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  1. 2 1/2 hours until our minecraft server officially goes live!

  2. chains brain going getting throttled at 10% Congrats supa!
  3. have you ever stopped and just :partyparrot:'d

  4. 8/29/2019 Added /shop that can be used to access common blocks and materials Custom enchantments at the bottom of /warp shop can be bought by anyone Gravity and explosive effects for elite mobs disabled due to server lag and anti cheap false positives
  5. All server changes will be posted here
  6. Something broken? Something missing? Did it make you rage? We don't care about your feelings, but if you find a bug, post about it in here. We'll get to it ASAP.
  7. B-Nye


  8. I eat the banana whole, skin and all. No need to peel.

  9. Look at this DUDE


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