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  1. I want to tell you that in a certain situation, there is a long deadlock with zombies and humans. It causes people to be bored and the population to decline. I do not like the game users getting smaller. At a specific time It's really hard to refill the population I made this offer.
  2. I hope you understand that I can't use a neat translation.
  3. It's like a low population that makes an unlimited round of people leave Or if you have too few users, the unlimited round happens too often. I think we should limit the unlimited round when a certain number is under. When people start to feel bored, they start kicking.
  4. A visual bug? But we can't upgrade. I just want to get the card back...
  5. There is a bug that the card will disappear if it exceeds This bug occurs when a certain quantity is exceeded. https://imgur.com/a/urjlvco Approximately from 4060 sheets or more
  6. My zombie survival nickname is [kor]초보ìžëª¨ë“œ

    1. Boxsnake


      is that the one and only korean tryhard. welcome to the fourms

  7. From https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bz-bFPaE7jZCdHZjeVBKeERLcWc

    zs_obj_rampage_v5 is missing

    Please save me from slow downloads...

    1. Ryze


      I'll be updating that mid week most likely and there is v6 for rampage now (just updated today)

  8. zs_obj_minecave http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=345214265&searchtext=obj_minecave
  9. ì˜ì–´ëª»í•˜ëŠ” 한국사람

    1. pluefy


      조금 í•œêµ­ë§ ì•„ë¼ìš”..

      ë­ê°€ 잘못 ëì–´ìš”?

    2. UnPrePared_
    3. Spazer


      Spazer's translation:"I don't know how to speak english cuz I am korean". :C I am sorry that you can't speak english but there is no excuse that you that you cant speak english because you are "korean". Come up with better excuse next time ;)


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