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  1. congrats

    1. Talbot


      thank you <3

  2. Today i opened a ultimate draft chest to my surprise after choosing all the cards he was going to improve them when i realized that i did not receive anything form the chest.
  3. Great player, adult and fun to play with.

  4. i agree with the majority but in Majester submachinegun no. majester is one of the best weaponds t4 is ridicolous the amount of profit you can get with it. Normally when i use it between 800 to 1000 profit points. you can't compare Hailstorm with this beautiful weapon.
  5. bullseye,eraser,bulletorm,silencer,tiny,strom rifle,swift,remi ACW. All of them are garbage is so hard get profit or kill zombies with all
  6. is stupid as a glock tier 1 level 8 is better than all tier 2 weapons and some tier 3
  7. i know more bugs in this game that you. if i reported all how this you would go crazy
  8. i added you but you dont accept me for report that
  9. yep is so op and easy to use. remove is the best idea nerf is a garbage idea
  10. weps have a meta and hunter rifle is good but is not meta, how to the easer tactical pistol
  11. m14 is overprice and retolad so slow, alyx pistol is a crap, laser smg is so bugged ,laser boomstick overprice and is so bugged for this normal boomstick is so better, beretta is op but need good aim, and hunter rifle is a shit now.
  12. Nightshade you do not even play zombie, I can say that the photon does not occupy stock because only 5 players know how to use it in the server , play too much of zombie and never the photon wins a match
  13. Turrets are the most disgusting weapon that exists for only 50 points you have a grim reaper in round one 1000 bullets besides that does not occupy recharge gives you points x2 and crosses props that occupy more? You can easily make 200 kills on a map using only the turret Skay: turrets are not op
  14. if you know how to use it's too op

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