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  1. I dont know how peacemaker is related to the issue at all, and since when cant you say cunt
  2. Yes not all members of HG have the time to contribute is a substantial way, im not saying everyone should or that if you put a suggestion here youre wrong for doing so. Ideas are thrown around all the time and almost all ideas conveyed so far in this thread are echoes of ideas ive been hearing for awhile and are never acted upon. Plenty of other ideas also take so long to be implemented that they cant really help any longer. People can make suggestions all they want but we need people to make things hapoen instead of saying things need to happen. My last post wasnt targeting you supa, just stating in general people who can help NEED to help. And as ive said previously i am intentionally not setting up a class, theyre way to formal for a gaming community and its not effective way to learn something over the internet. I have hosted 2 mapping contests to encourage more mappers to join or people to learn mapping. In both those threads and as well as previous posts i have provided links to multiple tutorials series and various other resources to learn source mapping...
  3. Ok to piggyback off of what kronik said about what I said. We need developers and we need coders. Both things are not all too difficult to learn. Mapping is so easy I learned how to do it when I was 12, we've had members of HG pick up how to use Sourcemod in a couple weeks time. People can complain all they want, it helps make alot of noise and draw attention to the issues but that can only accomplish so much. If you want to actually help do something useful. Join the events team and help start up events, join HGDC as a coder, join the mapping team. Even joining QA and pitching in that way and making QA for CSGO have a point is helpful to an extent. Complain and raise awareness or put in some work and help CSGO division and HG as a whole.
  4. I mean sourcemod isnt a difficult language to learn, its just doesnt have alot of youtube tutorials or anything to start learning
  5. Hard to do when the code is handed down over many years. Same issue exists with the JB map, I started working on it while SKay was still occasionally working on it, and he took over from someone, and so on and so forth. Working on frankenstein code and a frankenstein map is a nightmore for devs and coders.
  6. Because the alternative of using a list of maps and getting a plugin still requires alot of effort from devs, more so than the small amount of effort required to uodate the map, its alot of effort all at once compared to small amounts of effort every month or so
  7. This is actually all accurate, the plugin does break with every map update. And any update that structurally changes the map (adding or removing a room, decreasing or increasing an area) we have to update the coordinates for wardays lrs and teles. The programmers who firat started the plugin are long gone and our programmers constantly have to deal with the issues posed.
  8. But it is the responsibility of leadership to get things done and make changes that encourage people to play. It shouldn't be on the members of HGs back to struggle to populate a server because they have no responsibility to do so. But to quote good ole uncle ben, "with great power, comes great responsibility". Leadership should do whatever they can within their power to get people to want to play, its not up to HG's core member pool to get stuff done because they're here for the fun, signing up for a team or position of any power means you're sacrificing part of the time you would be having fun towards ensuring others get to have more fun. I didn't work on the JB map for a couple hundred hours because I enjoyed it, it's because I felt someone had to put in work for the benefit of others. In addition to that, converting our server into a map rotational server isn't really easy. It would require a very active dev and a lot of participation from leadership. The entire JB plugin we have that has been used by solely us forever would mostly be useless because it runs dependent on the HG JB map. That means we would need to find a JB plugin, something we have experimented with, but ultimately went nowhere. Becoming like every other JB server is an idea that I supported at one point not too long ago but our JB server ran within a decent sized niche that allowed us to have a stable pop because it WASNT every other JB server, we had a consistent map and consistent rules because of that. It was a feature of our server, not a detriment.
  9. I Like Riding Dongs and Eating Ass also congrats
  10. My name is JarJarBinks. I used to be a spy until…..

    Voice on phone: ”We’ve got a burn notice on you. You’re blacklisted”.

    (Sam Axe whistles)

    When you’re burned, you’ve got nothing. No cash, no credit, no job history. You’re stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.

    JarJarBinks: “Where am I?”

    Fiona: “Miami."

    You do whatever work comes your way. You rely on anyone who’s still talking to you. (JarJarBinks laughs). A trigger happy ex-girlfriend:

    Fiona: "Shall we shoot them?"

    An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI:

    Sam Axe: "You know spies? Bunch of bitchy little girls.”

    Family too.

    Sam Axe: "Hey, is that your mom again?"

    If you’re desperate.

    JarJarBinks’s mom, Maddie: "Someone needs your help JarJar!”

    Bottom line, as long as you’re burned, you’re not going anywhere.

  11. Meesa missing badges, meesa maxi triggered moi moi

    Nice new site though

    1. ValueSensei


      I also need badge. I deserve it for having the worst kill/death ratio on Eddie's event a while back LOL

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