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  1. To make it very clear to people, I am not back as a coder. I am only here to help the other coders with issues and get a general understanding the base code set, I will NOT be doing any sort of major changes nor will I come ingame at any point soon. If you encounter major bugs then please report them all the current primary HGDC coders for ZS, do not add me or PM me about issues.
  2. Upcoming Update: Added effect for flak projectiles getting removed Made the Smelter a none reload-able weapon Make it so the weapon can't shoot at all when reloading Fix the Bloated Zombie being able to spit while laying down Made the Molted headcrab orange colored Added Wendigo as a variant of Nerf Fixed coloring for ammo on the hud for clipless weapons Fixed a few issues with the Wendigo Added new model for the teleporter Allow crows to use blood cradles Fixed the thirdperson system for humans to no collide with anything they don't collide with Removed the time set for freezing ents Added 2 new honorable mentions Prevent gore blaster from using the explosion if the attacker wasn't a human Fixed sideways movement not working correctly Buffed the Sweeper Buffed the MP40 Buffs to FU-BAR and Swift MSR Optimized and fixed groups Added 4 new fonts Allow wrapping in the weapon gui menu Buffs to EVO, Grim, M4, and Railgun Added new ZE game mode Added new emotes Tweaked the Smelter Added limit to some deployables Optimized animation events networking Removed purchase limit Reduced bleed damage from Molted Headcrab Small optimization to chatting and voice Changed Reaper and MP40 prices, added new props to transponder Experimental new FireBullets networking Optimized pain sound networking Gave bosses zombie crates on spawn Extra win score on ZE competitive Changed bonus crate timer colors Do not include tier 6 in the super weapon crate Fixed client collision glitch Made bullets penetrate world for ZE Removed 'Resupplier'; replaced with 'Team Resupplier' Reduced chances of Arsenal Discount
  3. If it wasn't there then it would be the same 4 maps over and over, every single day
  4. I've removed all scaled zombie models because due to the way source changes there hitboxes it would require a huge ass hull size that is 15x bigger than the actual model
  5. LUA files are downloaded via the channel system which is insanly slow, it'll take awhile to get everything
  6. Because the start diff is not always 1.0
  7. Added the traits, I changed venom crab to only have a pounce and it's now a 100% chance to die if you have 100 health and get hit by him and don't get healed
  8. A addon is hooking InputMouseApply and breaking it or returning causing the gamemode function to not be called
  9. Not possible to do in a optimal manor, atleast not optimal in a way that is within my abilities

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