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  1. So I took a little extra time determining if I really wanted to see you unbanned. And if I'm being honest this was actually a hard decision to make, so I consulted my peers. If you want my 2 cents, I find it hard to believe that you want to "play and have fun" on our TTT server when you've never shown any interest in the past to begin with. You were expressly given a chance when Homer allowed VG recruiters to be unbanned (you lasted 3 days if I remember correctly). To limit confusion let me make this clear, your past affiliations are affecting the result of this request. I can say the others I consulted with on this decision had a very similar opinion. Next, I know I said you would be unbanned with good behavior and you've had a hiccup here and there that won't allow me to unban you confidently, on top of what I said above. Rejected.
  2. Looks, like Silly explained the most of it. No need to get mad over something that has such a clear explanation. Unbanned. (Oh yea, and your name is getting changed back)
  3. Damn chains, the recruit I remember is now a big boy

  4. Look, I think we can all agree this is not worth the investigation since its one persons word against another. To add, from the looks of it, this wasn't that big of an issue to begin with. Just make sure this doesn't happen again. Reviewed
  5. Chains

    Forza Horizon 4

    You missed the entire squad playing this, me, fume, tack, and silly. I think it would be cool if we all got on again though.
  6. Sadly, this role is not possible. (Trust me I've tried ). But onto real news... HUGE CONGRATS TO... HG | Talbot [L] ON HIS PROMOTION TO GMOD DIVISION LEADER!
  7. To everyone with sparkle names you look awesome and we love you.

    1. SoTa



  8. For once one of my threads like this has a legitimate title! So lets get to it... HUGE CONGRATS TO HG | Combine [L] ON HIS PROMOTION TO TF2 DIVISION LEADER

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