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  1. Congratulations on your promotion to TF2 -hg- Recruit! Glad to see you back.

  2. It's all good. I normally use my laptop for work related things only but, eh just something that has to be dealt with on a laptop. Thank you thought for creating this thread, some of the things you mentioned above actually improved usage on my desktop. Worked for Team Fortress 2 as well thankfully.
  3. Even as someone who is experienced with Source related games and modifications to increase the overall graphics of a game, this was rather confusing. Could you possibly specify when you listed, "... just open up Task Manager, select the Details tab, find hl2.exe, right-click the program, and then set the priority of hl2.exe to either Real Time or High..." Because I tried that on different versions of Windows only to find nothing. Adding detail or even screenshots would greatly help. Now I normally get 500fps+ in game on my PC when made unlimited, but my laptop can't get above 30fps in any game or server even with an Nvidia GFX 1050 in it. I've personally done everything to it and I've come to the conclusion that it just has a manufacturing defect, because with an Intel i5, GTX 1050, 8GB RAM, and an excellent network, lag doesn't make sense.
  4. Raven, The disallowed use of homophobic slurs is to prevent ones who take offense to it from having to hear and argue about it. This creates a more friendly atmosphere for everyone who is a Member/Participant here at HG. Multiple people who have responded in this thread, not calling names, but are going on their own personal view on the usage of the word(s). Not only does this portray a horrible image for those who want to join or already have joined HG, but also to see their Leadership members using a word that literally has always been an insult to whomever directed at, and immaturity of the user. This is not restricting someone's speech capabilities either; disallowing not even a hand full of words that have no meaning besides the disrespectful describing of a person who probably came here in hopes of avoiding this occurrence to go through it again. I respectfully see no reason for anyone to use homophobic slurs on any occasion. I personally feel that those who think that it should not be prohibited, are basically saying that any slur can be used and gotten away with. Because when we compare racial slurs to homophobic slurs, they are the same meaning but in different categories. Yes, one is considered severely more consequential if used, but that is because race is much more visible than homosexuality. In logistical terms speaking on behalf of the longevity and public figure of HeLLsGamers and through my own personal involvement and experience, uninhibited use of homophobic slurs only shows immaturity of HG in a general viewpoint. We have to remember, this is not a personal attack to people who are careless about the word. This thread was created to better the integrity and public figure of HG and anyone in relation to it. You must think of what is best for the community and what will expand it to a potential that it didn't have a week ago or a month ago. You can't spell Community without Unity, and that's what we need to retire this thread. Some need to be more open minded, some need to chill on the grammatical terms used, and some need to grow up and see the real picture here. If this was a true Community, we wouldn't be needing this thread. Because in our Community Guidelines, usage of slurs that can offend individuals is a prohibited offense. By needing actual discussion on this subject shows childish amounts of respect for a group of people who wish to be accepted. If I took offense to those words, and they had little to no restrictions, I probably would not be where I am now in HG.
  5. Congratulations on HGCE Recruiter! Welcome to the Recruiter Team lol. Hit me up if you have questions.

  6. Use of any homophobic slur is hate speech. Whether it is intended to be used as a comical factor or insult, it still specifies people of differing sexual orientation. In the modern generation, the frequency of events that include people of all races, orientations, ages, and religions need to have respect for each other. That includes the respect for those who take offense to homophobic slurs. Just because they don't speak up doesn't mean they're not hurt by it. As a HG Recruiter, I've been told previously by people whom I've attempted recruiting that they felt some HG Members and other server members that it was too toxic even with the restrictions on such grammatical usages. Limited prohibitions on this just shows more carelessness from HG's behalf on the prevention of their Members common and rightful respect. I also have no doubt that people use it with their groups of trusted friends in private channels, I have nothing against it, and even if I did, there is nothing that can be done by anyone to prevent it. You have the right to privately speak as you wish with your friends, but in public channels or with those who respectfully ask to not use such terms, it is by our Community Guidelines that you should have a balanced respect between the people in that inquire. This is not a discussion on personal preference, which many have forgotten. What is the best for HeLLsGamers? What will expand the community in the most effective way and be welcoming and help new members feel comfortable on our servers? If restricting the use of that word all throughout HG is the start to it, I am all for it.
  7. I voted Yes, The use of homophobic slurs have always been to insult or describe someone of a differing sexual orientation. This is a horrible word to use in any community especially for comical reasons. This not only makes possible new -hg- Recruits think twice about joining HG if they themselves do not like the word, but could also stop visiting HG overall because of them or someone else taking offense to it. I've seen other communities having no restricting on this and their population on the servers as well as the clan members in total as dramatically lower. Little to zero restriction on this form of grammatical usage shows complete immaturity to the ones who decide to use it, but more of a view towards HG instead. The HG clan would not be viewed as professional or mature for not establishing prohibitions on the related words due to it's very advanced hierarchy as well as the amount of clan members, servers, server visitors/players, and much more. There are much easier ways of portraying emotions or feelings to friends or other players than having to use a word that historically means nothing but immaturity to the user and offense to the recipient. My over all view in this conversation is, it should have prohibited use throughout all of HeLLsGamers. This shows an extraordinarily larger amount of respect for the individuals who are of different orientations and not to mention the welcoming & comfort that we wish to grant any and all HG Members/participants.
  8. I agree with the shortened ramp-up times. There are rounds with teams of 3v3 or more that take too long. For the amount of Dodgeball servers that also have the !fov plugins, I feel it would help the players that are take servers such as this in a formal matter as well as increase the popularity of the server. 3 Steal to Slay seems fine, but I feel due to the extent that it happens, 2 is more effective on a round time based priority; it is an extreme help to get rid of those who just troll. Lastly, I also wish there would be an Auto Slay/Projectile Detonation for those who just circle the rocket. Some of the time, others have to steal it, resulting in at times getting slayed because someone is being childish in a formal game mode.
  9. Congratulations! Welcome to the TF2 Mod Team. Feel free to PM me if you need help!

  10. Congratulations! Welcome to the TF2 Mod Team. Feel free to PM me if you need help!

    1. Synurized


      Thank you! I will PM you if I need assistance. 

  11. Team Fortress 2 Event Starting in 50 Minutes!


  12. Congratulations!

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