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  1. Hi new phone who dis?

    1. The Peacemaker

      The Peacemaker

      This is Peacemaker who is this? 

    2. Uni


      its joe

  2. We generally want a good deal of people interested in creating the division beforehand. If you're truly invested in this, ask your friends if they're also interested in building this up and have them invite their friends. I recommend creating a Discord server to organize everyone. Also ask them if, in the event we made a division, they would be open to joining HG to continue building the division moving forward. Having around 20 or 30 dedicated and interested members will open up a lot of possibilities. Also, develop a solid plan to pitch to our leadership that accounts for everything you'd need to start a division and how that would work in the context of our community, including a leadership structure and divisional rules. Feel free to consult Silly, Chains, Northground, or me for advice on that. The hardest parts of these projects are making a case for a division and maintaining the division after the hype has died off, and both of those situations can be avoided if you have a dedicated base of players, good staff, and a solid plan.
  3. I'm not the person who gives final say on these decisions, but I've worked to build up a few internal projects in HG. The biggest hurdle to starting a new division is usually getting people in the division and keeping them active within it. Do you have other friends who play Destiny and would want to join HG?
  4. I miss competing with Lemon Pledge

    1. Pongo
    2. Xaioa


      They weren't even competing with the best. :)

  5. Welcome to HG! If you need any help, let me know. 

    1. Icon315


      Where does one apply for Veteran?

    2. The Peacemaker

      The Peacemaker

      Good question! First you have to get promoted to member. That means being active for two months and applying for your full member tags. At that point, members will +1 or - 1 your application, so keep up your good behavior! If you're accepted as a member, then you have to stay active and be a positive influence on the community! Once you've been with us for a year, current veterans can nominate you for your veteran promotion. This is a private process, and new veterans are announced quarterly. 

    3. The Peacemaker

      The Peacemaker

      Or you could become csgo dl and revive jailbreak. In that case don't let me stop you

  6. Very sorry to read that you have throat cancer. I'll be sending my prayers your way. 


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