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  1. Quoting is fucked on here but I digress: 1. Fortis was simply pointing out that SSDs weren't designed to withstand more force, but rather to provide faster read/write speeds (even though they do, given its in the name, solid state = no moving parts = faster and harder to break) 2. The problem I have with Alienware's RAM section is that he doesnt even mention DDR4. DDR4 is the standard nowadays. Given its only gotten that way over the past few years yes I would say if you were to look at every system currently in the world most would use DDR3. Its still an older less efficient RAM type and most people reading this thread (which seems to be intended to help someone build a PC) would be using DDR4 anyways. 3. In terms of cable types for disk drives, I dont think there is any reason to mention types like IDE (like you said is old or SCSI (because we are talking about your normal everyday home computers here not servers). In this instance the only thing you need to know is SATA. Everything else is useless and unnecessary information. 4.Um, nope. Not every processor w/ integrated graphics is an APU. That is purely a marketing term for AMDs CPUs with integrated graphics. They are still called CPUs. Intel CPUs w/ intrgrated graphics are not APUs. 5. This just seems unnecessarily nit picky. Snow Leopard is a version of the OS, which was what fortis was pointing out. not the name of the OS itself (that being OSX/MacOS) though I would say most people just say Mac. 6. It is both right to say that its 1000 or 1024. It depends. It is easier for manufacturers to use the base 10 system because that is easier for people to understand. (so 1 KB = 1000 bytes and etc. But computers use binary (base 2 system). So technically the more correct way to put it would be 1 MB = 1024 bytes and so on. Ive always learned it in the base 2 system, but thats just because of the field im in. If you want to be even more correct in the base 2 system it is kibibtye, mebibyte, gibibyte, tebibyte, but even in the base 2 system most people sill still use base 10 terms (so 1024 gigabytes for example rather than 1024 gibibytes). Again, thats just for convenience, its easier to pronounce the SI terms anyways. But yes for most people they will use the base 10 numbering system because thats easier for people to understand. No offense to you but I thought Fortis brought up some good corrections and this response to it just seemed nitpicky and not needed. This thread is to help people who dont understand computers not start a dick measuring contest on who knows more about computers than the other person. Fortis was pointing out incorrect things its unnecessary to start an argument about it. There were things wrong the orignal thread and even some unnecessary extra info the regular person doesnt need to know. Another typo id like to point out from the original thread is that it says 1 GB = 1000 GB rather than 1000 MB. Also games dont stop at 8 GB. In fact most AAA titles in recent years are around 100 GB.
  2. What if people dont have time to put in the dedication it takes to be in a branch? Like you even said some people are just here for fun. Everyone can help in their own way, that doesnt mean you have to be staff, a mapper, or a dev. Does people giving suggestions when there seems to be none left not help leadership? But sure, if thats the only way you think one is able to contribute something, I am willing to learn sourcemod or how to map in CSGO. In fact I literally said that. If you dont have the time on your hands to perhaps set up classes for people to learn these things than links to guides you believe would help (or have helped you learn) or even a guide you write yourself would certainly help. Me making a thread addressing issues and starting a dicussion on how they should be fixed isnt complaining. Complaining is "fix jb" without offering and ideas or help in any way.
  3. The forums are pretty janky and while the sever is up it shows as offline on the forums server list. While I do agree it isnt as great as GMOD it doesnt suck. That being said, the only population TTT gets anymore is from HG members when someone comes on TS and asks if people want to play. Otherwise people just sit in TS and play other games or just talk. Me personally im not a fan of the game mode, I can play for about an hour but it can get really boring really quick. Obviously thats why you have multiple servers. Not everyone is going to like TTT, and the same can be said for any other game mode. At one point TTT was the most popular csgo server. Also, at one point so was JB. At one point minigames may have even been the most popular server. Now they all seem to be dead. My simple proposition is this: We take a poll in the community to see what game mode people like playing the best. Whether that be TTT, JB, or MG. Whatever wins, is what we focus on, because it is what the majority of the community wants. If we get stable population we open up 2nd highest voted, then the 3rd. I think that is a much better idea than leadership making the decision on what sever they think should be open (even if the poll still results in TTT).
