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  1. Commands All of these commands except for gang chat can be used in console. Substitute the ! with sm_ (example: sm_buy instead of !buy) !buy (buy items on roundstart) !menu (main gang menu with highscores and stats) !create <gang name> (make a gang) !gangpoints (shows the amount of points your gang has) !donate <amount/all> (donate some of your points to your current gang) !giveplayer <name> <amount> (give points to a player) !identify (only shows players online who are in a gang) !players (shows all players online, so that you can view their stats) !top (shows the top ranked players) !rank (shows your current rank by points) (teamchat)!!!! <message> (sends a message to your gang members) Terrorist can now pick up drugs to gain rep. press E on the drugs to pick them up Drugs can spawn randomly all over the map, can drop on death, and can be hidden inside of breakable props. drugs will not spawn if CT;T ratio is less than 1:3 ANYONE who is alive when !LR is reached (CT or T) will be awarded 10 Gang Points. this encourages cooperation and is an incentive for CTS Spending your Rep Using the buy menu to obtain an item for that round, or a teleport, or a perk etc... By joining a gang costs 20 points to join a lvl 1 gang (20 additional each lvl... so a lvl 2 gang is 40 points to join and lvl 3 is 60 pts etc...) type !menu for options to join and leave a gang [*]By donating to your gang [*]By creating a gang costs 400 points, and each level up costs a shit ton of gang points can only be 1 leader - but it CAN be passed [*]By giving them to a friend How do Gangs work? A Gang Leader can choose a perk for him and all his gang members (can be changed once every 24 hours) ALL members in that gang receive the perk...but the perk will only be active if the gang has Gang Points saved up. points are drained every round to keep the perk active so all gang members should actively !donate Gang Points are also needed - to purchase a perk or to advance a gang level Gang Perks: GL is your current Gang Level PERK- [Cost to change] Cost Per Round: [Cost per round per member that has it active] Amount:([Current Gang Level]*X)+Y Chance: [if Applicable, Chance of getting the perk.] Occur Every Round (The amount is rounded down): Health - 8 Cost Per Round: 2 Amount:(GL*9)+1.08 Chance: 0.75 Speed - 10 Cost Per Round:2 Amount:(GL*0.111) + 0.009 Chance: 0.75 Damage Multiplier - 20 Cost Per Round: 3 Amount: (GL*0.005)+0.1 Take Less Damage - 20 Cost Per Round: 3 Amount: (GL*0.005)+0.1 Occur depending on the amount: First Cell Chance - 12 Cost Per Round: 4 Amount: (GL*0.0045)+0.09 VIP Spawn Chance - 6 Cost Per Round: 1 Amount: (GL*0.0125)+0.25 Flash Bang Chance - 14 Cost Per Round: 2 Amount: (GL*0.0073)+0.13 Smoke Grenade Chance - 3 Cost Per Round: 2 Amount: (GL*0.009)+0.15 HE Grenade Chance - 20 Cost Per Round: 4 Amount: (GL*0.007)+0.12 Bomb Chance - 25 Cost Per Round: 5 Amount: (GL*0.0035)+0.07 1 Clip P2000 Chance - 30 Cost Per Round: 6 Amount: (GL*0.004)+0.08 3 Bullet Scout Chance - 35 Cost Per Round: 5 Amount: (GL*0.0032)+0.064 Respawn Chance - 100 Cost Per Round: 7 Amount: (GL*0.00175)+0.035 Executioner Chance- 50 Cost Per Round: 3 Amount: (GL*0.0045)+0.09 Send player to electric chair when killed. Right-click knife also has a chance of doing this. Super Knife Chance- 50 Cost Per Round: 4 Amount: (GL*0.004333)+0.08666 One hit kill with knife What happens to inactive players? There are three tiers of pruning. (if you get pruned i feel bad for you son i got 99 points but a prune aint one) Removes people who are inactive for 14 days | with less than 50 rep (total points spent + current points) Removes people who are inactive for 1 month | with less than 400 rep (gang leaders will not be removed) Removes people who are inactive for 2 months | with less than 10,000 rep If you're a gang leader, your leadership will be passed (even if you have more than 10,000 rep) Important: Anyone with more than rep points (total spent + current points) will not be removed! Ever! Beware: Most variables are updated on ROUND START Examples; If you join a gang it won't show you in that gang till next round Your money$$ reflects how many points you have - until next round then its updated (CSS) You change a Gang Perk and it will not be active until next round Yours - and others stats won't update till next round etc... can we donate irl money to gain points? ....just maybe pm me bonbon aka kumara made EVERYTHING, give him many blowjobs
  2. Things change, and nothing lasts forever it seems. It would take a lot of people investing time and money to have any lasting effect. So this one time I mistakenly joined a hosties server ( aka jailbreak) server. It was just a map, it had no code. I spawned ct and freekilled the ts in cells. I got yelled at by this admin named BlueWolf. I diddnt like him so I added him to hg ban list and started my own server. I found code released by a 12 year old pretending to be a girl named bonbon. called jailbreak The first random to join was named soccercrazy and he asked for admin. I took his money to pay for a wow sub. Friends told other friends to join them. Fun people joined and made other fun ppl stay. Mean people did mean things and a rule had to be declared. then more rules. and more rules. More admins were needed to enforce rules. HG adopts jailbreak. Bort pays for server for long time. HG takes over jailbreak server. and there was much rejoice *yay*
  3. PC FIXED, IT WAS MOBO I went afk in wow to take a nice poo. PC was off when i stepped back in the room?? No screen, no lights, no fans, no overclock, just nothing. Previously tried swapping cords, unplugging some and all components, swapped outlet, unplugged cord and cmos for long time, checked connections, checked for damage etc.. EVGA suggested paperclip test, (fan did spin on power supply so its ok?) CMOS battery is wrapped up and i would have to damage it to give it the ole lick test Does that mean its time to buy a new mobo? Thanks for reading :-) GA-H110N Mini ITX LGA1151
  4. PC WORKS NOW! mobo was dead. thx friends
  5. MOBO RMA found internal chip dead. Once its back we will see if I get turned on. And after that I will see if the computer gets turned on. heh
  6. its a used machine i got 2 months ago. Never had any issues with it at all. pc was in open area several feet of the ground. if i remove cpu, i wonder if mobo will do anything
  7. stock fan. is there any way to test? :(
  8. My old laptop had a known problem about overheating which caused the processor (or something) to raise out of its slot, and the solution was pressing firmly on the keyboard to re-seat it. it was the craziest thing.
  9. that video card alone costs more than my whole gaming setup and my car did.
  10. JJK

    Albion Online?

    Not 1 post anywhere yet. I think its pretty good. Extremely polished, but lacking in content. One of the best new mmos so far. BTW theres someone with the name JJK running around, and its not me :-/
  11. quit yer whining prop kills are hillarious!
  12. Darkfall was known as a hardcore mmo handled by a shitty company. You can kill anyone, anywhere, and take everything they had. It's pure PvP with crafting, naval combat, and player city takeovers. My favorite aspect is bunny hopping. Years later they have been bought out, and re-released last week as Darkfall Rise of Agon. Rise of Agon refuses to make players re-purchase the game, which means they only ask a $9 sub Check it out on twitch and / or send me some nudes thanks
  13. 24 ingame hour protection from pvp, otherwise many main zones have incentive to be nice,
  14. 0 hours in the last 2 weeks. A new record!

  15. anyone who says no is a point farmer. but hey fuck population! servers will be full forever \o/ Its about as smart as playing obj late night

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