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  1. In around six weeks, this is all over. At the beginning of the decade, if you told me VR would be a thing, I'd laugh at you. And now there's a personal headset in my living room. This has been a time of wonder, and a time of great letdown. I feel like I can just say Bethesda here and my point would be made. Whatever Superlative you want to speak about, share your experiences of this decade. Just a few examples, what is your game of the decade? The disappointment of the decade? The innovation of the decade? The defining moment of the decade? The trend of the decade that you wish would stay behind and not infect the coming decade? What has moved you this decade?
  2. Basically, if YouTube feels like you're not making the money then they can delete your channel. This may possibly be the worst thing YouTube is ever done but when you have a Monopoly I guess you can do what you want.
  3. Hi Goldigel, congrats on recruit and welcome to the community. :)

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  5. Welcome to the hellsgamers forums, btw that's a badass pic!
  6. Congrats on recruit & welcome to the community. :)

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      feel very welcomed <3

  7. Post memes until the thread gets locked! Last meme posted is the winner! Rules: 1. No porn!!! 2. No normies allowed! 3. Gotta be dank!
  8. Welcome to HG Kermit. :)

  9. Hello HaxelSwar and welcome to the community. :)

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