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Everything posted by Helix

  1. What percent victim are you? 


  2. Anyone remember playing this when they were younger? https://piratesonline.us/

    1. BOSCH


      was this soppose to be based off the pirate of the caribbean?


    2. Helix


      Yes, it was the shit back in the day.

    3. Chains


      I was always more of a Wizard 101 kind of guy.

  3. Back home for the weekend, Yuss!

  4. Due to WoW classic coming out soon, I have gotten back into playing World of Warcraft. If anyone is interested in partying up my blizzard account name is: Helix#11528 Thanks and see you on the battleground--
  5. Might be stuck in Canada for 4 days rip...

    1. BOSCH


      HAHA!!! I will love waving the stars in stripes for your in Florida!!! God bless the USA!!!

    2. Helix


      After 2 days ran out of High speed data, can still watch Netflix though thankfully.

  6. Added you, name is Karthalis (Undead Warlock)
  7. I don't see you on WoW website? What race?
  8. Congrats fellow Vet

  9. Thank you for voting me for Veteran status, I appreciate it and look forward to hanging with y'all for years to come.

  10. I can play on Classic, Whichever server y'all prefer.
  11. I turned 23 years old today, yay me.

    1. EddieCam


      Happy Bday my brother! Hit me up for a free hg decal!

    2. BOSCH


      HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY I TURN 31 on the 23RD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES!!! COME ON!!!!!!

    3. Helix


      Thanks guys, what's a HG Decal?

  12. Hello and welcome to HG, I look forward to getting to know you and hope you enjoy growing with us.
  13. Lmao, I almost forgot about these. The best one was deleted.

  14. Congrats Machine Gun Maine

    1. MAINE
    2. Misc2008


      Is that.... Grizzly Adams? He seems vaguely familiar from errr a few years back

    3. Helix


      Kinda reminds me of Mark Hamil


    1. darkcup


      This is a glimpse into the mind off Helix

  16. Minecraft is making a comeback and so should the server.
  17. Back home for 34 hours

    1. Snowyamur


      Holy hell, that's a long wait.

    2. Helix


      Lol, is required by law after driving 70

    3. Snowyamur


      Oh, I misread that. I thought you said you had a 34-hour drive.

  18. I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio atm. Just came from a delivery in Kentucky, heading back to Texas from here.

  19. Finally back on the road! I just came back to Texas from Chicago and will probably be back home Saturday for 34 hours. Need that do$h after not working for three weeks RIP

    1. brgr.


      Welcome back! Have fun getting cash!

  20. What is your favorite American Pie movie/scene?
  21. One of Avicii's best works of art, may he rest in peace: 


  22. Quote

    Am I an alcoholic or do I just like to unwind? This isn't personal, I just think it'll be fun to see what y'all think. P.S. I am typing this while intoxicated. P.S.S. I bought a new mouse, a G502


    1. Helix


      Grammar Nazis be sure to tell me if there are mistakes, I've been reading this 30 times.

    2. brgr.


      its perfect

  23. I felt the same all throughout Highschool, I also bought a new truck right before graduating. Nice truck btw... Minus it being a Ford

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