I'm loving the designs.
  11. Whaats upp Snow-flake? ;)

    1. Sno


      It is actually very possible for two snowflakes to be alike

  12. For my domains I use Hover.com They have great support, a clean and sleek control panel and there are no strings attached. A simple price for a certain amount of time. They think like the customer so I recommend them. Second: If you are hosting Garry's Mod servers, I recommend a low-end dedibox for a started or a decent VPS from a good company. Dediboxes have been getting cheaper and cheaper although be aware that sometimes they are actually VPS, but if the specs are high the performance should be to. This is a better idea especially with multiple servers. Most servers cost more than £1 for each player slot meaning you are paying £32 for a 24 slot server if you don't look hard enough. Some gameserver hosts do offers for a certain amount of playerslots which can be less money if you are only hosting one small server for example. This goes onto my third point: Host your site on the Dedibox. This has many benefits including custom plugins and software modifications that may be required by certain websites. Most CMS systems that I've found myself needing need additional support of custom plugins that are disallowed by most web hosting services for their security along with one of my biggest pains in webhosting: MySQL support. With most sites today this is required as most sites have a login system. While most webhosting does support MySQL, they don't support third party MySQL meaning you can only use it locally. No outgoing SQL and no Incoming. Let me put it to you this way: Your Garry's Mod Shop system needs a MySQL server? You will need to buy a third party MySQL hoster Want to use SourceBans or some form of website intergration with your gamemode? Nope, not allowed. If you really needed to, you would have to host the SourceBans on a different site. Having a VPS or a dedi allows much more flexibility and custom adjustments. Please be aware though, that you are unlikely to get support when Xampp fucks up or your SQL server stops working. This is something you will need to get outside help with or figure out yourself. Same with the Gmod server itself. You won't get support for it. You also need to be sure that the hoster doesn't block ports, if they do you need to be sure that they will unblock them on request. My host blocks ports but if you ask they will add them to the firewall. If you want a webhost, I've had a good experience with One.com although lately I have had a few issues regarding data increases that I didn't specifically ask for but for the 3 years I have been using them, yeah. I would say they are the best I've been with. They also offer Domain Listing Privacy although at a price. Websites that I discourage personally due to dodgy sales tactics like hidden prices... well hidden prices....: 1&1 123 Reg HostGator (mostly dodgy resellers) Conclusion: I highly recommend VPS or Dedi if you have multiple services especially if they need to connect with eachother. It is better having everything all on one rather than having this and that all over the place. It usually works out cheaper also and they are unlikely to try and steal all your money. Webhosts and Gameserver hosts often try to offer to good to be true deals that just aren't good either meaning you are getting low performance or more money coming out your bank than you expect. VPS and Dedi don't always perform well on certain things as they aren't optimized on web or game servers usually although doing this isn't hard at all. As long as you are sure what needs more RAM, CPU and all that good stuffs and you prioritize everything... You are set! Also be aware that if your server goes down, everything does but is usually resolved pretty quickly on most hosts. I personally use https://xhosts.uk/ and they are amazing. Good performance and amazing support. No details shared across the web either... Also, I forgot to say, I'm pretty sure Hover give you free domain privacy, at least if it isn't, it's not that expensive as I never paid much for my domains, I have three and I pay about £20 a year for all of them... Or every 2 years I can't remember, but yeah. It's good anyway. Sorry for writing everything like a bitch, but this should be quite helpful and if it isn't... my life is a lie... :C P.S. Always avoid resellers or Free hosting sites for obvious reasons.

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