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  1. I sent you a DM!

  2. Is it winter yet?

  3. I seriously thought jb was coming back
  4. For those who don't know me I'm FrostByte the coolest cat on the block. I make mistakes and fall on my face Some of yall are wondering why i'm home so early. I don't plan on rejoining hg anytime soon because I would be extremely inactive. I'm job hunting / career hunting / chasing after a cutie I'll for sure hop on here and they to play a round or two with yall but thats about it. Tl;DR I don't want to tell everyone my business because im not 100% sure if I'm even allowed to talk about it BUT I'm here? Please don't bother me about it.
  5. Winter is coming

  6. This is goodbye for at least a year! Take care everyone!

  7. insertshoutouthere

    1. Duphin


      Hey didn’t see you there

    2. Vel'Roz


      o fuk hes backk

  8. happy birthday whenever u see this

  9. Happy birthday! :D Hope all is good.

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. happy bday omar, thank you for serving for our country :)


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