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  1. rip mccain

    1. KB MANE

      KB MANE

      How can you be dead but making this as a status? IMPOSSIBRUU

    2. excalibuR


      i was waiting for this post

    3. BeachMoneyWeed
  2. I played jailbreak a few months ago. It's hard as fuck to hear orders when you're in a stack of people and everyones knifing. Combine this with the fact that every order has some hidden trap in it means that you're dead early and stuck watching the rest of the round. The traps are probably easier to spot it you're a regular on the server, but for any newcomers they are off-putting. CT's don't like to give the prisoners time to try to figure out an order. If they aren't actively rebelling and trying to figure it out lay off the trigger a little! Focus on making the server fun and not about traps and maybe it'll come back.
  3. Wow josh how could you say that to me
  4. www.twitch.tv/mccaincracker - drinking lannnnnnnnn

  5. Been a few years, could use a haircut tho
  6. I was originally dL for css then later switched to csgo. But can someone help me find monkeys minecraft server thread? I've been trying to get minecraft and don't want to re-purchase it. Trying to get my username that would have been whitelisted into monkeys server. xd
  7. happy birthday mccain! you rank S yet?

    1. mccaincracker


      Not even close I'm bad. Thanks tho bud !


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