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Everything posted by Pongo

  1. does anyone actually know what a hell gamer is
  2. I'm back and gonna be playing on servers a lot more! Missed everyone!

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    2. JarJarBinks


      the best brit

    3. imasonaz


      I was about to ask what happened to your GF

    4. SPlink


      stupid fucking troll

  3. have u tried being less ugly
  4. Alllll T's I want you go ahead and put your face on your cell doors so I have see those beautiful pearly whites please & thank you.

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    2. The Peacemaker

      The Peacemaker

      All ts we will be having an opinionated pongo day where you will be giving pongo one compliment about his hair, if you would like to participate please unstack at the highest point of the bigcage and face the big cage sign, if not please go inside the big cage and have a freeday on top of the boxes

    3. Pongo


      Sorry I meant cell boars

    4. Pongo


      i miss jb :((

  5. beep boop im a robot eek

  6. this is epic

  7. I eat the banana whole, skin and all. No need to peel.

    1. Sit.



  8. new phone who dis :huh:

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    2. Misc2008


      Phone locked. Game over.


    3. Pongo


      no pls unban its been ages pls unban good reason unban pls ty

    4. Misc2008


      I'm sorry, due to your (browsing) history you must reapply in one year.

  9. its just hit me that my man R Kelly really wasn't trying to hide his actions with lyrics like "my mind is telling me no, but my body's telling me yes"

  10. what up gamer i too am a furry
  11. ok be honest, how many times and in how many different ways have you had sex with this computer
  12. yo where in the HECK are all my gamers at

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. brgr.


      Right here spawnmatrix

    3. B-Nye


      Hello fam

    4. Pongo


      my brothers, i now see that you are here, what is GOOD in the HOOD my bros

  13. pongo dongo bongo congo wongo what are youuuuuuuuu doing here

  14. congratulations on the small human bing
  15. Nice send snap I rate this topic 5 out of 5 smoothie bowls
  16. Pongo

    Failed a class

    why don't try earning some...extra credit porn music plays
  17. I haven't played CS:GO in a potent minute but if I'm awake and at home and not with my gf and sober and remember - I'll show up
  18. I don't remember approving this Congrats you big fucks
  19. ^ why tf am i cryin in the club rn, nah but seriously, couldn't agree more with what my homie peacemaker has said there. definitely time for the "next generation" of gang leaders on JB to have their time, and this will hopefully encouraging rep grinding which will help pop.
  20. ^ not tough enough I'm so tough I eject my USB drive without safely ejecting beforehand.
  21. Didn't know him but always sad to hear about one of our own, sounds like the bravest guy battling cancer like he did. Rest in peace.
  22. Resetting the gangs is a good idea. I feel like a lot of the history behind the "big gangs" is lost on 99% of the active player base now which is what made gangs so fun. Some new gangs with new backstories and new creators could definitely invigorate the JB population and give some nice incentive to play.
  23. what is a jailbreak I will get on when I can, but given timezones and other committments I may seriously struggle. I really hope this is a success though.

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