  4. Ok if you believe JB is an unfair comparison, then what is stopping us from shutting down TTT and focusing all our attention on minigames? Again I ask why have we decided that it must be TTT? We can literally do this for any server, limit the choice to only one and of course people play because theres nowhere else to go.
  5. I really feel that this same argument can be applied to TTT. People join, get bored, and leave. The only population it gets are from HG members, and only when someone suggests people should hop on the server. I can literally reword it. The things that we need the most for a popular TTT server is... people! Active players who play often! We need people to be on every day but we don't have that many people in this division to make sure there's a steady population everyday. If there weren't at least 12 people on the server, people would get discouraged and leave. There were so many times that mods or I have notified the slack CS:GO mods channel and tried to get more people to get on but people are busy and can't get on everyday. A mod schedule was made so that the mods could designate specific times to get online and try to get more people to join but that didn't work out well. I remember mods like JarJar would pick specific times later in the day so that people could get on and help populate the server and some did join.. but the population didn't grow after that. There currently is no "most populated" CS GO server, they're all equally dead. If we shut down TTT, brought up JB, and continued what we are doing, we would be getting the same results. Occasionally someone says "hey lets play TTT!", a few members get on for an hour and then get bored and leave, and dont play until someone asks people to. When you limit the choice to only one server OF COURSE people get on. We need people to get on and play, regardless of whether they're asked to by someone else. This applies to both TTT and Jailbreak. So if we can only run one server, why does it have to be TTT? Whats stopping us from just deciding to focus all of our efforts on Jailbreak? I could give the same argument for JB and against TTT. "for now we're focusing on getting a (more) stable pop on our JB server. This doesn't mean TTT is gone for good, but we just want to give our most populated CS GO server (as i said there has not been a most populated server for a while now they've all been dead) a better chance at growing and maintaining its population. We don't have a lot of (active) people in our division who aren't already mods. At least half the population on JB is usually comprised of HG members anyway. We don't want to split up our numbers just yet." IN FACT, only could argue that this complete focus on TTT was one of the contributing factors to the death of Jailbreak. Everyone went over and played TTT, and left JB to die.
  6. Well let me ask; is the noglastia purely centered around having a map that no other server had, or was it because of the people and the community that made HG JB so great? I would say it is the latter of the two. It was just a map, it was the US the community that made our server so unique, that made people keep coming back and joining HG. When someone recalls their greatest memories from JB, it isnt memories about the map. Its memories about the people playing on the server. Our jailbreak IS not like any other. But its not because of the map, it is because we have a community like no other.
  7. That still doesnt answer my question. What caused leads to start to all be boring? Youre telling my how they are boring, but not how they got there. saying there are infinite things to do and then immediately contradicting yourself by saying to an extent. Im saying weve been rocking with the same map for so long that we have gotten to the point where leads find nothing new to do. Its always something’s else somebody has done a billion times before.
  8. Ive played on other JB servers and their leads certainly arent amazing, yet these servers still get full pretty much everyday. Yes leads stopped being creative on JB. But what caused that? If not the fact we were doing the same thing everyday and at some point youve done everything there is to do, then what was it?
  9. Yes this is the problem. But players, old and new, have no incentive to play JB. Rep/Gang reset, and new maps provide that. at the end of the day yes it doesnt matter what we do to JB its up to everyone getting on regularly and playing.
  10. Yes these are not sure-fire solutions, but i think its better than just throwing in the towel and giving up. It is pointless in not at least trying. No offense to you pongo but bringing pessimism to an optimistic thread discussing ways we can revive JB doesnt help anybody. Might as well just say nothing at all. Given Jailbreaks importance to current and older members and its place it has cemented itself in HG we should not give up so easily. I would also argue that we haven't tried such a big overhaul in the past. All we did was stick with what we've had for so long and asked people to play and hoped to revive JB. And yes it never worked. I believe a big overhaul like this is all much needed change.
  11. Few things to address here. Yes, this wont just happen overnight. If this community does still love JB like they claim they do, than it is on them to get on the server and play on a regular basis. Both leadership AND the community need to show up and do their part if we want any chance at reviving JB. I wouldnt say these are just small changes, things like rewriting the bible and having a map rotation. A small change to me (like i addressed in the thread) is something like adding wipeout. More maps means many more activities to play, thats a big change from the same activities every day. Also why be so quick to assume that it wont do anything? I dont think thats the right attitude to have. We have never tried it before therefore we have no proof that it wouldnt. Weve tried other solutions and it seems to be the server has basically been given up on so whats the problem with at least trying?
