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  1. vote player vs bot command (!votepvb), vote player vs player command (!votepvp), vote free for all command (!ffa - able to kill team members)
  2. yep, a lot of servers have fov commands. I believe I suggested having faster rocket speeds last time we had the dodgeball server but it sorta got ignored, and people hate dying at the beginning then waiting 5 minutes. some other suggestions would be a vote bot command, rather than having /nanobot for root+ since admins are not always on. our rockets are more wave rockets than panda rockets (straight, easy to orbit, bad in general). we should have their nuke model though, it is more well known and liked, plus our nuke is glitched (spawns red nuke, if it goes straight towards red player he cant airblast it). another thing is more maps. panda is almost 24/7 blucourt redcourt lol. they are popular maps as well and I think octagon should be set as the default map due to its popularity, although personally ive played on it thousands of times before from panda to disc servers and some don't like it since it is overused. amazon is also a cool and small map with a secret. yet another thing is dodgeball specific rules. -don't delay rounds (orbiting for too long, downspiking to destroy rocket, etc.) -don't steal(debatable but I like stealing since it decreases round length and adds more random and funny moments, and having players just 1v1 is boring and bland, although if you are going to add It as a rule it should be slay>kick>ban as well as have a plugin that autoslays for stealing on the 2nd steal, but if an admin is on they can choose to slay on the 1st as long as it was on purpose. not having it as a rule should remove the autoslay and let it be, so either all or none, or it just wouldn't work out.) -don't teamkill on purpose (orbiting rocket into friend, killing yourself when the rocket is yours) -don't map abuse fun voting commands would include increasing rocket speed (125%, 150%, 200%), free for all, and others that I cant think of. that is the gist of it. will attempt to make the most cancer, toxic and hard dodgeball map possible which probably wont be added but fuck it.
  3. personally ive heard a lot of players (especially in csgo) say this, and I don't think anyone has had a problem with it, but I can see how it can be considered offensive so I wouldn't be surprised if this rule was added. I also think even if the rule was added, people would ignore it, especially with friends, and as said above the purpose of it isn't really hate speech, which is why im voting no. (I also wouldn't care if it was allowed in tf2 since so many people get banned for it, and I don't see anyone taking offense)
  4. failed 271 nopre (3 units off of world record rip)


  5. me failing 2 270s (nopre)


  6. I can whip up a map if imperial and relax approve of the server idea.
  7. we had an afk server before, which could've been seen as a strange leveling server, so I don't think negative publicity is really a problem since we didn't get any then and probably wouldn't get any now if we made another one. it was a pretty perfect afk map and I remember reaching 10k kills on my wrench after about a day from that server lol. it was actually somewhat populated, but I don't think people really join afk servers anymore nowadays. would be nice to test (have one up for about a week and if it doesn't go well just switch it back to the original). also raping afk players with ads aint so bad. they are afk arnt they?
  8. if someone stops playing on the server because they need to download the new map, that means it isn't their first time on the server, and I doubt anyone would stop playing on our server because they need to download a new map, and leaving the mapping team has no correlation on if I map or not. although if you can get some people to tell imperial that they wouldn't join trade 2 again because of the new map, maybe he wont publish it. im just the map maker, idc what they do with the map. they can publish it if they want. as long as it benefits hg :--) its not like I am removing the glass from the original map, it was just a suggestion. if you like that glass area then you should try to populate trade 5 :--) just think of it as "hey, nothing is changing in this area so I shouldn't be concerned"
  9. ok, I think I will remove it. snipers already seem op, don't need them having another advantage. thanks!
  10. so for the new trade 2 map, what are your thoughts on this? ive had 2 people tell me they don't like it already and wanted some extra opinions. will most likely remove the glass. here is a preview for the map for those interested -
  11. ps3 since it was my first console and didn't cost money to go online
  12. other than medic gaining more points just from healing players that get kills, it is pretty balanced.

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