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  1. Glad to hear it. With our GMod Zombie Survival server being #1 in the world, this will greatly benefit the ZS server—as well as our other divisions. Thanks to our supporters and donors!
  2. Recruitment Team Latest Promotions Review Staff [HG] Fred. [CE] [HG] Colonel Potter-M.D. [CE] Congratulations! Don't worry about the recruit apps, they're all fine
  3. 2/13/2019 + Fred., Recruitment Review Staff + Colonel Potter-M.D., Recruitment Review Staff 2/14/2019 - Admiral MacK, Recruiter 2/15/2019 + Snowyamur, Community Events Staff
  4. We're looking for some good suggestions and feedback as to what kinds of new TF2 servers everyone would like to see. Examples: Dodgeball Server Zombie Survival Server Orange Server etc. Please give your suggestion and some good reasons as to why it would be a fun server to have as well as why it would be an easily populatable and popular server. We would be replacing one of the existing servers with potential new one(s).
  5. New Version Suggestions & Ideas As we're pushing forward with the development of the new HG Bans, we would like to take some feedback and suggestions for the new version to see what changes everyone would like to see, members and leadership alike. As of now we're currently looking into the following ideas we have came up with: Ability to create web bans that specify a division Permanent fix to the drag and drop uploader Improved interface for bans, modifying bans, etc. Potential notification system for divisional leadership where a notification is sent when a ban for their division is pending review System for assigning bans to leadership for review (i.e. claiming a ban for review, assigning to a higher up, etc.) New ban state called "Appealed" which indicates an inactive ban due to an approved appeal. This helps separate invalid disapproved bans from appealed bans at glance. Feel free to reply here to bring up or discuss any ideas you might have. If your suggestion contains any trusted information that is leadership-only, feel free to send me a PM.
  6. As brgr. said, it's an in-game rank based on points gained from skillful actions like killing, assisting, ubering, etc. You also lose points from other things like dying. You can see these points as you gain/lose them in chat. You can also always check your stats on GameME. In-game you can also use the !rank and !top10 commands to see your placement. Rankings/points are reset monthly.
  7. Team Fortress 2 Division Latest Promotions Server Manager [HG] RELAX [S] Congratulations!
  8. We do not have any bans on record for your account under that SteamID. We also do not have a Bhop server. Looks like you meant to appeal your ban on a different community, judging from a previous appeal you made: https://hellsgamers.com/legacy/hgbans.php?i=143581-unban-request
  9. Promoted RELAX | STEAM_0:0:60337241 (Server Manager)
  10. Official List of Leadership and TF2 Moderators Division Leaders (Leadership) Division Leaders oversee the division as a whole: its servers, leadership, staff, moderators, rules, policies, and more. Imperial Knight | STEAM_0:1:59652234 Division Staff (Leadership) Division Staff act as divisional management and help to manage the division in regards to moderators and players while contributing to the overall division. reploidzerox | STEAM_0:0:22448640 Zeus | STEAM_0:0:98156091 combine | STEAM_0:1:69259149 brgr. | STEAM_0:1:99157377 RELAX | STEAM_0:0:60337241 (Server Manager) Moderators Moderators help to facilitate the server environment by enforcing rules and mediating between players as well as acting as middle-men in trades. The application for this position can be found here. Admiral MacK | STEAM_0:0:226182445 DetectiveYellNow | STEAM_0:0:43384997 Fred. | STEAM_0:0:47834074 greenhornet | STEAM_0:0:79687893 Meat Shield | STEAM_0:0:172961083 Raging | STEAM_0:1:157943412 Shadowgamer436 | STEAM_0:1:117096317 spartanchief65_ | STEAM_0:0:156216898 Jailbreak Admins Jailbreak Admins help to facilitate the Jailbreak server by enforcing rules and mediating between players. The application for this position can be found here. No current Jailbreak Admins. Note that Moderators may also moderate on Jailbreak.
  11. Congrats! Well deserved

