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Finch last won the day on July 5 2018

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  1. Finch

    Comic Sans

    Jeez dude i didn't know it meant so much to you
  2. when the fuck are they gonna upgrade to the source2 engine for csgo
  3. Finch

    Town of Salem Event

    I might be able to make it depending on whether or not our football team makes it to state this year
  4. Juice


    A little bit of dressin'



    A little bit of flexin'

    1. Tracer


      Weird flex but ok

  5. im gonna eat ur ass

    1. *Jaws Theme*

      *Jaws Theme*

      Not if I eat your face first.

    2. Finch
    3. Pongo


      step off my mans you little fuck

  6. Ok people first of all lets calm the fuck down and not let this end like the minigames thread did. Second of all, I, like many others, found HG through Jailbreak. And I was just as sad to see it die. I agree with pretty much all of what Supa says here. And I feel like with the right mindset and if everyone could pull there heads out of their asses and realize what the problem is then we might be successful. As someone who had spent countless hours leading and moderating the server, I can say things definitely got repetitive. I remember when the server would get so crowded that we had to kick the spectators just to make room for more active players. Many things could have prevented jailbreak’s decline, but due to some selfish acts and poor decisions, we lost our main Jailbreak coder two-ish years ago, which in my opinion started the decline, and then we couldn’t keep the momentum. Long story short, all that needs to happen, I know it sounds cheesy, but we just need a new mindset. Like supa said, reset gangs, and rep, and add in a map rotation. I look at other communities servers that have that and they’re thriving. Sometimes, being different isn’t always good.
  7. welcome back dad

    1. Archer


      thank you finch! :)



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