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  1. Zombie Escape in Garry's Mod is a weird one. CS:GO and CS:S Zombie Escape's concept is all about humans busting their asses off to not let zombies get them and coursing through the map. The only way that doesn't happen is when the server settings or the map is fucked. But not here. Currently, ZE is used to farm points by the humans or the few zombie mains who can sneak up and score hits here and there. You'd have that 3-4 same humans every round with their TMP or SG550 farming the shit out of zombies, gaining 250++ points per round (which in ZE lasts 4-5 minutes instead of regular ZS which can last 15-20 minutes). The same goes for the top 3-4 zombies who can bunnyhop or spam crouch and jump to avoid hit detection and claw humans, gaining massive 200++ points in one go. The root of the problem comes from the fact that current ZE is too forgiving for humans. To understand this, let's look at some reasons why: 1. CS:GO and CS:S ZE zombies one hit kill humans (except when the map has items/triggers to prevent this) and instantly turn infected humans into zombies with FULL hp and no death/revive animations. Infected humans instantly become a zombie and in a split second joins his undead brethren in the chase. 2. Zombies have too few of hp. For comparison, popular CS:GO ZE servers have 10,000 HP zombies and many popular maps also trigger zombies to have up to 50,000 HP (which oddly doesn't work in gmod). Not to mention that in CS:GO and CS:S, weapons don't deal nowhere near as much damage as GMOD ZE (can you imagine if SG550 has 200 base damage in CS:GO or CS:S??) 3. CS:GO and CS:S ZE zombies sometimes have varieties. This point is not the most crucial thing in the list but the idea of having multiple zombie types should be entertained. 4. Zombies cannot jump once shot and the slowdown from being shot lasts way too long. This is bullshit imo and needs to be changed. Sure, OBJ maps are also a slaughterfest for humans. But at least in OBJ mode, humans have to buy expensive guns, cade and not have unlimited ammo. Here's a list of suggestions to make ZE harder for humans and not a point-farm fest: a. Make zombies 1 hit kill all humans like the og ZE. Before you go on a rant on how that's stupid, read other suggestions first. If this is too much, then significantly increase the swing speed of zombies. Something like 350% or 400% buff. Yes, give zombies meth. b. Remove the ambient darkness for humans caused by massive zombie swarm. This is a bigger issue than you'd think. Now that zombies are a dangerous threat, the reduced visibility from a zombie swarm can overrun the human teams easily. This is a good compromise for all other zombie buffs. c. Massively increase zombies HP or massively nerf guns' damage. Adjust bosses' HP accordingly if the latter is chosen. 7,000 base HP is a minimum if former is chosen. Furthermore, make knockback have more kick and remove the 2-3 sec slowdown when getting shot as a zombie. Also zombies should still be allowed to jump when getting shot. Add a bit of regeneration for zombies while you can. d. Add more varieties of zombies, unlockable by F3. Multiple variants that fits ZE theme: -fast zombie (just a faster but more frail regular zombie without the ability to jump/leap and scale walls) -poison zombie (have more hp and different hitboxes but lack the ability to throw poison) -ghoul (has slowdown effect, irrelevant in case you decide to make zombies 1-hit kill humans) -bloated zombie (instead of throwing poison upon death, this zombie has massive health regeneration but is slower than regular zombie) -half zombie (regular zombie's torso+head, sneaky at times due to close-to-ground hitbox but prone to headshots and have more knockback)
  2. Add 2 new variants to Tickle Monster Tickle Nightmare Unlocked at Wave 3 1500 HP and 49 damage per hit Infernal Tickle Unlocked at Wave 4 1500 HP and 22 damage per hit and sets props and humans hit on fire.
  3. I have never seen anyone use the beacon for racism/hate speech (anecdote, I know). so unless you guys are experiencing repeat cases of people using the beacons to bypass a gag or for racist remarks/hate spreading, I don't see any problem with it. for everything else, the default select of messages are clear enough for gameplay purposes (things like Meet up here, beware of poison, danger). the custom text is literally only for memes. and usually you can say something in chat if you want to warn things like chrono or headcrabs.
  4. wait, you guys added custom message beacons because you thought players are gonna use it to help their team or be useful?? nice foresight
  5. If you ever play as a zombie in obj maps, you should know. Regulars just afk or move to spectate when they die or start as a zombie in obj maps. It's cancerous, making t6 guns purchasable in obj maps is not helping either. Being a point bag for humans with very small chance of retaliation is never fun. Here's some suggestions: -Unlock Fast Headcrabs and Poison Headcrabs I'm being serious. fast headcrabs has a measly 30 hp and 6 damage per hit. allowing zombies way to swarm a straggler without being frustrated that the human is too fast is great. Poison Headcrabs take forever to get unlocked so enabling them should not be a problem. -Reduce the time it takes to unlock later wave zombies What's the point of unlocking late wave zombies if you can never get them realistically? -Get rid of PTRS-11 Enough said, dying to one shot is not fun. Especially one that has long ass range. -Give zombies the ability to make dynamic spawns like regular ZS There are parts of the map with bad/unfun spawn. In addition, sneaky players who can establish a much better spawn without being detected by humans can tilt the scales. -Give zombies the ability to choose bosses. Random bosses is not the way to go. If a player gets to be the boss, let him pick the boss. Bosses get fucked by the instant tier 5 and 6 guns anyway.
