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  1. What a beautiful flower! I definitely like the bright and lively shade of pink!
  2. Sorry to hear about your injury Hope you get well soon!
  3. This is sick @Knoxtane! I like the zoom-out effect with the text, and how the image masked inside remains static while the text zooms out. The ember effect adds a nice touch! I am not sure about the song, though. It might just be me.
  4. Yes, that's what Clancy is asking for for the next tutorial welchnome is in the process of making.
  5. TacK has tamed the Ultimate PC Goliath.
  6. Welcome to the HeLLsGamers community @Saint_Asonia_ :D 

    1. Saint_Asonia_


      feel very very welcome <3

  7. May the most OP computer build win
  8. Welcome to the community @TheKermit :D 

  9. Congrats on Recruit and welcome to the HG community @HaxelSwar :D 

  10. Name of the Event: Nether Harvest Game Server: [HG] 24/7 Zombie Survival! | US-Central | Live ( Best describe what will be in the event (in detail plz): Basically, 1.5x Points Multiplier will be enabled, humans earn 3x the ammo from Resupply, and Blood Arsenal traits are 10% off. The unique feature for this event is that by the end of every round, for human players, every 2 zombies they kill or assist in killing rewards them 1 point, and for zombie players, every 250 Barricade Points they earn rewards them 1 point. These points are added to their total points bank. Development Requirements (plugins; if needed): 1.5x Points Multiplier is enabled. Resupply gives 3x the ammo when used. For humans, by the end of a round (all humans die, or Wave 6 is passed), 1 point is awarded for every 2 zombies killed, or whose deaths were assisted. For zombies, by the end of a round (all humans die, or Wave 6 is passed), 1 point is awarded for every 250 Barricade Points obtained. Additional Details (anything not specified above): N/A
  11. Making an underwater lab ZS map would be awesome. Not sure how difficult that would be to make in Hammer as most of the environment would need to be in the water, but it's something to look into.
  12. Welcome to the community @bots're hackin' :D 


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