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  1. I mean, you could choose to not have armor, that way you could ignore that armor-healing effect induced by poison damage entirely. As for the Bonus Crate +HP effect, that's completely RNG; there's no real way to avoid it aside from not using Bonus Crates at all.
  2. I don't see much wrong with the new Boomstick model as it currently stands, and to be honest, the opinion from one person alone might not be enough to warrant a revert back to the Boomstick's original model.
  3. @Unusual Memes Zombie Survival Suggestions/ Bugs
  4. @pho- Berserker works with F**KING GUNS?!?!!? I thought it was only MELEE WEAPONS, not FIREARMS! Awesome, but bulls**t that I didn't know!
  5. This should be going in Zombie Survival Suggestions, not Zombie Survival General.
  6. @ForrestMarkX Speaking of bans, are we ever going to port the Bans list onto the new HG website from Legacy, or are we just going to let it sit there?
  7. On top of what @Genuline said, if you're hitting a barricade highlighted yellow, that means it's receiving boosted defenses from a nearby Supply Crate, and that could be another reason your expected 34 damage per hit as a normal zombie is actually 28.
  8. Why the hell would you spend 4k+ points on a team that you know is going to be generally s**t? What were you thinking?
  9. Wasn't the Berserker trait now capable of preventing heals by other human players? This has been the case on numerous occasions when I had the "Rejuvenator" Healing Ray and would try to heal someone at 30% health, but they wouldn't heal. I would ask them why, and they would tell me because they had "Berserker" active, so what gives? Is heal-block effect removed?
  10. @Smecklingdorf A lot of maps have been in dilapidated states of late because of how outdated they are. Even if we remind people to update it or at least fix a map, they won't not because they don't want to, but because they're procrastinating, too busy, or not in the mood to do it at all.
  11. Interesting ideas here. Few thoughts: Chillsquid If the Chillsquid doesn't have special defenses like the Shade, there's no reason to include the fact that it has one. As for what it can do, it's an interesting take on the Bullsquid, but I can see how this can be slightly-overpowered. If the original Bullsquid can shoot out 3 poison orbs, all of which deal minor damage, but poison any human player hit, imagine a freezing effect constantly being applied to human players at almost-endless intervals given that 4-6 Chillsquids can spam right-click to shoot frozen orbs, all of which freeze players struck by them. The reason why both the Chilled Immolator and Frost Revenant have a freezing attack that affects only one player at a time is because of the Frost Shade, who can freeze multiple people; that's what makes it unique for a zombie that can freeze players, plus its higher health and ability to raise frost shields to block projectiles. If the Chillsquid can shoot multiple frozen orbs, then it's practically taking over a minor, yet important role of the Frost Shade, and the Chillsquid isn't a boss zombie, so there has to be more specifics pertaining to this. Otherwise, it's overall a better choice over the Frost Shade in-terms of freezing and slowing down humans. I'm assuming this is a variant of the Bullsquid, thus I'm curious to know what wave the Chillsquid unlocks on. Gore Demon Okay, I'm not sure about this one. Gore Demon is supposed to be a boss zombie, at least, that's what I'm assuming it is based on how much health it has. For what it can do, I'm not sure where "luring" the humans comes into play because if humans get overwhelmed, they're going to phase into their barricades and fall back prematurely like they usually do. If the Gore Demon is supposed to bait people into pushing out, fine, but some human players that like to troll newbies will usually do that anyway, and once the humans have been overwhelmed, they won't go outside. Basically, if we ever had this boss integrated into ZS, no one's going to use it for how useless it is. To be honest, I'm not very supportive of this zombie boss concept because it just doesn't feel right when reflecting on the gameplay in Zombie Survival and how human players usually act on our server from time to time. Additionally, there's very little detail for this being a concept, and that's mainly part of why I'm very unsure about this one. Headtaker Okay, so the concept for the Headtaker in-terms of mechanics is akin towards the Demoman with an Eyelander from Team Fortress 2, so I'm intrigued by this one. In-fact, hence the name, I feel like this zombie boss is copied off from the Demoman with an Eyelander because the Demoman gains more power and speed as he decapitates people with his Eyelander; well, that's sort-of lame. Still an interesting concept for ZS, though. This sounds like how the Devour All Hope zombie trait works, but instead of continuously dying that makes you stronger, it's continuously killing. It's a unique take on how destroying your enemies only makes it easier for you to destroy more of them, but again, this sounds like it was taken from Team Fortress 2. Aside from that, I'm not a fan of this boss, not because of its name or where it was "inspired" from, but because of future gameplay implications with it. Humans are usually going to be holding off or fighting from within their barricades, and the only time I could find this zombie boss useful is if there were human players running outside a barricade who were dumb enough to get caught, and even then, that's an uncommonly-rare sight. Because of this, we would just be adding another boss to a design dump if this got integrated into the game. With how much health the Headtaker has, coupled with the fact that there's little to no information or hint on how much damage it can inflict, I'm a no-go on this one. If it needs to kill humans to get stronger, it's going to be during one of those rare situations where everyone decides to run outside a barricade, only to perish in the process, and even that is a rare sight to see.
  12. The legendary Orange Status has been bestowed upon you. Congratulations!

  13. Why was the Shade able to deal damage by throwing rocks to begin with? Isn't its main role supposed to be a one-hit kill assassin by launching any prop at a high velocity towards human players?
  14. One of our ZS server rules states that you can't say words that would otherwise imply a form of racism. If you were muted, that was a warning for you that saying something racially-offensive would get you into trouble. Based on your case, if you were banned after being unmuted, then the punishment was carried out incorrectly, but you nonetheless broke the rules. According to how you typed up this complaint, I would say the ban was fair given that you sound like you're unwilling to cooperate or talk to any of the Garry's Mod Moderators and Staff about this situation peacefully. Also, saying that only detriments your current situation. Some of our Moderators deal with this kind of bulls**t almost every day; you don't need to be another case. Moderators and Gold+ players who wish to enforce the rules of our server abide by a system for handing out punishments, in which we ban/ gag someone first, warn them, then unmute/ ungag them. If they disobey one of our rules again, we kick them, but we don't give a warning whether they return or not; the kick is enough of a hint that consequences only rise from there. Should they return to our server after being kicked and break one of our rules for a third time, its a ban, with the last two offenses being included in the ban report. If you want your case handled, how about being a little bit nicer with what comes out of your mouth, and when you're calm and willing to cooperate, you can talk to one of our Moderators, Division Staff, or Division Leaders for Garry's Mod.

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