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  1. If it doesn't stack, then I'll assume there's no cooldown. Having speed boosted by 15% doesn't sound too bad either; this will definitely help humans who like to melee-rush zombies get away or dodge them. Supported. Nothing wrong with bringing back some old mechanics that were confirmed to work. The suggestion for allowing a trait that lets spitballs bypass force fields is only a suggestion; it is not something that I would say should be in game, but it is something to consider. Be sure to update your first post with the information for Hydrochloric Acid you provided me @Smecklingdorf.
  2. So, am I crediting Amber or am I crediting you, @Smecklingdorf? I'll assume I'm crediting Amber because of the title. Anyways, few thoughts: Gold Scraps Great name for what this trait does and it doesn't make the zombie any stronger, other than getting traits faster. Supported. Hydrochloric Coat More damage? Even with a combination of Neuro-Fiber Armor and boosted health, humans aren't durable, you know. The trait itself for what it does with respect to its cost isn't bad, but I feel that traits like Ruin and Tough Skin suffice more than this one when considering the provided buffs. If you wanted another suggestion for this trait, how about make Hydrochloric Coat allow poison spitballs to bypass force fields? Is it broken? Yes. Is it fair for humans? No. Can it be balanced? Yes, because the cost can be increased to 13500 BP and the damage doesn't change. Making it slightly-more expensive would make a zombie player question whether Ruin or Hydrochloric Coat is worth more than the other in their current situation, which helps to even out the playing field. On top of this, you could also make zombies with this trait inflict 2x the damage on those with armor on since humans can now put on body armor before the start of Wave 1. Is this even more broken. Sure, but if humans don't have armor on, which most of them actually don't, this buff has little to no effect. Venom Headcrab Rework I agree with you. Why use venom headcrab for spitballs when you have wild poison zombies shooting spitballs like a shotgun, especially when the spitballs from VH are low-damaging? I would make a few small changes to the stats you considered. On lunge, VH deals 20 damage on hit; better to go with a constant value than something arbitrary. When hit, inflicts poison that deals 4 damage/ second that lasts 15 seconds, and inflicts Slow, Impaired Vision, Reduced Attack Speed, and Reduced Reload Time. I'm not sure if the two latter buffs are in ZS right now, but they would certainly make venom headcrabs dangerous to go up against. Being unable to retaliate properly when hit makes a human easy prey. As for the animations and wind-up time for its attacks, don't see any issue there. They have to be that way because it's supposed to be powerful [to some extent]. Adrenaline Is there a cooldown to this speed boost? How fast can the human run when they get this boost? Demolition Okay, I can see this being a huge issue with humans spamming claymores and det. packs, but given these are usually placed inside buildings and inside cades, for its cost, I don't see anything wrong with this. Supported.
  3. Why does a headcrab on fire inflict bleeding on humans? Shouldn't humans be set aflame when hit by a molten headcrab?
  4. What the hell are you talking about @Roberazo?
  5. I want more objective maps, but I don't want objective maps to be more frequent, so I'm a no for this one. Our ZS server gets so many new players everyday that most of them die within the first phase or two from kleiner filters. Because of this, the zombie team usually ends up being larger than the human team earlier than expected. Additionally, often times, we don't do an objective map well, and while its success depends on the objective map being played, this is true for all cases. Worst of all is that when players die, they ragequit, so our server population suffers from it. I don't want objective maps removed, ever, but I don't want them to be more frequent because that'll result in frequent server pop. extermination, as well as people whining and complaining even more. It'll be chaos.
  6. ZE is too broken right now and caused a lot of problems on the server, both system-wise and community-wise. It's best to keep it off, or don't even have it on anymore because of these problems.
  7. ^ This If you die from Swamp Legion's poison from one full salvo of poison, then that's a clear sign you were right in front of the boss when it launched its poison at you. I'd say no, this boss doesn't need a nerf, just smarter humans and more use of Force Fields.
  8. Someone please pin this fucking guide; it's beautiful. And thanks for crediting the owner @Uni.
  9. Okay fine. How's this? @a white kleiner and @IamDakota can be n00bs together.
  10. ^ This is why @ForrestMarkX doesn't take us seriously. Also, Deep Space 69 reference?? -> Deep Space 69 Reference
  11. At least your guide has more images to visually see the combination process @Univerous, so that's a plus there, unlike the one above where Boxsnake just went all textual information so that it's hard to grasp what he's saying. New players would definitely understand this better. Also, I'm currently under the impression that you read another person's guide regarding the same topic that's available on Steam, which is how you knew all these combinations, unless someone told you or you've been playing this game long enough to know. This is not me doubting what you know; this is me telling you that there is a guide similar to this one with more images, albeit some combinations are missing. I'd suggest crediting them to help your own credibility with this guide -> Zombie Survival Craftable Items by C0n
  12. People will use these weapons if they want to pointwhore @Misterlol29; that's the whole point of this guide. I would also add that this guide is well-written. The calculation does seem a bit off to me given that there's no measurement for how many points received based on zombie kills, damage inflicted, etc, but it's otherwise good. However, one huge issue I have with this guide is that it isn't accounting for a good barricade being built or not. I get that this guide is primarily emphasizing the different weapons and gear to buy on certain waves to maximize profit, but at least mentioning the extent of the cade is important. Part of knowing how to profit also comes from understanding the current state of the cade because if the cade is about to fall, you wouldn't buy anything, but if it still has some strength left to spare, then buying something could be worth it. I'm reading this under the assumption that the player using this loadout path is always going to be behind a barricade, but I'm left unsure of what the player would do if the cade's about to fall. Most likely, I'll assume the player wouldn't buy anything, but players often make stupid choices in a videogame, so I won't conclude on that. I'll be sure to give your loadout a try @Univerous and let you know how I think of this.

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