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  1. whats up and welcome buddy!
  2. i got money for a classic car im building, the black yeezy boost 350's, and some clothes
  3. id help out in scrims if available for sure
  4. awesome, i might have to pick up Day Z!!
  5. Elusive21


    i like it! I might have to hit you up soon for a good sig if possible
  6. Hey Elusive, good to hear from you again. i had a look and it seems you have only 6 forum posts, and before you post in our promotion forum you will need at ther least 10 posts. so at least 4 more and we can go from there

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. OUCH!!!


      post meaning just by answering or bumping post is considered as 1 post?

    3. Crucible


      has to be in the forums, lol

    4. OUCH!!!


      hehehe gotcha

  7. been playing with HG people and on the servers for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaars lately some of the members told me to join and i began thinking about how much fun ive had on the servers and with the members (always helpful etc..). Such a positive and fun atmosphere made me want to join!
  8. not travelling for 6 months in europe when i had the chance
  9. I have it for pc and played it ofr xbox.. that being said.. PC all the way.. console commands/better gameplay/and graphics of course!
  10. Hello Everyone! I'm new to the forums but have played with many of you on the CS:S servers for the past couple of months! I also put in a clan application and hope to join this clan as all the members I've communicated with have always helped me out and been fun to game with! Also hope you all have a great halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!
  11. Welcome to the clan as a new recruit!


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