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    People also like to call me Freddy.
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    Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone

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  1. @Combine Admit that crackhead Santa is beautiful too, he looks so off his face okay
  2. All I want for Smissmas is a decent variation of sniper clothes rather than just headwear, most clothes look very similar.
  3. Fred.


    Hive365's website can tell you what's playing if there's something you really like, and you have to have that open anyway to listen to it. We'll see how many more people say yes but if you're the only one, the reason I think it should be removed is it prints to chat globally on a regular basis with information that is only useful to one person or I'd guess less than 3 people. A toggle for it would be an alternative, where it's by default off but you can turn it on with !hive365 or something.
  4. Fred.


    I'm curious as to if anyone tunes in to Hive365, if we're going to have all of our servers announce what the station is playing I think we should have people at least listening. This thread is essentially just to figure out if anyone uses it, if not then a suggestion from me for @Imperial Knight would be to ditch the plugin. So here's two questions to the TF2 division. 1. Do you tune in? 2. If you do, do you think it's reasonable for the plugin to print to chat every song it plays, giving the station free advertisement? Is it useful?
  5. Welcome! You can apply to actually join the clan here if you haven't already - https://hellsgamers.com/join Have fun c:
  6. Thanks guys, much love to you all <3
  7. Fred.

    Fred's GFX Hut

    @ALIENWARE Request Approved - First in queue.
  8. Fred.

    With great honors

    Congratulations Kigen, keep it up!
  9. What a nice reply Appreciate it buddy. Already love playing with you in Trade 2, most people are hardly competition but you're actually decent, much love.
  10. FREDDY, A.K.A FRED. A LITTLE INFORMATION ABOUT ME My middle name is Frederick and so I use the name Freddy as to not reveal my name online. I’m 20 years old and British. I have Avoidant Personality Disorder and it basically makes me an extreme introvert, I’ve had a rough past socially which has essentially made me nervous in most situations. I’m not really able to talk to people in real life, just store clerks and such, I ended up making my own company in various IT things such as web design, programming, 3D modelling, etc. that I run from home and don’t really get out much, pretty much because I can’t get a proper job being the way I am. My day-to-day is usually work, play TF2, message friends, call my girlfriend, sing and watch YouTube. I’ve had a long past in running server communities and therefore like to excel them where I can, this has made me competent in server development, modelling, mapping, graphic design, essentially the whole works. I've been singing for around 2 years, started out absolutely awful but over time my vocals have developed, I’m still far from great but I enjoy doing it and like hearing people’s feedback, positive or constructively negative. I also don’t really like people going ‘off-book’, doing their jobs poorly or straying from standards, so I’m not always liked as I can be quite confrontational, it’s not personal. I’ve had a past with depression and I sort of swing in and out of it, had a suicide attempt and I don’t really touch alcohol or do any sort of drugs in fear of addiction because of it. I believe it’s mostly due to just basically being alone, not getting out at all essentially means I don’t have any IRL friends, my life is pretty much on the internet, the friends I make are online. So I’m pretty much one of those sad life kind of guys that are ridiculed. Another thing to note is that I know a lot of people like to throw the f*g word around in gaming communities, however I’m bisexual and don’t really appreciate it being said to me nor hearing it said about anyone else, so if you could try refrain from that around me I’d appreciate it. My favorite games would have to be Team Fortress 2, ArmA III, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist and Garry’s Mod. I look forward to making friends with a lot of you on here. I was previously in HellsGamers over a year ago however due to some pretty toxic people I decided to leave, those people have since left and I’m happy with the people I’m surrounded with now. Be sure to hit me up if you want to be friends and play something some time, would be nice. If you're in the TF2 division I look forward to seeing you in game! If you’d like to hear my singing https://hellsgamers.com/forums/topic/138067-freds-covers/ If you’d like to request any graphics https://hellsgamers.com/forums/topic/138107-freds-gfx-hut/ Best Wishes - Fred.
  11. SM_TAUNT USAGE Player Guide. ________________________________________ Tutorial Enable the developer console in the game options under the keyboard tab, press 'Advanced' at the bottom, then press the checkbox named 'Enable Developer Console', close the dialogue then scroll down on the same tab until you find the bind for Developer Console, set it to something that won't interfere with your gameplay such as the key under escape. Open your in-game console and type in 'bind [key] sm_taunt [taunt_code]'. Replace [key] in the above command to a key on your keyboard you'd like to use for it. Examples: t, f, MOUSE3 Replace [taunt_code] in the above command with one of the codes below which correspond to a taunt and hit enter. Close the developer console and press the key you chose to use the taunt! All-Class Taunts 167 - High Five 438 - Replay 463 - Laugh 1015 - The Shred Alert 1106 - Square Dance 1107 - Flippin' Awesome 1110 - RPS 1111 - Skullcracker 1118 - Conga 1157 - Kazotsky Kick 1162 - Mannrobics 1172 - The Victory Lap 1182 - Yeti Punch 1183 - Yeti Smash 30621 - Burstchester 30672 - Zoomin' Broom 30816 - Second Rate Sorcery Engineer Taunts 1115 - Rancho Relaxo 30618 - Bucking Bronco 30842 - The Dueling Banjo 30845 - The Jumping Jack Spy Taunts 1108 - Buy A Life 30615 - The Boxtrot 30762 - Disco Fever 30922 - Luxury Lounge Pyro Taunts 1112 - Party Trick 30570 - Pool Party 30763 - The Balloonibouncer 30876 - The Headcase 30919 - The Skating Scorcher Heavy Taunts 1174 - The Table Tantrum 1175 - The Boiling Point 30616 - The Proletariat Showoff 30843 - The Russian Arms Race 30844 - The Soviet Strongarm Medic Taunts 477 - Meet the Medic Heroic 1109 - Results Are In 30918 - Surgeon's Squeezebox Demoman Taunts 1114 - Spent Well Spirits Taunt 1120 - Oblooterated Taunt 30671 - True Scotsman's Call 30840 - Scotsmann's Stagger Soldier Taunts 1113 - Fresh Brewed Victory 1196 - Panzer Pants 30673 - Soldier's Requiem 30761 - The Fubar Fanfare Sniper Taunts 1116 - I See You 30609 - The Killer Solo 30614 - Most Wanted 30839 - Didgeridrongo Scout Taunts 1117 - Battin' a Thousand 1119 - Deep Fried Desire 1168 - The Carlton 1197 - The Scooty Scoot 30572 - The Boston Breakdance 30917 - The Trackman's Touchdow 30920 - The Bunnyhopper 30921 - Runner's Rhythm Other Notes You can also use !taunt [taunt_code] if you don't wish to bind any, but you'll have to remember the codes or have this thread up. Class-specific taunts can't be used by other classes, obviously. Guide Contributors Fred. Misc2008. ________________________________________ If you have any further questions or struggle with this guide, feel free to contact any TF2 moderators and staff for assistance.

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