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    I like to draw stuff, I do maps sometimes as a side hobby and im pretty chill as long as you dont start drama with me.
    I will repair your toaster for 1 cookie. yay

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  1. we are currently experiencing a magnitude 10 bruh moment

    1. Snowyamur


      On the Bruh Scale?

    2. baltii
    3. welchnome
  2. that's on hg then. no clue what's the point of rolling back a better version of a map for an older worse version but ok lol.
  3. ok first off the current version is v2, not v1 , unless it was rolled back to v1 after i left in which case. why lol secondly the map was specifically meant to be as easy to navigate as possible so i dont get what you mean by dead ends since practically every floor does a loop around itself and leads into the other floors with the only exception being the elevator shaft third i dont see how the spawns are "absurd and hard for new players" while also saying the map gets instantly lost at the same time, it can only be one or the other, there's no in between, also the spawn has two entrances, not one im not even fond of this map, i made it ages ago and it has quite a lot of optimization issues among other things i struggled with back in the day, i wouldnt really care if it got removed as long as there was a proper argument for it but this aint it.
  4. that's how mafia works

    1. TheDarkDevilRo3


      L E V E L 35 B O S S

  5. I've been aware of this issue for ages Yet my answer is still the same. I've run and checked the map a thousand times and not a single spawn is enabled again where it shouldnt be. If there's an error happening its well outside the map's functions and completely outside of anything i can fix. If it really is that big of an issue you can just wait till next year when i release the remake of blackout in the next forever so you can add it or whatever. k thx
  6. Its a joke map made by a mapping legend. its the kind of stuff that is so surreal its funny. The map is only 1 stage long and its what. 9 minutes long? You just need a competent enough team that doesnt touch the deadly pizzas (which people should be very well familiar with by now), stays away from obvious traps and you have an assured win, it really isnt that hard. Then again people still fall for the gluon trap in blackout and the barrel trap in void almost 1 year later so who am i to judge. back to my hiding arty hole i go.
  7. oh hey this thing is back

  8. Map name: Void Current Version: zs_obj_void_b3a New version: zs_obj_void_b4 Link: here... Reason for update: Final update -Check changelog spoiler for further info: [spoiler=B4 Changelog + info] I finished this one like some weeks ago and i've been asking to myself if its even worth it to have it updated since no matter what i do humans are insanely overpowered in the server but i want to give this server a final chance to prove its not as unbalanced as i think it is so here goes nothing. (This is an edited changelog to only show the changes relevant to hg) -Removed experimental old multiple choice teleport spawn system -Added new Random scrambler teleport system for zombies (This allows bots to nagivate more easily) -Added 2 new songs -Added 7-ish extra minutes of gameplay with new areas -Added new class unlocks (Immolator and its chilled variant early on) -Gave some areas a slight visual makeover (Specially the lab area) -Added a lot more running sections in between defenses -Decreased time from 140 seconds to 100 in the fence area that a lot of people died on -Added a forcefield and some medbombs to the fence area -Added 2 low tier free weapons across the map. -Decreased the health of the grate above the first control room from 2000 to 1400 -Removed song "Deep" -Re added some props to the control room before the reactor -Switched nightmare spawn to ancient nightmare in the pre reactor control room -Turned some brush models into actual models to optimize the map further -Even more optimization hooray. -Added a wood panel in the fenced wall in the very first defense to remove some of the "hallway" factor -Added some more hints and arrows across the map -Decreased strenght and even removed a lot of env_shake -Added invisible walls to the beginning area. You can no longer fall or or be throw off into the water and die. -Deleted a bunch of unused or similar redundant textures to reduce map file size -Deleted some unused models -Converted a lot of non looping .wav sounds into .mp3 to reduce map file size -Fixed rare bug where you could win and loose at the same time bringing the map to a stalemate at the end -Added a soft warm color correction 3/4 into the map That's basically all i think. This will probably be the last update hg wise. I've honestly gotten a bit tired of making these and having to wait 2+ weeks to get it on the server. Doesnt help that the gameplay in objective maps has been run into the ground making literally any map a joke to play through and having some people in power who i will not specify constantly poke fun at me and trash my work, blaming me for the god awful server balance that has come as of late. so its a goodbye i guess. hopefully this update returns at least a tiny bit of challenge and if it doesnt. well, too bad, this thing plays fine in literally anywhere else, i cant keep bothering to find workarounds that dont involve making a trigger that kills everyone just for this one particular server. so yeah, i've just lost interest here. -NightShade 2018, its over lol

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