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  1. 500 hp riot shield lol, you know instead of that. You can just make it so human can buy it and have a new blocking mechanic but consider humans already strong.
  2. Map: ttt_shiftyshafts Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1375694955 Ideas: More Fortnite, this time its fortnite save the world!
  3. Took them this long to release website but its cool.
  4. You probably have downloads off or something when joining thats just my guess rly.
  5. Map Name: ttt_tilted_towers Download link: https://steamcommuni.../?id=1490141331 My ideas: I dont know i just found it. I like fortnite
  6. Henlo you should update your Interests with MS2 MEN

    1. Lunar


      i do not respect players who play ms2 without playing ms1

    2. TheFray
  7. i have nothing against this, but is it worth it to make another gmod server. TTT, cinema, zombie master, perp and oldschool has been rather empty and seeing that way its just gonna be a waste of time.
  8. Buy all the t6 and sell them. Edit: Ok seriously, real talk a good way to win is going into a op spot aka hallways and getting a bunch of doors.
  9. men not enough croakage yes

    1. Lunar


      Supreme croakage

    2. TheFray




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