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  1. @Biohazard Yeah I thought about that as well, either it will be removed or make the cooldown just a little bit faster like very little just like how other some weapons have -0.04% faster reload per upgrade, you get what i mean?
  2. @Skyrunner I agree, I think making it +1 health for every 2 levels would be fair, like if the level number is even then it increases by one.
  3. @Rebelle_ thanks for your input, first of all the deagle one I have no idea why you think it is overpowered even though it is just one extra bullet added to the clip, other than the fact not all players will upgrade it to level 8 nor can all players, and on the top of that not all the people think the same. There are many things that could be overpowered if you like say 20-30 players did them and they are possible to do, for example Boomstick has no stock so what if 20-30 players got Boomsticks, then we would expect rage quits from the zombies however we NEVER see that happen because some players can have different strategies in the game and different tastes. as for the zombies cards, the bloated zombie might be a bit overpowered however it is still a far level, we can make it a further level too. The poison headcrab I think it is good already I mean have you ever been blinded by a poison headcrab it is annoying as hell, imagine it being one second or two longer that would be aweful for humans which is the point, and let me tell you a short story of how as a poison headcrab I beat a solo cade alone, after I blinded him from outside, it was just two bites then he was dead they were so easy to do as he hardly could tell where I was. The fast headcrab and regular headcrab, It is true these two are not much especially the regular headcrab only burrows faster, I think this one has to change but the other one about the fast headcrab it can actually be bothersome to humans, I remember one time in elementary school map humans had a thick cade and the ones that beat the humans were the fast headcrabs for being fast and small and after all it is just what I could think of, so if anyone has better ideas for those two then please suggest them right away Edit: Also as you said @Rebelle_ who burrows as a headcrab, so if we add this buff we can actually encourage players to use this function more and make it more useful.
  4. @Unusual Flying Memes Yes, but I don't think there is exactly a special ability I can give to "jumping higher", so I suggested that you become more immune to falling damage, assuming that your legs got stronger that is how you can jump higher.
  5. Attention please read this before proceeding I am simply suggesting that the cards have special abilities after some certain level, the following are JUST ideas that I think would be good and are not FINAL, if you like the "suggestion" itself but not the following ideas or think some of them need some change then please reply what you think should be changed or added. But if you don't like the "suggestion" from the first place then feel free to object with a reply stating why you don't like it or why it should not be there. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why, what is the difference between this and normal upgrading? The reason I have suggested this is to encourage people to spend and have more reasons to collect points, other than the fact there are some cards untouched by the majority so it would be fun to actually see people seek to upgrade them and the difference is that these special abilities are a one time thing unlike the normal upgrading which attributes slowly upgrade till the card is maxed. And you might notice some of the following abilities have a unique power to them and you might be like if they are used by multiple they will be kind of overpowered while that is partially true but you have to remember that not everyone has the same number of cards, or even the same cards themselves, and maybe not even the will to upgrade in the first place. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let us start, I will not cover all cards but the ones I have thought of ideas for. Humans Silencer level 8 +10% more reduced aura range Drill deagle level 8 +1 bullet to the clip Fists level 6 After 3 consecutive successful hits to a zombie, the fourth one will have 35% chance of being a critical hit that does 100% more damage. Jump card level 6 Your legs are strong now, when you fall from a height that knocks you down you take 15% less falling damage and recover 10% faster. Katana level 7 On kill: 35% chance that you get +2 armor Zweihander level 7 On kill: 40% chance that you get +3 armor HMTECH-101 Medic Pistol & HMTECH-401 Medic assault level 11 5 worth points off the worth menu Meat Hook level 6 The hook returns to you for two times only automatically after 5 seconds of falling off the zombie if you don't pick it up, and picking up the hook before the 5 seconds does not decrement the count Hunter rifle level 10 3 successful consecutive headshots make your 4th bullet do a headshot damage regardless of whether it hits the head or not Axe level 10 You are a trained fireman now, axe deals 125% more damage to doors. Knife level 10 Back stabs deal 35% more damage Plank level 10 Double right click drops the plank as a prop so you can use it for the barricade Stun baton level 10 Deal 35% more damage to zapped zombies Crowbar level 11 On use: You get 10% damage resistance to headcrabs attacks Destroyer sniper rifle level 5 Bullet penetration reduction is reduced to 50% instead of 60% Promethium Magnum level 5 Now your bullets reflect, however