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  1. So this is only an idea. How about change of ZE mechanics where there would always be 50 % humans and 50 % zombies; - if zombies kill a human they instantly redeem - if a human dies to a trap, then then a zombie with most damage dealt will be redeemed etc... Of course humans would still lose if a massive kill all trigger hurt kills everyone. The goal would be that the humans who DO survive at the end gets rewarded with points/cards. Would this make the game mode a little more competitive rather then one sided (and less tedious with repeating same map chapter over and over when humans cant complete the map)?
  2. Well could still give different valued awards to winners based on number of kills/damage.
  3. Does anyone think this feature is just stupid? I mean where does it pull out those rocks to begin with... Shade should function as a prop throwing boss or as a shield for zombies. It shouldn't be able to deal damage to humans on its own. IMO it should be removed or have a great damage debuff as it shouldn't be able to one-shot a human.
  4. Marco

    Help With Code

    You may want to rather use printf/sprintf for proper output formatting: http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cstdio/printf/?kw=printf / http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cstdio/sprintf/?kw=sprintf Use printf to output to terminal window, or sprint to output a string line (if you need to also output to a file log).
  5. What I liked a lot back in 2010's was Joker Ice minigames server where you could vote between a lot of different minigames to play. Sadly after the gmod update that introduced the new serverbrowser UI, it totally hid that server and killed it off. So maybe a server with several different quality minigames to play?
  6. Update 10/14/2018 Optimized code. Fixed multiple zombie melee hit FX error from some previous update (fast zombie). Changed so max threat and final player can't suicide nor spectate. Rebalanced some achievement goal scores and reduced chest point costs for chests by 30 %. Improved bot AI (and added chat ability). Fixed zombie traits to be re-activated after dying again as a human. Made destroyed armories become non-solid. Fixed color saturation of armory HUD icon when its damage flashing. Added more missing country tags. Fixed glitch with humans on new round where they would all face zero angle. Added a 3,5s charge-up time for claymores and SLAM mines. Made laser for claymore and SLAM visible only at a short distance for zombies. Added top ragequitter icon for scoreboard. Changed AFK icon and made the tooltip of it show AFK time for players. Made grenades lob firemode similar to HL2 grenades. Changed grenades to be non-solid to zombies, so it passes through them. Nerfed Blood Warden trait to deal 2 dmg per sec and stop at 1 HP health.
  7. Now it's been nearly a week since this update went live. What are daily achievements you may ask? Every 24 hours you log on to ZS server you get a new daily challenge to do, where every challenge lasts for 47 hours. They mostly stack up to 2 challenges if you don't complete them in time, but sometimes they can go up to 3 (depending on when you logon to server). By completing these tasks you gain Chest Points to unlock extra card chests and some ZS points (plus mention in F10 leaderboards). To view your daily achievements, go to upgrades menu (F3 or F2 key depending on if you are a human or zombie) and in the bottom of the menu. To see when is your next daily challenge coming up, hover your mouse over your "Next award" icon and a tooltip pops up. To see additional information about the daily challenge, hover your mouse over the icon for it to see a tooltip of it. Current award range for daily achievements are: 10-70 chest points (ZS points is X3 of that), depending on difficulty level of the challenge (see the range values below, if its at lowest Target score, it will give 10 points, if its at highest target score it gives 70 points). Current (random) awards you get with chest points: Small deck, cost 30 Large deck, cost 75 Chest, cost 120 Large chest, cost 250 Mystical chest, cost 800 Legendary chest, cost 500 Epic chest, cost 500 Draft chest, cost 1200 Current daily challenges: Zombie slayer, Kill X zombies, Target score: 50-450 The Redeemer, Redeem X times, Target score: 2-10 I Zombie, Volunteer as a zombie for X times (not ZE), Target score: 2-10 Brain Muncher, Kill X humans, Target score: 3-25 Point Whore, Earn X point profit in a single round, Target score: 200-1500 Infernal Zombie, Deal X after-burn damage to humans, Target score: 50-900 Big Spender, Spend X points in a single round, Target score: 500-5000 Death Incarnate, Kill X zombies in one blow, Target score: 10-50 Boss Exterminator, Kill X boss zombies, Target score: 4-100 Life Leech, Drain X health from humans using Blood Warden zombie trait, Target score: 200-3000 Ruined Barricades, Deal X damage to cades using Ruin zombie trait, Target score: 10000-50000 Hardcore Parkour, Fall X m without dying as a human (not ZE), Target score: 20 (always gives 25 points) Barricade Destroyer, Do X damage to barricades, Target score: 10000-100000 Barricade Messiah, Repair X barricade damage, Target score: 10000-100000 Survival Veteran, Survive X waves as a human, Target score: 6-120 Medic!, Heal X health as a human, Target score: 500-5000 Blinded Taste, Blind X humans as Poison Headcrab, Pukepus or Swamp Legion, Target score: 24-100 Pandemonium, Deal X posion damage to humans, Target score: 250-10000 Devour Them, Obtain X barricade points as a zombie in one round, Target score: 12000-30000 Head Hunter, Make X headshot kills as a human, Target score: 10-100 Melee Fighter, Kill X zombies with melee (excluding hero sword), Target score: 15-130 International Assassin, Kill X humans from unique countries, Target score: 3-12 Suggestions? Feel free to suggest balance changes to excisting achievements and suggest new achievements. The target low score should be relatively easy to obtain, the target high score should be rather challenging.
  8. Ok for upcoming update following changes are pending: Chest point costs for chests have been reduced by roughly -40 % in price. New target scores: Big Spender - 300-2500 Boss Exterminator - 1-10 Barricade Destroyer - 5000-60000 Survival Veteran - 6-24 International Assassin - 2-8 Need more input!
  9. How about make prop prices ramp up as more props are being printed? Like price +5 % for each bought prop, so after 10 props it would be +62,88 % of original price? Or would that just cause trolling with people printing out shit props at first so nobody can afford to buy good props...
  10. Marco

