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  1. Works on every weapon except certain tier 6, Tau Cannon, Raygun and all sniper rifles
  2. It's not like HG has a bans page or something
  3. The AFK kick system was disabled since I noticed that the hook it added "StartCommand" was insanely expensive to call at high player counts. I'll re-enable it since I found the cause of the massive serverside lag
  4. Update 1/16/2019 Added Compound Z trait Weapons now play a proper holster animation Use the holster animation when picking up props Fixed a few issues with inspect and reloading Fixed traits not properly updating clientside values Added ulx givestatus Attempt to speed up world model drawing slightly Made the Boomstick use the original firesound Ghoul Touch trait will now give a proper status effect Added effects for a few bonus items Added Invincibility Star epic bonus Make GLMVS use the threshold cvar Made Quad Damage less loud Added first time deploy animation support Fixed up the inspect system to allow for ACT_VM_FIDGET Fixed deploy time on Medic AR/Pistol and Scar being super long Buffed the Swift Sniper Rifle Attempt to fix sniper rifles having aweful hit detection Fixed Tau Cannon having mixed up Cone settings Infinite ammo now works on the Tau Cannon Added new Arsenal Crate model Added OnDestroyed for deployables Added Neuro-Fiber Armor trait Added Long Fall Boots Fixed dual deagles not having the penetration of the regular deagle Added Fighting Spirit, Bomb Training, Blast Cap Changed Devourer rope to a hydra coord Buffed the Doomcrabs jump Made poison spit darker green Increased the damage and effectiveness of bloat projectiles Changed Chem Zombie name to Burster Buffed the Spitter Zombie Made the Chem Zombie effect a darker green Made alot of boss zombies ignore the leg slowdown Made the Swamp Legion icon green Made a few bosses ignore specific damage Shade no longer takes damage from the legs Moved Shadow Shade to wave 3 Moved Frost Shade to wave 3 Removed arm and stomach damage scaling for bullets Added partial LUA refresh compatibility Nerfed the fire headcrabs fire to only last 1 second on players Allow variants to define sub-variants and there own translations Added Starved Zombie, Putrid Ghoul, Molted Headcrab, Skittish Headcrab, Apparition, and Bullsquid Ghouls besides the Putrid Ghoul will no longer eject poison flesh when taking damage Buffed the aura radius of the Swift Slug Rifle now does a base 800 damage on headshot Reduced the fire interval for fire headcrabs Medic weapons are no longer affected by Berserker Fixed Keyboard Warrior Fixed error with Veteran Speed up a few things Prevent phantom bullets Sounds on a few weapons now get played properly Restored Devourer and Nightmare slowdown Nightmare now causes a status effect on hit Nerfed Tickle Nightmare damage and make his hits give a few status affects to assist in killing the player Added Kevlar Vest worth item Added Thicker Skin zombie trait Reduced the Tough Skin traits cost to 6000 Allow reserve slots to increase the max visible slots Fixed error caused by the team battelgrounds event Changed the Nerf model to a Skeleton Reduced the time it takes to pounce for the Nerf Nerfed the shade rock Improved mapvote UI Minor bot AI adjustment Optimized zombie melee trace Optimized bullets slightly Speed up the invisibility check Do not allow weapon switching when holding something Invisible players no longer mess up zombie spawns Optimized movement slightly Moving backwards with melee weapons no longer cuts your speed in half Restrict the Tau and Raygun from Berserker
  5. It can one shot a human? I'll nerf the damage then cause that's waaaaay too OP
  6. Nice suggestions, I'll add alot of these in the next update
  7. Nerf the god damn difficulty reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  8. Update 1/2/2019 Updated GLMVS mapvote Fixed random boss selection to not pick locked variants Completely revised the trait system Added sub-category support for the worth menu Fixed Veteran not working the way it should Changed shades takes a max DPS from flashlights Fixed speed bonus resetting on death Nerfed Zombine (Grenade Damage 65 -> 40) (Damage Radius 128 -> 64) Allow Blood Cradle to be used by Crows Prevent Blood Cradles from showing up in wallspy Added MMod weapons to replace the HL2 weapons Roaster Rock and Max Threat can not get the hero bonus Berserker trait now prevents all heals except self heals Added 'Plasmatic' Tau Cannon Added inspect animation system Added new resupply box model Difficulty now changes dynamically with player count
  9. Leadership know my stance on this, giving admin powers to donators just seems like a perfect opportunity for trolls to abuse
  10. Update 12/25/2018 Added inworld chat for admins Added ulx spraylock Added avatars to the relay chat Attempt to fix broken explosion damage for zombine and chem zombie Added lunera MOTD Fixed small issue with the electropus projectile Moved the Doom Crab to Wave 4 Fixed Defender working on zombies Nerfed the Doom Crab since he can now fit into small places Added new epic bonuses Gave a few low tier guns bullet penetration Changed the Wicked Boomstick description to say it loads 6 shells Attempt to fix flashlights not working on santa hats Bots can no longer see no-draw players Do not draw a override model if the player is not drawn Prevent santa hat material from being overridden by the player drawing Fixed up the reserve slot system Added more cadebase for bot AI Added XMas achievement Added aCrashScreen Changed the way the points bonus is calculated Removed slowdown from all non-Ghoul zombies and made it a zombie trait Allow displaying obj locked zombies if they are unlocked from a logic_classunlock Adjusted the melee size of several different zombies Fixed up the bullet system Fixed issue with muzzle flashes on specific weapons Dual weapons now properly spawn the correct tracer from the correct barrel Fixed the zombine grenade to be properly set in the hands and have the proper effects Buffed Akbar damage (26 -> 30) Nerfed Deagle damage (65 -> 60) Added Deagle penetration (0.75) Moved the MP40 down a tier Nerfed MP40 damage (35 -> 32) Buffed Reaper UMP damage (40 -> 43) Nerfed Super Jump time to 1 minute Added resizer tool to the toolgun Added bot cading support Fixed prop transponder Fixed Difficulty system getting messed up when repairing Supplies
  11. There 2 things needed for a 70+ player server to run good at 33 tickrate. 1. A CPU that has a high rated single core performance (HG CPU is ranked around #60 to #80) 2. A fast processor speed (Single core speed works since gmod is single threaded) (I was told the CPU is 2.8GHz so I'm assuming all the cores run at this speed) (2.8GHz is nowhere near fast enough to handle 33 tickrate at 70+ players) Solutions: 1. Upgrade the CPU to a better rated single core performance CPU or overclock a single cpu core to 4.5GHz then force gmod to run on that core only 2. Lower the server player count 3. Lower the server tickrate
  12. All the profiling I've done ingame doesn't tell lies. Everytime the server lags into oblivion it isn't network choke it's cpu choke which means the CPU the server is running on is not fast enough to handle the work load. I will not attempt to further this discussion, the code is optimized as far as humanly allowable, there is nothing more on my side that is possible to do.
  13. It's not the code, HGs serverside code has been optimized through the roof and is roughly 4% to 8% faster than the latest ZS codeset code (Sunrust doesn't lag at all with 70 players but HG runs like shit at 60). The CPU usage chart shows global CPU usage and not singular core usage during times of high load.
  14. Thank you so much for the signature, I love it !!  <3

  15. Always been that way, 80 visible slots, 128 real slots

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