  6. off topic but how about making zombies actually "fun" to play so you solve the problem of nobody wanting to be zombies. re-add Fresh Dead, removing them was a mistake. Get rid of boring and op cading spots, you can do this by removing props instead of redoing maps. Allow zombies to setup spawns closer to humans and fix not being able to make spawns on maps with floors and elevations. on-topic: bots are already having trouble navigating certain maps. unless all maps have bot_nav, this is a big no no no.
  7. Alpha Ghoul Unlocked at: Wave 4 Base health: 125 Model: based on regular Ghoul Role: support Primary Attack: Poison Claws (same damage as Regular Ghoul) Secondary Attack: Rage Enzyme Toss Instead of tossing poison, Alpha Ghoul spits out Rage Enzyme. Zombies hit by Rage Enzyme moves and attack significantly faster for 3 seconds (half effect on bosses). Multiple Rage Enzyme from multiple Alpha Ghouls stacks. Rage Enzyme still poison humans hit. Reload: Spawn an Alpha Spawnpoint. Similar to normal spawnpoint by regular Ghouls, but zombies spawning on Alpha Spawnpoints gain Rage Enzyme effect for 3 seconds. Nuke Ghoul Unlocked at Wave 5 Base Health: 375 Model: regular Ghoul Role: Area denial, human assasination Primary Attack: Radioactive Claws (52 poison damage to humans. 18 poison damage to nailed props) Secondary Attack: Radioactive Goo Toss Instead of regular poison, Nuke Ghoul tosses Radioactive Goo. Radioactive Goo persists on surfaces it hits for 10 seconds (walls, floor, world objects), dealing poisonous damage to any human stepping on it. Radioactive Goo also clings onto humans it hit directly, dealing minor over time damage (half the dps and half the duration compared to goo on surfaces).
  8. great idea, but introduce an upper limit. many of these whores have more than 100,000 points to their names. and then the exponential effect kicks in and suddenly someone starting at 200 points can end up with 6400 points by just winning 4 times on 10% winrate maps.
  9. you're discussing about fun? idk what dystopian world are you living in, but that's the nature of PvP games. it's either fun for one side or the other, never or rarely both unless you're a masochist and loves getting raped all the time (figuratively) by the enemy. if it's fun for humans, ofc it's not fun for zombies. if it's so shit to the point that humans shouldn't buy GLs, then don't buy them? but isn't the point of GL is to make you feel like John Rambo? if 6 people theoretically buys the GLs, then with my suggestions they are spending more than 3000 (3000 on the GLs and god knows how many more on the ammo) points in total. shouldn't humans then at least given the upper hand by spending so much? that's like saying we should limit Photon Crossbow to 10 because 10 Crossbows "would be able to decimate a zombie team." (sorry boys, your Grim Reapers are out in the trash can). Only unlocking GL at 80% infliction is dumber. It's only going to make GL harder to get than the Halo Energy Sword in a normal game. or are you actually encouraging solocading with this change? you'd hope the main cade dies so you can have the GLs to yourselves? nice!
  10. Suggestion Name: Remove stock Limit from Grenade Launcher, make it more expensive but make it weaker Explanation: -Remove the stock limit from GL and GL ammo -Increase the price to buy GL from 400 to 500 -Increase the price of GL ammo from 30 to 35 -Remove knockback from GL completely (this is the main issue with GL) -Reduce its explosion radius (not sure what the numbers are currently, but toning it down by 30% should do) -Reduce its base damage from 120 to 100 -Allow players to get GL ammo from Resupply Boxes (6 grenades per Resupply use is okay) -Allow players to access GL ammo in the Alt menu (to drop and give it) Reason: limiting the noob funtube only for 2 people is a bad idea.
  11. how about adding a "fatigue timer" to buff. You start out with 100 stamina. Once you pick up a heavy prop, your stamina drains by 6 per second of holding (1.5 every 0.25 seconds). Stamina slowly regenerates at a rate of 2 per second when not holding a heavy prop. If you lose all 100 stamina, your arms are strained and takes a full minute to recover (60 seconds) in which during that 60 seconds, you cannot pick up any prop (including small ones). makes doorcades harder and longer (hehehe) to make.
  12. both triple and double tap costs 75 worth combined. I think it's fair that it's strong. meanwhile, Bandolier is always meta for anyone planning to buy a gun for 30 worth.
  13. or, you fix the core of the gameplay for the zombies. there's a reason why so many starting zombies ragequit and why there are some regulars in this server who never plays zombies (either ragequit, afk, go to spectator) but I guess temporary solutions like this would do, I'd imagine nobody wants to volunteer when it comes to the 2nd option, but might worth a try.

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