  12. Reading through this thread it is great to see members step up to the plate and offer their expertise and show their willingness to work with leadership to make much needed changes. I think Finch hit the nail on the head, we need to get out of our current mindset that we can go back to how JB used to be (same map, same rules) and things will be fine. We need to change. Given how our past efforts have yielded no results, what is the harm in trying. Sometimes change can be good. If leadership reads this thread PLEASE listen to the community and their ideas. Dont give up on Jailbreak. If you guys are willing to try our ideas, i would be more than happy to offer my help in any way i can. Im sure that can be said for quite a few people in this community as well.
  13. Nobody said this would be easy. We would be basically starting anew. If not, we can give up on Jailbreak, but whatever we were doing before obviously wasn't working.
  14. Unfortunately I believe that this uniqueness killed JB. Like I said, it started to become the same thing over and over. Leads were no longer creative because there was nothing new left to do. Of course the original map will still be in rotation. Since players vote for maps it may end up being the most used one, but at least the other options are there so things dont get repetitive and boring. I agree with this. Yes, leadership should make changes that people like. But leadership should not have to be asking people to play on a server. People should just get on and play every day without being asked. We shouldn't be seeing mods and staff making status updates begging people to come play Jailbreak, we should just see members getting on everyday without being asked to do so. When you signed up for HG you agreed to that. to stay active on the servers.
  15. I know I just came back and you can choose not to listen, but regardless, I would like to start off by saying I apologize for not doing enough as staff and division leader in trying to get jailbreak back to where it was. I should have been willing to give up an arm for Jailbreak and I wasn't. It was the server that let me find HG and really the only server I ever played in HG. It is my biggest regret that i never fought hard enough to keep it alive. That said, the blame is not solely on leadership, but on the whole community. Staff should not have had to ask people to play on a server, or have events focused on populating the servers, people should just play. People would join for an hour when staff asked, and then never play again until someone asks again. I am tired of seeing the blame being put entirely on leadership despite the lack of effort from many members to play every day and not just when they were asked to. Now thats out of the way how do you get people on your server? You do whats popular. Yes that means being like the other JB servers. But is that a bad thing? I dont think so. If you ask me, repetition is what killed Jailbreak. We had the same map with the same activities every day. Once in a while something new (like wipeout), but eventually it is played so much it is boring. Jailbreak needs a map rotation. Different maps, with different activities, with new things for people to discover everyday. Incentive for players to come back because there will be something new to find or do. The bible needs to be reworked. Perhaps it is just the way it is formatted that it looks like you are actually reading a bible (no offense thomas). I think leadership and moderators need to sit down and just write an entirely new, more simple, list of rules, easy for new players to understand, using the current bible as a guide. We also need to be more lenient with new players. Lets say Bob joins CT for the first time. Bob doesnt know the rules well (because its his first time), and freekills some people. Bob gets tlocked. Bob leaves because rather than helping him learn the rules, admins just punished him. What are some solutions to this? We require players to have spent a certain amount of time on T before they can become a guard so they can learn the rules and how the game works. Dont be nazis with new players who dont understand the rules well, teach them how the game is played so they learn and dont do it again. Dont rule with an iron fist. Learn leniency. I believe rep also needs to be reset. This will provide incentive for people to play regularly. More incentive for players. I know suicide in his post suggested things like giveaways, such as free admin to the person with the highest play time in a given amount of time. I hope leadership hasn't just given up on Jailbreak, and does take this into consideration. Many people still care about this server. Jailbreak is near and dear to many peoples hearts in HG and is the server a lot of people found HG through. Clearly we went wrong somewhere. I have full faith that we as a community, all working together, can bring back our beloved server. I honestly should have never given up so easily and left hellsgamers and for that I am truly sorry. For not realizing this sooner, and to everyone who loves jailbreak and grew up in HG through it. Please, dont give up on Jailbreak as easily I did, or give up on CS:GO entirely. We should not give up so quickly. Perhaps im wrong and jailbreak truly is over for Hellsgamers, but I refuse to believe that given the popularity of other jailbreak servers. Please dont prove me wrong.

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