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  1. looking back on this alienware being a director now..... holy shit dude CONGRATULATIONS BISH
  2. hi

    1. Vicious


      Well hello, Desty! Nice to see you again!

  3. wait so if someones viewing your topic or post you cant tell if someones viewing it anymore?

  4. new division staff i see im a bit late to the game

  5. Destroy

    Interning question

    So i am currently learning about data structures in college aka cpsc 131, I have to pass the epp test in order to proceed to the next level of my computer science class. I am applying to be interns for a couple of places and small companies because theres no way i can be up to apples, netflix, facebooks caliber in my opinion. Does anyone know any good companies in california that i could apply to work there for summer 2020? I only have skills in C++ (2 years) (html and css and javascript, 2 semesters total of them). My most recent project, if anyones interested, like kevin or whoever.
  6. My god one of the people that rarely speaks is division leader, i miss bubbles, adam, and northground. Actually talbot reminds me of northground anyways whatevs and ryze
  7. I haven’t checked in a while, and i see Mclovin as Division Staff and a Veteran, and i remembered pho being a division leader? Can’t remember. Just checking in, any new rules been implemented since i was gone or anything? Or same old same old, i meant the rules for zs of course. Been thinking of rejoining when i get a new and better computer. You know, i don’t know why but everytime i log in and i look at abuse reports its always blueberry and echi, or dylan, or celing fan blabla ainvolved lol so weird. I also still hope i still have my zs points like 230k or something like that. Anyways just checking in from my favorite gaming community, haven’t played pc games in a long time. I miss it
  8. I miss gmod hg lol and value sensei with those events

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Destroy


      Ill see

    3. Snowyamur


      What Eddiecam said. Just come back; not that hard... hopefully.

    4. Helix


      It lives...

  9. Everytime i come onto this website that one thing that always pops into my mind... *Im in tf2 messing with commands at 1am trying to do parkour with rockets, next thing i do is i accidentally ban someone, than i forgot his name knight something just be like smh destroyer.* 

    1. Snowyamur


      Yeah, smh Destroyer, you had one job and messed it up again.

    2. Admiral MacK

      Admiral MacK

      That’s a first. 

  10. So today i got A’s and B’s on my midterms and was satisfied with my grades but what really was a gamechanger today was when i woke up, i woke up to this. Kind of tempting to donate here just for the luld but i realize i cant since it takes 6 days to withdraw :/. Anyways by the way has there been any changes so far in this community besides finding out PHO became DL which is super unexpected but shes chill anyways but psst i still love yoi valuesensei my fav division staff next to him would probably be MSU4LIFE if she still plays
  11. Coding is such a damn pain in the buttocks lul also im coming up on the two year mark since i joined hg like 2 years ago lol too bad i dont have time to play

    1. ValueSensei


      Happy almost-anniversary! :pepper:

      Also the misery of learning any kind of coding is worth it in the end though!

    2. Kevinyock


      You think C++ is bad right now,try out using STL without knowing how it exactly works.

    3. Helix


      Congrats Nerd

  12. Destroy

    Failed a class

  13. Destroy

    Failed a class

    I failled my math 270a discrete math structures class and im at a 68 and i do not think hes going to round me up. Do you think if i could convince him by emailing him to round me up because its basically christmas time? IM SO FUCKED
  14. maybe i should start playing again not sure. With 22 units takes a huge toll on your free time honestly


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