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  1. Please don't SPAM updates when you have nothing to say, its one thing if your responding to people or actually have a message to convey to multiple people. Simply put though, this is not the case.


    1. MAINE


      Can't tell if this is directed at my music links I post. Please I'll be a good boy

    2. Helix
  2. REAPPLY any time due to not responding in two (2)weeks
  3. Definitely, the old argument was, was that they didn't bring in no where near as much advertising/endorsement/ticket sales money, which can't be said anymore. Also instead of having a level fan base like the Men's, the Women's fan base has constantly grown year by year, I think they definitely deserve equal pay, they deserve it! GO USA WOMEN'S WORLD CUP CHAMPS!!!
  4. congratz on your promo to :member:!!! Im really happy for you bud!

  5. Congratz on your MOD promo!!!

    1. MrKiller


      Thank you : )

  6. my little cousins use to play that, but I dont think even they still play that
  7. Welcome to HG Community!!!

  8. gratz on makin event staff!!

  9. Welcome to HG CS:S Div, let me know if you need any help!!

  10. Welcome to HG CS:S Div, let me know if you need any help!

  11. @SupaNipplez Hey man, if you have left that other community, I think most of us would love to have you back in HG. Sorry things didn't work out, but if you made a clean break, maybe you should consider it. Either way, glad to hear from you man, I hope you get on Ts3 and game it up! Welcome back to the community my friend!
  12. Gratz on Event turnout bro!


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