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  1. Here is the official start of the minecraft division and its leadership. Huge congrats to the starting people that are making this work. HG | Sit [L] HG | JarJarBinks [S] [HG] Fortis [S] A third staff member will be chosen later, and mods will be decided among these leadership members. CONGRATS! Also here is this congratulatory picture of Fortis.
  2. Official List of Minecraft Leadership HG | Sit [L] HG | JarJarBinks [S] [HG] Fortis [S] TBD Chain of Command Division Leaders l v Supervisors l v Senior Moderators l v Moderators l v HGCE Staff l v Gold Admins l v Everyone else This means that moderators can use admin commands on Gold admins.
  3. If you can't find it on the bans than there is a good chance that you aren't banned. If you could send a screenshot of the message as well that would be very helpful. There is also the chance that it's on a different steamID than what you've provided. So if what I said above doesn't work you can try that as well.
  4. Does it say you are banned when you try to join the server?
  5. Anyone want to remake the GFX for my profile? Would be much appreciated.

  6. You're right. You do sound like a broken record. What do you expect us to say when you go and get banned after we've unbanned you countless times. Not to mention the fact that I can't even find all the accounts that you've made appeals on. It's just not going to happen because you've proven yourself untrustworthy. Denied.
  7. Hey look, a wild DragonSlayer appears.

    1. DragonSlayer


      Did you throw a berry / ball  to catch him? 

  8. Congrats on your promotion buddy!

  9. Wow, I had no idea your situation was that serious. I hope you get out of that slump soon.
  10. Funny coming from someone whos been around here longer!
  11. Management appreciates everyone who contributes to the community in any way. One of those things, is being apart of HG for over a year and we couldn't ask for better people. Let's start off with Staff Promotions. Huge congrats to: HG | Weebs [S] HG | SMD [S] HG | Vicious [S] HG | Raging [S] BUT, we can't forget our loyal members (or should I say... Vets!). Big appreciation to: HG | Meowing Banana HG | Helix CONGRATS TO ALL AND I LOOK FORWARD TO NEXT QUARTER!

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