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  1. Welcome to HG!

  2. Look what I found 


  3. How To Acquire Evidence This page will talk about how to get evidence of rule breakers and how to locate the evidence. This page will also talk about some useful commands and scripts you might want to use while moderating the servers. Now, if you’re an admin or moderator, it is recommended that you read over the enforcement procedures page before proceeding with any administrator actions. You can find the page here. If you have any further questions feel free to ask a TF2 Division Staff or Division Leader. Info for getting evidence: How to get evidence: When there are issues on voice chat, screenshots won’t do much so, make sure to record, however, if the issue is in text chat it is recommended that you take screenshots, so our staff don't have to watch demos. When using screenshots of chat please go here. This will allow you to link their real history which can't be edited or touched. Please also make sure to take a screenshot of that chat history as it disappears after some time. It is recommended that you also highlight the field of their chat history that you want us to focus on (you can use CTRL + F and type in what they are saying). To start recording a DEMO, do “record <name>” in the console. However, you can also do “ds_record” in the console to start a demo with a name of the date To stop the DEMO recording, do “stop” in the console if you're using just the “record <name>” command. or “ds_stop” if you're using the “ds_record” command. To take a screenshot hit F12 on your keyboard. That will save a screenshot into your steam directory Evidence Locations: When you have caught someone breaking rules or banning someone you can go to these locations to get the proof/evidence. To get the demo files for the “record <name>” command go to “Steam/Steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/” However if you're using the “ds_record” command go to “Steam/Steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/demos/” To get screenshots go to “Steam/Userdata/<USERID>/760/remote/440/screenshots/” These locations could be changed to “Steamlibrary” instead of “Steam” if your games are located on another drive in your computer. Watching Demos: To watch a demo that was recorded with the "record <name>" command, you type "playdemo <DEMONAME>" in console and it will open the demo. To watch a demo that was recorded with the "ds_record" command, you type "demoui" or "demoui2" into console and search for the demo file in your demos folder. The 2 main commands for watching demos are "demoui" and "demoui2", they allow the user to do a multitude of things while watching the demo. Uploading evidence: Currently, the uploader is broken for HG so you have to use something like Mediafire for demos and Imgur for screenshots. How to upload screenshots. So since the uploader is broken on HG you will need to use something like imgur. To upload screenshots you can either make an album with all of the screenshots or just upload each screenshot one at a time (it's easier to use an album). Please never remove the proof as it could cause issues if the person appeals the ban. How to upload demos. You can use google drive, Mega, Dropbox, or Mediafire. Use one of these sites. DO not upload the proof via the post on the ban, as the uploader is currently broken. After you have posted the proof please never remove the proof off the site. If you do, and the person appeals then there could be issues, so it's best if you don't remove any of the proof. If you run out of space on one of the sites make an account for one of the other sites. Useful Commands: This contains useful information when recording demos for both normal users and admins If your using the “ds_record” command, you can do “ds_mark” which will place a marker at that tick mark. This could be useful as you could mark when you warn, slay, kick, etc. This command also supports an optional single-word description. You could utilize this feature by doing something like “ds_mark warning” or “ds_mark kick” so we know what each marker is for. However, for us utilize this feature you will need to include the .json file in the demos folder as that is what contains the markers. This is what it should look like if you have markers with the single-word description example. That json file will be named the same as the demo just instead of .dem it will be .json. Another useful command is “cl_showdemooverlay <0-1>” This command will display a pulsating red box saying “REC” at the top right of your screen when a demo is recording. This command can be used so you always know when your recording. Please note this command default is 0 so quitting the game will reset it. A useful command for demos is "voice_loopback <0-1>" this command will playback your voice so your voice can be recorded in demos. The default is 0 for the command so, restarting the game will turn off the command. Useful Scripts/key binds: Please note making auto demo key binds or scripts will only work for ds_record as it doesn’t need a name input script attached to this page will make a toggle key for your desired key that will start and stop demos just by pressing the key. Sometimes It glitches and you need to hold the key down for a few seconds. Please note this script utilizes the ds_record command so all demos will be in the demos folder in your tf2 directory. This script also includes the “cl_showdemooverlay 1” command in the script, this will stop the command from resetting to 0 after a game restart. How to install: To install the script go to this directory “Steam/Steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/cfg/” then paste the “autoexec.cfg ” file into the directory. The default key is “Q” to change it you need to change the 3 letters to a different letter (all three must be the same). If you don’t want to use a script, there is another alternative. You can bind 2 keys into a key bind for stopping and starting demos. Like said at the top this will only work with ds_record since it doesn’t require a name field. However, you can also bind with the normal record function but, it would always be the same name and it would overwrite the previous demo. To make an automatic demo key bind for ds_record do “bind <key> ds_record” and “bind <key> ds_stop” This will bind both the record function and the stop function. You can also do "bind <key> ds_mark" so you can hit a key when you warn, kick, etc to someone, as this would be much easier than doing ds_mark in console every time you want to place a marker. To do a key bind for record <name> do “bind <key> “record FILENAME” and “bind <key> stop” This will start the demo and set the file name and allow the demo to be stopped. However, it will always be the same name and always overwrite the previous demo unless the name is changed. It is recommended that you just stick with ds_record as it is much better for users to use. For those who already have an autoexec.cfg file, here is the command so you can just paste it in. Remember that the Q key is default so you might need to change it. alias stop "ds_record;bind Q record" alias record "ds_stop;bind Q stop" bind Q record
  4. Congrats! Also I prefer D batteries
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. This badge is the sexiest badge in HG!
  7. Welcome to HG!

  8. Thought Of another question. "Why the hell did you add battle royal in CS:GO"
  9. Why the fuck they thought casual was a good idea
  10. Welcome to the community friend
  11. What i wanna know is.... What got you in to playing the game Team Fortress 2, and why did you start playing?
  12. Today I woke up thinking it was Monday. Thank god it wasn't.

    1. scottcjohn


      It's even funnier when your spouse wakes up on the weekend and starts getting ready to leave.

  13. I would want a sniper loadout with 3 unusuals. Nebula, neutron star, and orbiting planets with the 3 sniper space cosmetics from the invasion update (Star duster, Final frontiersman, corona australis) The only problem is I don't think you can get final frontiersman or star duster unusuals and the corona australis unusual for nebula is currently 2700 keys. For weapons, I would want a shooting star strange with pro KS hot rod, fire horns.
  14. What's your favorite feature valve has ever added into TF2?
  15. *Slaps raging in braille*

    1. TSgt. Raging

      TSgt. Raging

      -bakes potato in australian-

    2. Combine


      *bakes danish in danish*

    3. TSgt. Raging

      TSgt. Raging

      -eats coyote in mandarin-

  16. Welcome to the community. I also don't go outside, I don't even know what outside is...
  17. Combine

    New Years at ZS

    OOOO I like the badge
  18. I don't think it would be worth it. The surf and jailbreak server was dead all the time. Plus to play jailbreak you needed a certain amount of players to play the game. I also think jailbreak was broken at one point and I think its still not fixed so jailbreak isn't really an option, plus it's not even that popular of a game to play, so even if it was fixed it probably wouldn't be worth it. The surf server is another story, it does only require one person but the server was very dead, I only saw maybe a max of 1-3 people per day on the server, unless HG members were populating it. So overall I personally don't see a point as it wouldn't be worth it.
  19. So if they do mention HellsGamers then like I said they probably have a bad history with the clan, So they try to be dramatic to stir up conflict with you. It's best to not say anything for the round when that happens as they will get bored since they aren't getting any attention.

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