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    I am Sherlok, I play malz mid

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  1. Afflication Warlock here. Looking for a WLS/D comp to push 3's this season. Carry my ass to 2k meow please. Thanks
  2. Sherlok


    I asked my WoW guild if there is going to be a raid that night. Hopefully will have an answer later tonight.
  3. http://kuwaitiful.com/tag/3d-glasses/
  4. thank you for the +1 :)

    brownie points for being 1st +1 :)

    1. hgdallas


      grats on member :D

  5. thank you for the +1 :)

    1. Paul :)

      Paul :)

      congrats on member. You deserve it :)

  6. thank you for the +1 :)

    1. MyMindIsBlank


      no problem, thx 4 carry

  7. thank you for the +1 :)

    1. Arezk


      np man congrats


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