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    Occasionally there are too few lennies. If I see this, I shall immediately rectify it.

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    blue ice snowball

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  1. Madbritish's account got fucked. :(


    1. Imperial Knight
    2. Mr.Psyzen


      I really hate the account hacking that has been going on lately. It's gotten three of my friends, and I am sure more are to come. 

  2. You guys remember Cinderella? Good times.


  3. "Team force class"? If that is in there, somebody is bound to be pissed off hahaha
  4. This reminds me of a certain family member going to the bathroom.
  5. Why don't you just skip the keyboard and make it a white white Christmas by just giving us all crack for winning?
  6. Mr.Psyzen


    On Top of Spaghetti. Rather nostalgic, as my father used to play it as we cleaned the house. Rather sad that I cannot remember any others.
  7. Ima just join spectator if that is cool with you... Just for a little bit, don't you worry.
  8. That's a pretty inventive idea for an event. I'll show up if I remember. "Rules: No ghosting"
  9. A guide for how to use certain commands available for buy in the shop, like how to make a colored name, what format the colored text ought to be, ect.
  10. Just found out about an old event, and now I feel bad about not attending it 2 years ago. The event badge was a potato... Sad.

  11. Mr.Psyzen

    Popo Room Madness

    Nice badge. 2nd favorite, just behind the potato. Oh, and rewards. Good rewards too. Thanks, mighty generous of you.
  12. What is the best course of action to take when someone breaks into my house? What if I don't have a gun on me when someone breaks into my house?
  13. Mr.Psyzen


    Ah, alright. Ill be sure to avoid posting superfluous things in the future.

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