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  1. If you guys need an extra hand with the minecraft server let me know, Minecraft used to be my shizzzzzz
  2. I'll throw my hat in the ring for DS for a minecraft division hell yeah
  3. Go into steam/steamapps/common/garrysmod/ garrysmod and search for the missing map name. Delete both that file and the graph for it.. if you cant locate it just delete the entire maps folder... a common reason for missing map error is corrupted file
  4. Congratz on Modeler!!!

    1. Hugin&Munin


      Thaaaaank you mate :P

  5. I don't understand why you flat out ignored me when I asked.. Then Chat Spammed not to cade that way.. Rather than explaining what you were doing you ignored the request and kept going on about your buisness.. Your props would not have been unnailed had you stopped and responded what you were doing.. At this time I didnt even know that "Judge Dredd" was Zorga untill he messaged me about it having to be personal. I have nothing personally against you.. You just barge into rooms and start taking all the props you can.. You dont ask.. Even if somebody is already cading. I Zlocked you a few maps later for doing that VERY thing.. You ran in and decided to just start cading over people. All of this could have been avoided had you simply responded to my request asking you not to cade like that.. A simple " Just wait a minute and they wont be able to jump in " ..Or a " Just give me a minute and ill address it ".. It was ignored... So I unnailed your props.. I was told I could have taken it to a Z list due to this being a reoccurring issue but again I gave you a chance.
  6. User has caused issues in the past with making poor barricades / nailing props and not using them.. The previous abuse report he put up against me.. Pho had pointed out that I had taken the proper steps in warning him and the such for the very same thing... That I should not have muted him. I asked in chat multiple times even chat spamming to make sure he saw it.. " Please dont cade that way ".. Zorga is the " Judge Dredd " He 100% ignored the message so I removed his nails from two blue shelves and rotated them about 45 deg from where he had them and renailed them down in place. ....No action other than unnailing two props and rotating them in the doorway.. I explained it to him over 10? times Why i removed his nails.. I tried to explain that zombies could jump over it. The very next map Zorga continued his "shitcading" .. To the point where people were complaining about how bad of a shitcade it was.. As nobody else wanted to cade and zorga being the only one.. No action was taken and the cade was not unnailed despite being very hard to shoot out of. There was no personal incentive for me to do any of this other than to preserve the human team.
  7. A bonus 25 Worth for [HG] and 15 worth for -hg- would be pretty neat.. It would give people more of a push to actually join HG rather than just only play on the server..
  8. Every time you were Zlocked you were told why. I do not just randomly hand out Zlocks without informing the person as to why they were zlocked... There are logs of everything. DLs and DS have access to them. Other than heresay you cannot prove you had no intent to let the zombies up. . You went into zombie spawn and built a ladder up to the solocade.. And then right when the wave started every boss was up on your ladder. Bit suspicious. But alas the zombie ladder had nothing to do with any of your multiple warnings/zlocks
  9. Zorga, I told you time after time day after day after day to stop nailing stuff down when you dont cade and you just continue to do it day after day after day. Four days . Many many many many warnings.. Multiple Zlocks.. And yet every round you just continue to nail stuff down without intention of cading. You say your gonna cade.. And i tried to give you benefit of the doubt and yet you just kept doing it.. I literally informed you its literally a rule on the server.. Yet you just kept doing it over and over again. You have great proof of me telling you this every time. Then in Capture 1# you troll the entire solocade by building a ladder for zombies and letting them up killing the remaining humans. Its literally a rule not to nail stuff down if you arnt cading. Also the player permagagged was gagged the prior map for doing the same thing and decided to do it again How much is too much? You should have read the rules specifically 7 and 8 Also need to point out that no action was taken for any ladder or letting people into a solocade.
  10. Bust on a Stick has Fast attack speed / does 100 damage a hit.. soo.. its def worth crafting
  11. Instead of removing the grav gun, how about we bring back magic shade as a regular zombie.. Without the ability to remove nails OFC.. But rather than remove the gun we can fight fire with fire! Sure humans can throw props at the zombies.. But good shade players will catch these props and launch them right back

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