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Jessica last won the day on November 21 2017

Jessica had the most liked content!

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    Baking / Cooking
    Writing Songs
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    I Love Snakes ( I'm a dog person so you can relate to me :P)
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    Former HG Member

    A Snake Medic Player
    Roleplayer :P

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  1. Turned 18 and official legal to drink ( finally ) 

    1. III Tunoc_Production III
    2. BOSCH


      ^depends what country your in

  2. Happy Mother's Day Gamers !

    Tell your beloved mothers I said Hi :D . Wish y'all a great day !!

  3. That big moment where I won first place in CSGO Dangerzone ( 3 third I guess )


    Trick: Hide :D 


    1. BOSCH


      Looks like you needs a comp upgrade, or does it just seem choppy because its a demo?

  4. Can someone tell me where did Dragonslayer gone to ? 

    I haven't seen him for months and i'm very worried if he is ok 

    1. BOSCH


      He is okay, he retired, he logged on a couple weeks ago to play a little. But yeah he is doing okay Jess

  5. IMG-20190318-113512.jpg


    New Signature . Drawing is done by myself 

    I use Madibang Paint if you are wondering 

  6. August of 2013 , was very new to gmod and came across HG ZS . I mean my old PC died ( RIP My baby ) and didn't get an forum account until May 2017 . ZS has change a lot since I came in 2013 so that was almost 6 years ( plus august this year ) I mean back then Boomstick was in wave 1 and was the shit but now ….. I guess it's the tier 6 guns that's trending Still fun after I left HG
  7. Hi , I'm not dead , still alive

    How's everyone doing ?


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BOSCH


      @Jessica I have been missing the hell out of you! Why did you drop out of college!?!?!? I was so proud, plus you are so intelligent, I know you could of finished it with no problem! What happened sis?

    3. TheDarkDevilRo3


      being sick is nice coz noschool 

    4. Jessica


      @Snowyamur , @BOSCH, i'll do a little storytime about it and what went down .

      it was a hell of a trip . I'm currently learning things on my own and finding art class to learn further more . 


  8. Isn't this gorgeous ?


    Made from Garry's Mod

    Edited by Me :D


    1. Lady Luck

      Lady Luck

      Image not found


  9. Yo Ariana :D

  10. Hello Everyone 

    Back from College :D ( super tiring to be honest )

    1. EddieCam


      Welcome back!

  11. Happy 2019 Everyone 

    Hope you all have a happy new year ! 

  12. Not dead yet :3

  13. Just got college interview to Visual communication , so nervous but excited to something i'm always passion about :D

  14. So ready for CSGO BR :D

    1. TheDarkDevilRo3


      prepares bag of salt for war*


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