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  1. Thanks for the donation! :)

    1. baltii


      No problem :)

  2. maybe if something was implemented where the chrono butcher has more hp/does more damage depending on how many humans are in a ___ radius of it idk
  3. As you guys may know, one of my favorite things to do on HG ZS is solo cade. Unfortunately, solo cading is now near impossible because of the Chrono Butcher. The Chrono Butcher's teleport ability makes it extremely unfair for small cades and ruins many fun games for me. I know this is a very controversial topic, but I know many ZS players who agree with my views on it.. I hope we can think about the negative effects the chrono butcher through the eyes of people in small cades and eother remove it or hold a vote to see what others think about it. Thanks -Baltii
  4. There can only be one spoderman here

  5. yea i know that new feature but it happens when im not holding down e and doesnt unnail everything just 2 nails instead of 1. this can also happen when theres only 2 nails in the first place. its not just me, some other caders like boxsnake have had this problem and its fairly often... and while im here in this topic; if a max threat gets a hero pickup (and dies as a hero) and then returns to his normal max threat state, zombies no longer get his 250 points once he dies
  6. 1. anytime since last big update 2. hitting "r" sometimes unnails 2 nails instead of 1
  7. baltii

    hey can u look at this post? just waited 6 waves of a map where humans knowingly exploited... https://hellsgamers.com/topic/129089-new-hope-hospital/ doors and hospital beds sometimes dont work... i think removing the map might be the best option

  9. the map new hope hospital needs to be removed every game, some of the props randomly become invincible and will not break i cant not prove it but many people who have played it know this. thanks
  10. sorry im not trying to spam or bitch i just have a lot of ideas that can help the server and have experienced many bugs 1. anytime 2. we should have the ability to put nails into props thru force fields, ppl can troll by this also i think the shredder and laser magnum are a little underpowered
  11. 1. anytime 2. a turret can shoot through the invisible bottom side of those certain couches ALSO 1.anytime 2. grammar is off when u try to sell all but do not have anything... it says "can not sell, you do not have A anything" ps the new chainsaw sound is kinda ear rapey
  12. 1. After this recent update. 2. Picking up a milk crate made it completely invisible. Might happen with other props too. P.S. A prop transparency (while held in hands) % slider in options would be cool 3. http://imgur.com/a/1VV49 edit: the sunbathing chairs on hotline maimi map have the same problem
  13. I'm not too fond of the idea but having it on a couple of maps might not be bad. I just like to have freedom to cade wherever.
  14. I don't really agree with fatigue. It makes cading (especially solocading) a lot harder. I think it was fine the way it was, as cading is a key part of zombie survival. For me, a cader, its extremely aggravating. Also, maps like insurance, which almost always have a 18 door doorcade end up being lost on. The real problem is zombies leaving which could be fixed in other ways. I personally think we should keep buff and heavy prop movement speed the way it was and not have fatigue, although I understand that decision.
  15. Favorite: Vertigo Least Favorite: Onett I joined HG after playing on the server for many months. I had made friends with a lot of people and some member recommended that i joiined.

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