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  1. Yes we are having serious problems, not just the ones you stated, just know that we have people working on it @Gunns and we hope to have it back up and back to normal ASAP! But thank you for dropping us a line, like I said, we will have it back up and running as soon as possible. Thank you, Your Friend & Div Staff, BOSCH
  2. @SMD you started it, I scanned a picture of you getting ready for halloween.... Not really, PWNED!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!
  3. What a wonderful HeLLsGamers event we had, one for the books. And a lovely story continues after it was over, let me fill you all in! <3 In which @SoTawon first prize, and out of his gracious heart, knowing I had been having issues with my mouse, donated his 1st place prize to me. The reason I have waited until now to post about it, is because I just got it. The original mouse @EddieCamhad planned on presenting went out-of-stock, we tried to wait but instead @EddieCamdecided to go ahead and get me this WONDERFUL mouse instead which I can say, I am SOOOO PLEASED with, thank you so much @SoTafor being their for me in my time of need and handling and being so gracious about it, your a great friend and I want to thank you from the bottom of me heart. @EddieCam thank you for being the man putting on such great events, with such wonderful prizes, if it wasn't for you all we would be handing out is in-game credits or on occasion a gift card, maybe more but not like the prizes we have ran because of you. You are such an honorable person, a tremendous friend, and someone who's please doesn't come from getting something for yourself, but rather putting a smile on someone else's face I believe brings you happiness and I just wish there were more people like you in this world my friend. SoTa - The man who looks out for someone in need, and is very humble and never puts himself ahead of another. EddieCam - The man who is always willing to make sacrifices for others to brighten their day, as if the sun is only shining on them for that sweet moment. The mouse looks so hi-tech I feel like its going to transform any minute and start shooting miniture rockets at me and start making demands that I take him to Megatron
  4. Welcome to the HeLLsGamers Community, I know you will enjoy the fine people you will meet here, have fun buddy!

  5. Here is a thorough guide to tell if someone is scripting you should save this link for future reference. Remember whether you are a admin or not, you can still collect evidence to provide mod/leadership for a ban.
  6. As long as user isn't scripting, or using some form of scripting/macro and have a good mouse that allow them to bhop without scripting then it is allowed.
  7. Some were but it was solved as soon as possible, thanks guys!
  8. Welcome to HeLLsGamers!

  9. Congratz on Promo to :leader:!!! Well deserved!!!

  10. It was done, sorry no one responded earlier. Thank you for your concern.
  11. Welcome in the fold, I know you will enjoy your time back with us my dear friend. God bless
  12. That's my brother @EddieCam puttin in with them major work!

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