  12. Congrats on GFX Lead! Well deserved.

    1. Fred.


      Thanks Knight

  13. Team Fortress 2 Rules & Guidelines Useful Commands !servers - Switch between the various HG TF2 servers. !bp - Display the backpack of the specified player. !pc - Perform a price check on an item from backpack.tf !tp / !fp - Third-Person View/First-Person View !kson / !ksoff - Turn on/off killstreak effects. !report - Reports a player to an admin. +sm_jetpack - Bind a key to this command in order to fly as long as you are holding down the bound key. See the guide. General Rules G1. Do not disrespect other players on any basis. A level of smack-talk is allowed but always be respectful to other players. a. Disrespecting other players on grounds of race, sexual orientation, gender, and any other personal characteristics is strictly prohibited. G2. Usage of racial, homophobic, and other offensive slurs related to hate speech are not allowed. G3. Do not cause drama on the server or attempt to argue with our moderator team or leadership team regarding rules or actions taken. If you believe someone has abused, please file an abuse report. G4. Do not micspam or chat spam. a. Micspam includes playing sound clips, making obnoxious noises, being excessively loud in voice chat, and so forth. b. Chatspam includes useless messages, repetitive messages, and so forth. G5. Do not troll. G6. Do not advertise other communities or servers unless they are owned by HG. G7. Links to websites that contain cheating tools/clients, inappropriate content, gambling, or any other malicious content are not allowed. G8. Only English is allowed on voice and text chat. G9. Do not attempt to impersonate another player, HG clan member, or admin. G10. Do not wear the HG clan tags -hg- / [HG] / HG | unless you are that clan rank in HG. Server Gameplay Rules S1. Usage of cheats, exploits, third-party tools, or any other related clientside modifications that give a player an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed. S2. Do not attempt to exploit, glitch, or otherwise take advantage of an unintentional feature of the server or map. S3. Usage of a virtual-private-network (VPN), other services that mask IP addresses, or otherwise aid ban evaders are not allowed unless approved by HG Leadership. S4. Sprays containing nudity, hate speech, or other obscene content are not allowed. S5. No ghosting. a. This means you cannot use spectate or other out-of-game resources to gain an advantage over players. b. e.g. Using spectate to find a player and kill them. S6. Do not farm points or otherwise attempt to take advantage of flaws in the point system. a. This includes spamming suicides, farming with other players, or otherwise exploiting flaws in the point system. S7. Do not build teleporter exits in spawn unless the teleporter entrance is also within the same spawn. a. This is not allowed as it allows enemy spies to enter the base. S8. Do not enter the enemy base by any means (such as by a teleporter as spy). S9. Do not portal glitch. Note that portal camping is allowed. a. Portal glitching is where a player or a player's building is stationed where players exit a portal, causing them to get suck inside the other player. (Disallowed) b. Portal camping is where a player is within melee or firing range of the exit, but the player does not get stuck. (Allowed) S10. If the server has a boxing arena, only melee weapons are allowed in that zone. Do not use any other weapons or take advantage of exploits allowing you to take non-melee weapons into the arena. Trade Server Rules T1. Do not scam or attempt to scam. Scamming will result in a permanent ban. If you have been scammed, please provide proof through a screenshot or demo. Word of mouth is not proof. Report any scams to HG Bans (hellsgamers.com/bans). T2. Trade Moderators or Divisional Leadership and higher can act as a middle-man to ensure fair trades or bets (e.g. spycrab competitions). If you do not wish for a middle-man, or there is not a Trade Moderator around to act as a middle-man, we cannot enforce the terms of the bet. If a Trade Moderator acts as a middle-man in a bet, and one of the participants reneges, the offending player will be permanently banned from HG. a. An always updated list of all of the TF2 Moderators and Divisional Leadership can be found here. T3. The only people allowed to raffle are TF2 Divisional Leadership in HeLLsGamers (i.e. Imperial Knight, brgr., Combine, RELAX, reploidzerox, or Zeus). Nobody else is allowed to raffle to ensure that nobody is scammed during a raffle. a. An always updated list of TF2 Divisional Leadership can be found here. T4. Do not interrupt other players trying to trade. Trades have priority on voice chat. T5. Do not mess with other players when they are spycrabbing/boxing/dueling. T6. Do not send random trade requests to other players. Offer your trade in chat or over voice chat and if someone is interested then you can send them a trade request. T7. Do not advertise a trade more than once every 60 seconds. A trade advertisement may consist of one message that contains 3 sentences maximum.
  14. As each of you have noted, this just seems to cause confusion for amusement. Since that is essentially trolling, we'll be marking this as against the rules under our existing rule against trolling.
  15. Team Fortress 2 Division Latest Promotions Moderator [HG] Fred. [M] Congratulations!

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