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  1. Congrats to all the people I rigged the election for
  2. Uni

    Hey lemme me “scam” your zs points

    1. Duphin


      sure what do i get?

    2. Uni


      idk whatever u want, my dad is Earth I own everything.

  3. I put 5 emotes in chat according to you and someone put a vote on me. I stopped that vote because putting a vote on mod+ is kick-able. Thus I spammed chat with that so people didn't try and put votes on me. Yet here we are where you tried to put a vote on me and you got kicked for it. What did you expect to happen??? You did this full knowing what would happen and not to put votes on mod+. If you want to claim ignorance on this rule I will refer to this page https://hellsgamers.com/hgbans.php?sf=bid&so=is&st=1%3A92225185 that shows you're a troll and have been playing the game longer than I have. Nice Steam Id bro
  4. Uni


    1. welchnome



  5. Big Sus

    1. FrostByte



    2. Duphin


      False KOS ez ban

  6. There goes the division...... Congrats my dude
  7. Who dis

  8. Uni

    Disappointed in your ability to dab on the haters

    1. Duphin


      Says the hater

  9. son

    1. Duphin


      Dad you're back

  10. 1. Kor (Lives breathes and shits ZS daily) 2. Wanderer (So good never on the zombie team) 3. Fume (hate is so strong for the ZS players it drives him to be good) 4. Kendall (Has so many points that he never tries) 5. White Kleiner (The power of all the frenchies makes him good) 6. Lynxx (Mormon gaming makes him strong) 7. Duphin (autism and admin powers make him op) 8. Unjo (Biggest scammer on the server gets lots of points) 9. Mclovin (constantly buys all nades and claymores and never makes profit) 10. Johnathan gamer (never buys guns but somehow only makes profit)
  11. This is what free V-Bucks are for

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