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  1. +1 I am wanting this to happen use to mod for some big servers such as invaded lands and cosmic pvp so i would have a good bit of modding experience under my belt
  2. You should be good to go, sir. Keep your info tight!

    1. Purplex


      ya just added steam gaurd 

  3. account got hijacked. got it back tho
  4. Glad to see you unbaned Welcom back Icon315

  5. So if this is going to be a thing we need to have leadership for it. who would be great for a minecraft leadership Use template below DL: DS: DS: DS: DS: M: M: M:
  6. Keep up the good work.....:D

  7. Wot who dis  new phone


    1. bert


      you're cancelled remember

    2. Purplex


      Na fam I was revived 


  9. I asked the server if i should add more bots and majority ( about 80% of the server) said to add 30 bots (also their is a cap on bots as well only 10 got added) then mcloving got on after that after that and said that was fine for me to do because majority of the humans wanted it because it was wave 6/6 and zombies had not touched front cade let alone break it. so i asked mcloving to get on because people wanted a team force class to ancient nightmare (that happened 2 times because they wanted it) and any time i do these sort of things i always make a vote for it so idk why you are calling abuse when you are one of the few people who did not want to do it because you still won the map in the end as well because you are just that like 2% of people that were on at the time when you did not want to lose. so idk also sorry for late response i was asleep when i got this Edit: also you can see in the log chat that people were spaming to add 30 bots Just saying
  10. Then it is player settings then because default setting for wardrobe is only friends can see so it is just that people need to change that setting or you probably need to change it
  11. Do you have it enabled for you to see models or it just might be the person has their model vue set on friends only so only friends of sed person can see the model

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