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Everything posted by James

  1. tfw hit by car

    1. ReeD


      tfw hit someone by car

    2. Tracer
  2. thanks for everything baby boy, was vv happy when you got dS and dL and I'm glad to see how far you progressed.

  3. cut the white border off when printing it out, other-wise it looks really clean
  4. James

    Glad to see that you got Advisory Board, you wanted it and you got it. Grats.

  5. HG CS:GO is experiencing population problems right now, another server wouldn't help it. If HG CS:GO fixes their population issue, it might be a good idea to make it.
  6. Thanks for everything. I'll be back when change occurs.

  7. these colors are cancerous, but good giveaway, charlie!
  8. Avatar/Signature/Both: Avatar, gonna use this everywhere, steam, HG, discord, etc. Theme: EDEN [artist] Colors: whatever fits Size: whatever is allowed as a Steam and Discord avatar Text: none Specifics: No specifics, just EDEN. You could surprise me? Whatever you think is best. I strive for aesthetic looking photos.
  9. -SCREAMS REALLY LOUD- im inactive and forget to change my profile picture
  10. Let's put things like this, MG was honestly just waiting for the day it got shut down. MG and other HG servers are declining in population and those other ones were shut down, surf, bhop, 1v1, i can name more. MG was very special to the community, and probably the only thing that kept me on HG servers for so long. But like most things in life, you just gotta let go of the past. MG was a home to many in my early HG days, and it was great. I spent my absolute hardest trying to revive MG. I was mod for MG since May 2017, and I had to pop MG mostly by myself at most times. By the end of June 2018 I gave up on MG. If there's enough want for MG to come back, it would have to be revamped. But that's another story for another day. Thank you HG for keeping MG for as long as you did, but this shutdown was needed.
  11. James

    Fuck We Goofed

    scuffed outreach member
  12. dogs, bc they don't piss on my fucking bench like my cats do
  13. "That was a member? A MEMBER?" tbt max caulfield and those big fucking tinychat parties, shit was good.

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