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  1. locomen45


    I just recently got back to the community from traveling for work and my steam log-in was taken with a new account I accidentally made, forgot password and made 2 accounts, but this is my main one. was wondering if someone could delete the account that has my steam name on it so I can finish my account update on this one please
  2. im baaaaaack!!!! finally got my computer fixed up!

    1. brgr.



    2. locomen45


      thank you!!!

    3. EddieCam


      Welcome back! Thank you for the donation!

  3. i was wondering if any of you guys could contact me about how to actually set up my twitch, i have a donation button and such just want to know exactly how to set up the cam and stuff
  4. Lamb of god and old Asking Alexandra
  5. apparently one pound fish now hahaha
  6. clicker heros or summoners war and maybe some casino games
  7. Welcome to HG, new recruit!

    1. locomen45


      thank you!!!!

  8. hue maybe someday i could teach you! im a judge so i always like to see new players come in or old players come back! haha
  9. Do you play Magic Origins on steam?

    1. locomen45


      not on steam, i play on xbox but i also play the actual cardboard crack hahaha

    2. WhyYouAlwaysLying


      Ya I have play the card game from the very first when it came out in '94 I think. But it is hard find people in my area to play with. I even have a friend that works for Wizards of the Coast

    3. locomen45


      oh damn! thats awesome!

  10. hey guys just wanted to know if anyone plays MTG and if so if you will be going to the legacy grand prix on june 10th-12th in Columbus! if so let me know! ill be going with a couple friends!
  11. Hey loco, I'll see you in-game!

    1. locomen45


      yeah you will!

  12. Welcome to HG! :-)

    1. locomen45


      thank you very much!


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