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  1. No Raptor these are great and I appreciate your input. I like these themed days/events, I may even try a few out myself. I'm looking for more games/activities to implement into the community and these are a great start. Let me know if there's anything else you come up with or find!
  2. Yea Fox I agree, it is a slow time. But I'm trying to change some of the things we can control, and that's implement fresh, new games and activities that ideally don't require any mapping or coding to it. It will help with keeping the game fun, adds replayability, and will hopefully domino effect the other problems of player retention and server population. I haven't played the css jailbreak, but I like the games you mentioned above. Are there more you can think of that can possibly be worked into the csgo version?
  3. Hey team, Yesterday, some people had some input about the jailbreak server being dead/stale lately, and I wanted to give some feedback and analysis as to why I think it may be, and offer some solutions. I want to preface this with this will be long, and this will not be a "just add new portions of the map to the game" because that won't solve anything in the long term. First what I did was break down what portions of the map are used most frequently when leads go through their days. I've provided a picture below, ignore the names, I just took a screenshot cause I'm lazy. While some people like to lead people to 300/Obs often, I emphasized these two rooms for a particular reason. Think about the variety of things you can do in these two areas. For main cells, there are TONS of different activities, which causes leads to not have to ever make the main cell block, which I find to be boring. Opinionated day? Big cage. FRLR? Deagle cage. Lava day? All over main cells. Race? Jump contest? (rarely used). Now what I do like about main cells is that most of the activities that can be carried out here don't necessarily require parts of the map, but I'll touch on that later. Let's talk about Doghouse. Doghouse is great. I love Doghouse. You have Deathrun entrance, climb, wipeout, roulette, and LR machine aka "dodge". That is FIVE activities you can do with just the map itself. Between Main Cell Block and Doghouse you have an ample of activities you can perform to make your day fun and help dwindle the t population. Herein lies the problem though. Because these two areas have so much room for activities, it kills the other portions of the map. Or, rather, the other portions of the map just do not have options. Let's take a look. Let's start with Duck Hunt. Why do leads send people to duck hunt? There's generally 1 or 2 activities they send them there for, the obvious duck hunt, and then the lesser used opinionated dive. That's really about it. So there's a huge portion of the map that is just going unused simply because there aren't any creative uses for the room. Also, there is a high probability of rebelling as well, since it's a very enclosed space with teleporters. It's generally just not worth the risk of sending them there. Then there's Shot for Shot. Again, seldom used during the day because there aren't many reasons to send people there, aside from the occasional Cheese and Crackers. The main reason they get sent to Shot for Shot is to transition to 300. Again, high risk area, as the armory vent is not far off, and there is simply not many options for activities in this room. 300. Literally just 300. High risk, closed space, rebelling T's will not only delay but break vents to allow more rebels. And then there's Soccer. Oh boy, soccer. I've really racked my brain these past few days to try to come up with reasons to send them there, and there really just isn't much to do. Soccer requires a handful of T's to successfully carry out, and the lava day that is sometimes used in Soccer is pretty much limited to 1 or 2 jumps. Obs/Hurdles. This is a love/hate for me. Obs is difficult, and rightfully so. Those that are good at Obs usually don't even need to complete obs, because derps like me will die long before they even reach the end. It's great for a quick LR day, but that leads to a very static, boring day. On the flip side, Hurdles is a lot easier, but is a slow and difficult process to get them to not only participate in it, but to get them in and out of it. However, this giant room is really only utilized for the things inside it, similar to Doghouse. Kitchen. I personally like Kitchen, and I don't know why. If it didn't have such a high risk of baiting/rebelling, I would try to find more ways to incorporate Kitchen into my lead days. But there just aren't enough options for the room to be worth the risk. ------------------------------- Medic, what's the point of all this? I'm not here to complain about the map. I'm not here to say "we need more map stuffs". That's a short term solution that will only result in people playing the new portion. The reason for my post is to point out we have areas of the map that are not being used as much as they could be, and here's what I'm getting at: Let's make more activities. Easier said than done, I get it. But when it comes to new things/activities, let's find ways to work them into rooms that aren't being used if possible. It will add more variety to a day of leading. I have a few personal suggestions for games, and I would love to hear any input/suggestions of your own. Commander: What this is is kind of like a person leading someone to another person/place, similar to a mole day. The way I envision it, you could have a CT or two stand still with no guns in the direct path of the T's. Object of the game is to send the T's to a point beyond the knifing CT's. The CT's would not be able to move, but would be sort of like death blocks. However, the T's do have the ability to knife back. Obviously, when applying mole to the T's, there can't be any rebellers for this. But this would be a great game for S4S or Doghouse. Highest Knife Contest. This would be similar to jump contest, but the idea is to see which T can put the highest knife mark on the wall. This can be fairly easily regulated, as if you see a T jump more than 1 or 2 times it's safe to say they are trying to cheat. The hard part of this is figuring out who has the highest knife mark, so it needs to be on a lightly colored wall. My thoughts were the back S4S wall, or the long doghouse wall that borders obs. "Horse Races". This wouldn't necessarily be a race in main cells, but could be a game similar to a "who will win the knife fight". You can have 2 T's selected by trivia or what have you, then pit those two T's against eachother in a Obs Race, Climb Race, etc. Have the other T's stack in a spot to choose their victor. The actual LR thingy doesn't need to be used for this. Color Roulette. This would be a difficult thing to do at present, but my thoughts were to have the T's go to duck hunt and ask them to pick a colored tile by standing on it. Have the lead be upstairs facing the wall, and type a color in CT chat. Problem is it may be difficult for both the T's and CT's to figure out what color tile they are standing on. My challenge to you all is to help come up with games/activities that do not require new portions of the map or coding. -------------------------------- Thank you to those who take the time to read this and provide input.