reflected bullets do 50% less damage regular Impaler level 6 35% chance that your next reload will be as fast as the photon impaler Boomstick & Wicked Boomstick level 5 35% higher Boomstick jump and no fall damage is taken from that jump Grim Reaper Machine Gun level 5 On Kill OR Assist : One bullet is transferred from your ammo to your clip (without reloading) with a maximum of 20 bullets Raygun & Tau level 6 (This one relays on poison zombie special ability to be added as well, see below in zombies cards) Break poison zombie defense, poison zombie reduce the damage of your shots by 35% instead of 50% Grenades level 6 5% chance your explosion burns zombies Health level 6 Other players heal you 10% more Carpenter hammer level 6: 25% more nails from arsenal crate & resupply box Wrench level 7: Every 2 consecutive successful wrench *repair hits* to Supply crate give you 2 seconds of damage resistance buff Zombie Damage Resistance level 2 Gives you 2 more seconds of damage resistance from Defender trait. Suicide bomb level 3 If the wave is not 6, then 1% chance that you will survive your explosion but with only one 1 HP left and be unable to buy suicide bomb for the rest of the round. Speed level 2 Gives you 2 more seconds of speed boost from Adrenaline or Defender traits. Stormforce sniper level 3 Heat vision mode that can be activated at will ONLY on scope after dealing 3500 damage to zombies, the mode lasts for 7 seconds. And it is different than the one in the bonus crate as it does not show you their health or which zombie they are, just their aura (like the ones that zombies see) Gluon level 2 5% faster ventilation Hurricane level 2 5% slower cooldown Grenade Launcher level 2 25% resistance to your own explosions Zombies Regular zombie level 8 As regular & Fresh Dead & Gore On knock down: 80% resistance to all types of damage until you get up. As medic zombie: your flesh heals 25% more Ghoul level 8 You can make a spawn 10% closer to humans in distance Bloated zombie level 7 On death: 25% more puke emitted Fast zombie level 8 35% faster climbing Fast headcrab level 7 10% smaller size Regular headcrab level 7 15% faster burrowing (Shift mode) Warith level 7 On kill: ONLY your next hit is 100% silent Crow level 7 35% more barricade points gain Poison headcrab level 6 As regular poison headcrab: Your blinding effect is 2 second or 3 longer As venom poison headcrab: While a human is under bitten poison effect others heal them 33% less. Flesh beast level 6 You are actually helpful to the team now, on death you always explode into many flesh pieces that heals zombies. Revenant level 6 You are legion's best friend!, around legion you deal 25% more damage Poison zombie level 6 Shots that penetrate lose 50% of their damage to zombies behind you and STILL deal full damage to you (Damage reduction does not accumulate with other poison zombies that are level 6 and above) Immolator level 6 Now you are fired up, the first prop/human you collide to burns then there is a cooldown of 6 seconds until the next thing you collide to burns. Zombine level 6 50% chance that you will explode when you die holding the grenade Nightmare level 2 As regular nightmare: When your health is 15% or under your attacks will cause the barricade to take overtime damage (basically ruin effect) and if a human is hit they will bleed for few seconds. As steadfast nightmare: Get those runners, the further you are from the humans the faster, you are up to 10% faster when you are away from humans and the closer you get to them your speed goes back to your original one. As ancient nightmare: Those ancient angry bones of yours will teach those humans a lesson, a berserker bonus starts when your health is under 40%, your attacks get faster up to 25%. Tickle monster level 2 As regular tickle monster: 10% extended claws As tickle nightmare: You are a door cade destroyer now, aside from having 10% extended claws if the nailed prop is door model of any type you do 30% more damage to it. Shade level 5 As regular Shade & Omega Shade: You take 50% less damage from (the portable lamp) As shadow Shade: 40% bullet resistance As Frost Shade: 25% bullet resistance and *ice explosion on death* Howler level 5 Secondary attack gets 10% wider radius and 2 second or 3 longer effect The butcher level 5 As regular butcher on kill: heals you 50 HP As chrono butcher teleportation unfreeze: 10% faster Bonemesh level 5 Regular projectiles spawn bigger flesh that heals zombies more Gas projectiles get 10% bigger radius Wendigo level 5 (If it gets turned into a rare card that is, which I hope will be the case. If it stays legendary then level 2) Humans cannot slow you down with bullets and the less health you have the faster you get, you get faster up to 25% Nerf level 5 10% faster cooldown for your next secondary attack King headcrab level 5 As regular king headcrab: 15% faster burrowing (Shift mode) As doom headcrab: 15% smaller size Legion level 5 While in air (far enough from the ground, so the game determines whether you are attacking a sky cade or not) AND your health is under 60%, you deal 35% more damage to barricades only not humans. Devourer level 5 New fire mode that you can switch to by pressing R just like bonemesh, instead of hooking humans. You can use your hook to climb walls (just like spider man) Pukepus level 5 As regular pukepus on death: You explode like a balloon of poison in all directions (front, left, right, back). As electro pus you disable force fields for slightly longer This topic is subject to be changed or have stuff added at any time, please give feedback and ideas if you are into it.
