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  1. Happy birthday...?

  2. -hg- Clan Application Game Division Counter-Strike:Global Offensive In-Game Name VAC Location Ankeny Iowa How old are you? 13 Which games (servers) do you play on? TTT JB How long have you been playing on our servers? Since october 2016 What is your Steam ID / GUID? STEAM_0:0:182559664 Why do you want to join HG? I was already in hg but got demoted even though nobody ever said anything or told me about it. I would like to be in hg again and find out why I was removed. I've messaged some people but no reply yet. All members are required to be on our TeamSpeak3 Server whenever playing on our servers. Will you agree with this rule? Yes Who (if anyone) referred you to apply? -- Any other information you want to include? --
  3. Bryce

    Op Factions

    For some reason I feel like you're being serious. Also I might join
  4. Bo2, MW3, Ghosts, or Minecraft. I will destroy anyone who says otherwise
  5. Let's not disrespect staff. You did not fill out the application correctly so your post got hidden.

    1. Archer


      Since warnings don't get to you, you can come back in a week with a better attitude.

  6. you need a staff recommendation for mod if you are a recruit

  7. Jason, what I meant by it was my 4th apply was that the first 3 glitched and said nothing but [1=____]

    1. Jason


      yes but the way you said it. just comes off toxic and immature. maybe you should put more time and effort into your next one. then take a min and sit back and read it over. think how what you said will come off to other ppl.

  8. when I said it was my 4th apply I meant the first 3 glitched and said nothing except for [1=____].

  9. If im really racist how come I don't get muted when there are over 3 admins on?

  10. Im not sure if this is what im supposed to do, but scrim with Me, Dogtor, Straw, M9 Karam, and Snow Axter or BenHa(they will be the 5th) vs Vision, Bing, Past, Prepaid, Duphin(no archer)
  11. I know it's not his problem but joe hasn't done my apply and it's driving me up a fucking wall


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Joe
    3. Bryce


      oh ok. I just really wish the site would tell you when people reply to your app. I didnt know i was a recruit until 3 days after it was approved

    4. StrawBerry


      it does just follow the topic and any replys with be sent to you

  12. Your member promo apps are having issues because of the < in your name. Remove it in the title and it should work.

    1. Bryce


      but i cant change forum name until april 30 do i wait then

    2. imasonaz


      You can edit your name in the line of the form, you don't need to change it on the forums.

    3. Bryce
  13. Bryce

    Dude, your birthday. 04/20/00 420

    1. MaTt


      Yes :) it's also Hitler's birthday and the date of the columbine shooting XD

    2. Bryce




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