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    Were am i
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    i love to have fun and enjoy my friends time

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  1. More Proof Edit: started to teleport people onto a boat
  2. because i can purplex XD :P

    1. Purplex


      No you Can't 

  3. why you looking at my pf bing bong





  4. So lambs was mic spamming and so i muted him so he could chill out (He was warned by other people as well as me to stop mic spamming and then he is also spam unmuting himself as well and just being a troll
  5. why do people think i am new 


    Just don't get it 

    1. pho-


      i was kidding

  6. Purplex


    I will join in if it gets accepted
  7. To find steam id Just go into a game and open up command prompt and type in their "Status" and should show your steam id and outer peoples steam id's so just find your's and copy and past it into the box 

  8. No false kosing 

  9. hey can i seek to you in ts


  10. Hey can we chat in Ts when you get on 

  11. Big Sus

    1. FrostByte



    2. Duphin


      False KOS ez ban


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