  6. I find this as a catch for humans honestly, only being able to buy the medkit from worth menu and having it expensive so they get less traits and be weaker against zombies, the best thing you can do Rebelle is to buy it from someone else.
  7. Heavy hitter is an existing trait that gives extra 50% damage to melee weapons, however I think this trait can be improved by making it also make melee weapons 25% faster but does not accumulate with berserker trait, because some want to melee main without berserker so I think this will make it better.
  8. Thanks for your detailed reply @Snowyamur but first of all about this part I am not actually seeing it as only point farming it is just you started with saying that the card is a waste of point so I used the reverse and said then why don't we say that GR in the first place is point farming thingy, but in reality I enjoy GR for what you stated in the following: I do see GR the same way too and even if you were to disable points earning as GR I would still thrive to get it, just the idea of it is one of the reasons I'm staying in HG ZS and that is exactly the reason why I want it to have a card, every second of playing as him is so special even you said so, so having the chance to play it even a second longer is my point here, don't you want to have the chance too? I do see your point above, even though it is true that RNG makes it not available every time but that does not differ so much from tier 6 weapons, they have their cards and they are limited, even in some rounds you don't even get the chance to get them so they are not always "available" another proof is in objective maps people fight to get those weapons so again we see here that you don't always "benefit" from the cards which means if we use your logic about waste of points then you did "kind of" waste your points here because they are not "available" every time, actually getting GR most of times can be easier than getting tier 6 weapon. Let us not forget in most cases the more humans there are the harder it is to be the last human which also applies to tier 6 weapons, the more humans there are the harder they are to get. I never thought of that, if you have such amazing ideas then why don't you support the topic with these thoughts because you did state how fun GR can be so maybe you could have suggest how we can make the card better just like what you said above, as long as GR have a card, not necessarily one that gives him more health & armor I'm fine with that, I am just looking to make GR more playable in any way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lastly, one more thing about the card being "point-sinking", no one is forcing you to upgrade the card if you really don't believe in getting GR or don't see it useful then just don't do it. I mean Wendigo is a legendary card and we are all sad about it and find that funny wondering why as Wendigo is not supposed to be a powerful boss more of runners killer but those who don't see that the 5000 points is worth it just don't do it and you don't upgrade all of your cards that is normal.
  9. @Snowyamur, what about 3hp/level?
  10. And we always forget that the true purpose of playing games is having fun, [email protected] if we argue using your input then why do we have GR in the first place if it is loss is inevitable, I mean let us remove it since it is point farming just as the upgrading system is point sinking. Do you see what I mean right now? I mean it is just one legendary card that most of people will not get and only will be upgraded twice by many, as first level costs 5000 points and the second costs 15,000 points, but then after that 50,000 points and above are so crazy that one would rather focus on other cards, to sum it all up it is okay to increase the fun because that is the point of the game in the first place.
  11. @F00L the armor regenerator costs 45 that drains almost half of your worth menu points so even if they have that much health now, they have lost 45 worth points for other things like demolition and vaccination that could have been more useful than being alive for a few more seconds.
  12. It is not, i mean even if you make it +50 health and +100 armor it would not. General Roaster Rock never wins it is just a last resort for fun so even if he lasts few seconds longer he will eventually die however having it the way I put it will make more agree and thanks f00l
  13. General Roasterrock legendary card +25 Health +50 Armor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Medical Kit rare card +0.5 health per heal +0.85% faster cooldown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Turret rare card +1% faster scan +0.35% faster firing speed
  14. @A Imperfect perfection Not necessarily beating the living hell out of zombies, it is more like a support thing like if you see a teammate dying you can jump in the zombies face to save them or let them shoot before they die, or block the way when the last props drops in the cade hoping that others will put another prop while you stall zombies even if for one second.

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