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Aerith Ashur

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  1. I hate attending Summer & Winter semester :(

    1. brgr.



  2. Fortnite Trash Season 9 Hype!

  3. 1st one who buys from my ars gets some free succ from haugen.

  4. 4:25 am and  nothing to do lmao

  5. Wonderland i've known you for so long  and have always looked up to you :) you're a great moderator; with that being said don't let these snowflakes get the best of you :D 

    Much love,

    ~El Trapo 

  6. Oh shit we get to play on a toystory inspired map? That's hella dope. <please add in Green army men props. I will love you long time if you do.
  7. Tik tok memes make me moist.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Aerith Ashur

      Aerith Ashur

      LMAO unless they take estrogen or they're just fat. But I'm not interested in trannies or fat guys. That's just cringe xD

    3. BOSCH




      we are def on the same page in life! ^_^

    4. Aerith Ashur

      Aerith Ashur

      Besides the whole me being lesbian then yeah. <stopped experimenting with sexuality once i turned 17 so yeh.

  8. Tfw when you accidentally buy the whole skull trooper set on your gf's account thinking you were still on your account but then you're like fuck it, its an early Christmas present for her. As you then log out of her account and proceed to buy it on yours

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Aerith Ashur

      Aerith Ashur

      At least now we could both be skull rangers and confuse the fuck out of people in duos

    3. Nightstar_91


      wait skull trooper got back to the shop?


    4. Aerith Ashur

      Aerith Ashur

      Yeah like a week ago xD

  9. :c Is state of decay 2 worth it?

    1. SherlockPwnz


      From the video's I've seen it totally looks like it. If you're into that sort of game though.

    2. brgr.


      Yes. Though, the game can be buggy at times so.. but I love the first state of decay and the second one as well so I don't mind them. (sometimes)


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