  4. Ok, sorry for the delay. Here's something I put together using only an image of a balaclava for the shape of the head, the rest is all self-generated graphics. I left one of the images layered for picking apart, the other I merged as one layer. I'll probably continue to make a few more images and upload them to give a selection of creations. This specific example is an event badge that can be used for TTT. I have an idea for a Scoutz N Knivez badge that I might work on right now. Tell me what you think! http://www.mediafire.com/download/378nhvkm3ryhca5/HG_TTT_Badge.psd
  5. I uploaded some stuff I found floating around to imgur, the link is provided below. I have some ideas for an HG logo for when I get back from dinner. If you'd like to give me a small assignment to see what kind of work I can come up with I'd be more than happy to give some better, more recent examples http://imgur.com/gallery/KROyo
  6. I'm at work today for another 4 hours so I'll upload what I have.
  7. Why do you want to be on the graphics team Would like to expand my portfolio and keep my photoshop skills on fleek. A portfolio (or lists) of works you have created personally How do you want me to give you the portfolio? What software packages do you use (e.g. Photoshop etc...) Photoshop is all I have access to atm, I've used Illustrator in the past doe just don't have a license to it. How much time are you willing to dedicate daily to help others with their requests I can dedicate a reasonable amount of time to making graphics, it's fun and I like being involved with the community. View Full Application and Voting
  8. I honestly haven't even started playing competitive yet since they came out with it haha. But if we can get some people together we might be able to form a solid group for it
  9. Hey guys, There's been some recent discrepancies over whether crouching is considered frozen or not. I looked in the Rules and the Bible and I didn't see anything specifically clarifying this, but I could have sworn crouching was NOT considered frozen (the idea being your hands should be off your keyboard and mouse). So can we get some clarification on this please?
  10. Now that competitive is out, is anyone interested in putting together a team? I haven't looked too far into the forums but is there a group of HG Overwatch players?
  11. I'm not here to argue with you over what you think is promoting. I'm going to send you to this thread that I actually started on the topic. https://hellsgamers.com/topic/119133-promoting/page__hl__promoting%20fire#entry683189
  12. Unfortunately, I don't have a demo, but Swede was on briefly at the beginning of this incident. In game named Gosu︻芫â•â”€â”€ the player repeatedly was promoting fire, primarily through in text chat (proof attached.) Argued with me about what promoting was, advised he read the rules and discontinue promoting. After each gag he would come back promoting right away again. There was one instance where he promoted in voice chat which is why I muted him as well. I began spectating to prevent further problems with the individual, and eventually he dropped it.
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone! I think I've got a better understanding of both, just wanted to be clear before I took action in the future. It was pretty bad earlier, granted there were no admins on.
  14. NerfedMedic


    Hey guys, I've seen several times now where there is uncertainty around what is/is not promoting, and when it is allowed and is not. Today for example, the JB server ran rampant because they would send each lead to the e chair then promote when there wasn't a lead. Supposedly staff had said this was allowed (promoting when there is no lead) but the current rules to my knowledge doesn't say this. Can we get some clarification on what is and is not allowed, and to better define promoting? Similarly, implied racism vs. actual racism (but I can make a new thread for that).

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