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    The City of Light, but I keep my curtains closed for a reason
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    Crew Member @ GameWorks (Full-Time)
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    Is this a place I can brag about my accomplishments?
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    My Name is Techyyy

    I mostly enjoy making friends and playing video games and sharing my expierences with the world...kind of

    I also can bench 350 and, I used to teach break dancing to Dolphins for a living, I also have a shark as a roommate named Clarence

    Two out of Three of those are lies

    For business related stuff feel free to send me a Tweet or my email: [email protected] (Don't even)

    That's all, See you in game Nerds

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  1. Big yeetus deeletus rip the shredder MP5

  2. Sad News: Reggie from Nintendo is retiring 
    F's in chat

  3. I call these: CYKA BLYAT: Buy p90's and everyone goes through the front entrance I can't see shit!: Buy any gun of your choosing, spam smokes and flashes into the building, rush into the house We have the place surrounded! : Everyone buys AWPs and M4's, Stand on the outside roofs or roads, kill anyone you see, once the timer hits 1:00 rush in Just like Nam' : Buy M249's Fruity McRecruity : (This is a R6 strat) Rush in with shotguns SSSSSHHHHHH! : Silenced weapons only This is mine, there are many like it but this one is mine(Or ECO): Everyone starts with any Pistol of their choosing, you are not allowed to buy a primary, rush in and use the enemy's guns against them John Wick : Nothing but any pistol Fucking GLAWKS! : Everyone buys a glock and rushes them Scout Knives: Scout's and knives only Coming out : Find a Closet and camp in it Space Cowboy: Buy Dual Beretta's and crouch walk Help me! : Use hostages as shields One man army (If Team-Collision is off) : Find a spot to camp, get inside of each other The Wall (If Team-Collision is on) : Get on top of each other and camp
  4. Holy fuck this was a long time, but a good time the matter of fact, Dream-E was still active, Oscar was still part of HG, Fume was a either still a Member or a Staff, I would randomly hop in random Division chats to meet new people. OG days. But in all honesty: I was playing Gmod ZS since the "Vanilla" days back in 2008 but recently had to stop playing because school, cause I was like a an elementary schooler at the time. But recently gotten back into it in 2013. I was first playing on a server called TPS untill it was shutdown for unknown reasons, So after deciding on the server list for the longest time then I randomly chose HellsGamers and stuck with it since
  5. Welcome to the ModSquad! (I'm not part of it)

    1. Roberazo


      Thank u c:

  6. Guess it was pho's "Inside Joe-K" I'll show myself out now
  7. Last Night some zombies tried to climb to walls to fall into the boss room with humans
  8. Agreeing with @JarJarBinks You made your point with he first comment, but went to far with the 2nd one We don't know what his intentions were but lets not push things farther and cause more drama than there needs to be
  9. Please... Oscar disproves
  10. @F00L No, The humans are not affected by the difficulty only zombies are. Difficulty only affects Zombies HP and Damage
  11. I learned that I'm both an Asshole and retarded for "Stealing", when it isn't really stealing but more of, oh someone died outside the cade like an idiot I'm gonna be an bigger idiot and run out there to grab it while a fuckton of zombies are still out there or Silent/Lady Luck is out there with their "LEVEL 90-FUCKING-9" Zombie

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