    Card Bug

    This specific bug is already fixed but not on live server atm. It's just a network integer overflow and makes it visually wrap card count to zero at 4096.
  11. So whats the public opinion to this, should all poison damage behave like poison headcrab bite (deal 25 % dmg instantly, drain 75 % of dmg over time), or should it work like original ZS (100 % of dmg dealt instantly, 75 % of dmg recovered over time). Personally I feel like this change that was done a little over half a year ago kind of ruined an unique mechanics poison had, making all of poison damage you take very obnoxious (especially with the OW OW sound effects played).
  12. Would anyone mind if I reverted poison behavior to how it was before the great poison buff? Meaning you'd recover poison damage rather then take poison damage over time (like a poison headcrab bite).
  13. I already fixed this issue, it's not yet on server though.
  14. Well here's full list: small wooden crate + small wooden crate = large wooden crate breen bust + plank = bust-on-stick metal barrel + gascan = explosive barrel sawblade + axe = sawhack sawhack + sawblade = dual sawhack explosive barrel + sledge hammer = mega masher battery + hammer = electro hammer battery + crossbow = photon crossbow battery + boomstick = laser boomstick battery + magnum = photon magnum peashooter + peashooter = redeemer's dualies uzi + uzi = akimbo uzi
  15. Eh no its only based on the chests you get from honorable mentions/bonus crates, the "minor awards" you get hourly are a separate counter. To clarify what you get from chests: Small deck = 2-9 commons, 0-8 uncommons, 0-2 rares. Large deck = 12-20 commons, 0-16 uncommons, 0-3 rares. (+ 1:428 chance of a legendary) Chest = 35-78 commons, 20-41 uncommons, 0-8 rares. (+ 1:217 chance of a legendary) Large chest = 30-350 commons, 30-120 uncommons, 7-14 rares. (+ 1:138 chance of a legendary) Mystical chest = 300-1600 commons, 40-100 uncommons, 4-20 rares. (+ 6:10 chance of a legendary OR 1:83 chance of 2-4 legendary) Legendary chest = 1 legendary Epic chest = 28-44 rares. Beginners chest = 38 common, 12 uncommon, 1 rare. (you always receive this chest as first award, but never again after that)
  16. 21 Well you dragged me into this whatever you like it or not..
  17. 16 ? I don't recall slaying anyone without a reason.
  18. So I've watched my nephew play this silly mobile game "clash royale" which gave me a really original idea of stealing ideas. How about adding cards (or anything really) that sometimes gets dropped from zombies same way as bonus crates (and can also be obtained as post-game bonuses). Each card would be assigned to an individual weapon, player stat, or zombie type, and once you have X amount of same cards you can chose to spend points to buy a level up for it. Each level would require an exponential amount of more cards and points for next level up. As example: Lv 1: 5 cards + 50 pts Lv 2: 10 cards + 100 pts Lv 3: 20 cards + 200 pts The stat boosts from each level would be so minor that it barely makes any difference on the end result (like max level of something only gives double the damage in the end after you spent like a million points for it). But at least it would show for other players on HUD that you are holding "Lv 5 Crossbow" or so. (giving you the false sense of having a better social status in the server) Then different cards would be more common or rare then others, so more common cards would be for low tier weapons or zombies and rare cards would be for high tier weapons or boss zombies. Rare cards would require less cards for each level up but costs a lot more points. This kind of system would make server more addictive to keep playing ZS for longer period of time, don't you think? (not like you have anything better to do with your useless lives anyway) 31
  19. 50 C Butcher already has more cooldown time the less humans are around (up to double time then compared to with 20+ humans around). But I guess I could go with trying to make him semi-transparent (like wraiths) while he teleports if there's only a few humans around in addition to further increasing the recharge time.
  20. 24 The current system downloads screenshots from GameTracker, you can upload a screenshot for currently played map from this page: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  21. Also make sure to delete ZombieSurvival folder if you have a local copy of it in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\gamemodes\zombiesurvival Same with a possible killicon folder in local materials folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\materials\killicon GMod is sometimes kind enough to get confused by that and refuse to use downloaded files. 33
  22. 46 Updates 3/5/2017: Forrest: Rebalanced weapons. Fixed redeeming showing your profits negative. Added client option to set held prop transparency. Changed bad honorable mentions to give no points. HowSuperTerrible: Changed win condition for ZE maps: Mako, Pirates, Predator ultimate, Skyrim Change Mako to start on extreme 1 difficulty. Rebalanced weapons. Marco: Fixed glitch with ZE weapon selection menu. Enabled redeeming on ZE. Changed bots to pick a random weapon on ZE as human. Fixed a bug with props that get all their nails removed in same time (i.e: damaged or from using carp. hammer) where it would leave the constraint holding the prop in place. Fixed a minor glitch with networking library where some information wouldn't get passed to client. Changed so you can't fling nor throw heavy props. Fixed a glitch from earlier update where shotguns would get extreme damage buff. Implemented 'GExplo' explosion FX for jihad, grenade and detpack.
  23. 20 Well technically this is a very easy feature to implement. Currently zombies can vote zlist other zombies to prevent them from creating zombie spawns with ghouls. I could extend it to effect boss selection too. Also there does exist an admin command to "strip" boss rank from a zombie (ulx stripboss), but I'm not sure if moderators currently have permission for that command (and I've never seen anyone use it yet).

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