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    Lving up my KNOWLEDGE and farming on the essences of life. I also enjoy conquering in chess, slaying my depression with Japanese animation-like media (anime, manga, light novels, animation games), pouring my time and life into video games, and invoking amnesia on myself through my collection of trance music. In addition, I don't enjoy looting the sadness from other's misery. Ya jump into that pit of eternal darkness and screams of a million lost souls. There is TOTALLY a legendary sword of go FK yourself down there. Trust me, I don't toll.. I mean lie.
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    In the beginning I was human. AND NOW I AM still human... Will I be a wizard in the future? HELL NO, I AM GOING TO BE THE HUMAN TILL THE END! After the end, then I can job transfer to into an angel or a demon. OR I can become a rock. A rock that will crash into the earth and engrave my soul in a crater in the earth for a billions of years of darkness. Who wouldn't want to be a rock?

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  1. What about seperating saved points from points earned during the game. Weapons would cost less if you used earned points. Profit would be more possible by using earned points. We can also just add a seperate shop for unique weapons/items that can only be bought with earned points, but that would take a bit of balancing... Also, this probably would just hinder new players since currently everyone has so many points now.
  2. 2016 the era when skycades died. RIP lumpymayo/skycades.
  3. Idk if this is suppose to happen, but when a prop is burned, props surrounding the burning prop, even if it is not wood, is damage severly.
  4. Fire= extr damage over time, lightning =chain, ice= slows zombies. unlike the turret it creates a sort of shock wave.
  5. The current classes are: gunner, cader, medic, meleer (useless unless your fking carrot),and aegis support (hg unique). There are also mixtures as well.Of course, by "class" i mean a amass of traits and belonging that places a player in a specific niche.Here is an issue on the server.Cade diversity is possible and simultaneously, but there is an issue: allocating human gunners to cades. So I thought introducing an engineer to the type of class would be a cool, and fun idea. There would be sub classes to this engineer: teleporter, amplifier, and elemental protector. The teleporter is born from obtaining a teleport machine in the worth menu. The teleporter engineer connects 2 cades together. Also, there is a cooldown to use a teleport per person. Another negative to the teleporter engineer would be a required repair of the machine after numerous uses. Multiple teleporter engineer means multiple cades and lower lagg time between cades. Teleporter engineers gain points from people using the teleporter and repair. The amplifier is born from obtaining an amplifier from the worth menu. The amplifier could provide slight human buffs like damage, health regen, and cade repai regen. Like the teleporter engineer, after a period of use, the amplifier machine will need a repair for reuse. Amplifier gains points from buffing a number of people over a period of time and repairs. The last class, the elemental protector is born from obtaining the defense machine in the worth menu. The defense machine is like a turret, but does way less damage. The machine provides sensor fire, ice, lighting, or knockback depending on the settings the elemental protector sets on the machine. Like the previous 2 classes, the defense machine requires repair after a set number of uses ( make this class repair the mahine more than the other 2. The elemental protector gets points from damage yo zombies and repairs. There are some issues: 1) similarity with other server's ideas and 2) human over advantage 3) solocading 1) teleporter: like the idea of nox, but instead of forced cading areas, allows prefered cading spots. Also, multiple teleporters are introduced for a purpose. 1b) cade repair regen: like the idea of fwkzt previous machine implemented. Idk about his actually. 2) zombie inferiorty: buff zombies ( buff chem zombies and poison zombies. Introduce new zombies/crow that can make the previous introduced engineer machine require repair; therefore increasing lagg time. 3) solocading: shift (4 people), votekick, rule if cader doesn't want teleporter, punish teleporter. ( moderator enforced) My goal is to bring diversity into the server, and I find this will suit it quite well.On a side note, this increases cading competition. Better position and cading technique means better profit. The teleporter increases humans per cade, other 2 sub classes increase team mentality of survival= increase profit for cader. The last cade standing= profit for that last standing cader. This increases caders and cader skills. This could also be placed into the level system. Increase lv means diverse gameplay, not better traits or point whoring. I know this seems like it's hard to even make happen, but it's worth the suggestion. Also, let's make the mechanic wrench actually useful
  6. So most guns are based on the 5 types of classes: pistol, assault/smg, rifle,shotgun, and implaier. Some tiers (ahem* tier 1 guns) have the the same types of guns and the difference are quite insignificant because 1 gun out trumps the other. So if we add elemental guns, it could blance the guns and also increase the diversity of guns allowed because each elemental guns has a unique use for a unique situation. examples: electical chain is good for mobs, fire could be useful for zombies that do a hit and run manuvuer, ice(make these guns weak) is good to slow zombies from reaching the cade(increase bullet cade capaity).These guns should do less damage than the other normal guns that are not elemental to prevent unbalance of guns and provide an incentive to use non elemental guns.On a side note, these guns are not neccessay, so this could be implemented into the leveling system that is being introduced. Higher lvs give gun diversity and creates a more fun gameplay.
  7. I think the arsenal whoring povides the cader with sufficient cading incentive + it provides diverse cading areas, since the arsenal whore wants to find a home for himself. multiple cading whores= diversity.
  8. Am I as cool as you DNA, I mean you are an advanced member

  9. Fwend.. Y u leave me

  10. Its main purpose is private collaboration between friends. It also produces a caste system in the server. (I think it arose from the want for ->) It increases the amount of people cading one single cade by allowing unnailing and nailing props of props between group members. Kinda like a supplement pill that provides HG increased teamwork, but at the same time divides it.
  11. Least favorite zombie: poison zombie- no one ever uses it. Least favorite Boss zombie: Nightmare- I FEEL LIKE A KLIENER
  12. I'm newer than ATB. I started playing tommorrow. November 2015, but became active around December 2015. My first Zs server was FWKZT.
  13. <semote></semote> <lg></lg> !votezlist !votekick KYS

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