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  1. Thanks for the welcomes everyone
  2. My new R9 Fury x came today :) so hyped to be using it soon!

    1. porkcow
    2. The Governor

      The Governor

      Waiting on the GTX 1080 myself.

    3. Huejay


      nice nice!

  3. I saw this on twitch yesterday https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/suicide_squad_2016/ doesn't look too good :(

    1. The Peacemaker

      The Peacemaker

      I'm still seeing it though

    2. Zay


      Ofc been waiting too long not to see it now :L

    3. DeathShot


      >critic ratings

  4. Thanks guys Governor my uplay name is "Zay." if you wanna add me, for some reason tho it takes a while for requests to get through to me
  5. One of my fav games : ))
  6. Hiyas. My name is Zay. I have been on the HG zombie survival server for about a year now but never wanted to really go on fourms, but thought today might as well like. Anyway I play really randomly so you can expect to either see me a lot or a little, depending on what I feel like playing. I'm really into Gmod, Guild Wars 2 and Rainbow Six Seige, and sometimes CS but not as much recently. Feel free to add me on steam if my friends list isn't full, my name there is Zay.
  7. Best name ever tbh.


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