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  1. Wassaaaaaa dude

  2. the image below is my persona in minecraft and I demand I get back into the server so i make sure i stay shredded bruh
  3. This is a very serious thread for serious people
  4. Forgot to say hi, meesa sorry. <3

  5. this thread is immediately dumb because it fell apart at the letter J and it should CLEARLY MEESA JARJARBINKS
  6. The most popular game mode CSGO has had for awhile has been Zombie Escape, there's only a few popular servers, but they maintain maxed out population regularly if not daily. We attempted it before without much success due to...complications, but couldn't hurt to try again.
  7. The title of the thread confused me less than the contents of it, jk congrats duuuuuuuuude
  8. Yes the ZS server is currently down, as well as our teamspeak. We are not entirely sure when it will be back up, but it's been known to be down since yesterday morning, and whatever can be done to fix it is being done.
  9. We have temporary voice channels in the public HG discord since TS is still experiencing issues

  10. Whats the css team speak code hellsgamers.com isnt working its saying faild to connect to server.


    1. JarJarBinks


      teamspeak is currently down

    2. Wolf


      we do have a hg discord

  11. Is that a truck also a time machine back to the year 2000 because why the hell are you listening to papa roach
  12. Weird looking doggo, but cute looking doggo, would pet 10/10

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