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Everything posted by Fred.

  1. I want this thread to serve as a potential opportunity for everyone to improve their game-play by sharing experience. You should reply with all non-cosmetic items of your favorite loadout for your main class or others too, explain how you use each item of the loadout together to get kills and stay alive. A lot of us main one class and don't dip too much in the others, with knowledge from each-other we can build some nice loadouts across all classes and maybe try new things based on each-others experience. Some may have loadouts between casual, competitive and our own all-crit servers, all-crit loadouts are favoured but feel free to share any kind you like, just make sure you state which kind. One of my favourites for Spy is: Enforcer Sapper Cloak & Dagger It's effective on Snipers. You get to them using cloak, you get outside of their minimal viewing angles they have during being scoped, or perhaps behind them, you disguise pressing 'B' for extra damage with the Enforcer, you then uncloak and shoot them, if you hit them with the first shot, even a body shot will kill them in a single hit, you then cloak again, change position and repeat. This loadout also works great in engineer bases because with cloak and dagger you effectively have unlimited cloak if you don't walk around too much, when the time is right you can kill an engineer, cloak, then sap all of their things one by one, starting with the sentry. This loadout also helps me improve as a Sniper because what you're essentially firing as a spy is very similar to a sniper rifle in it's time between shots, only without the scope, over time using it I've gotten very good at no-scoping as a sniper by playing spy. *All-Crit Loadout*
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  4. Two extra sprays added to the thread, thanks to @EddieCam for the idea and assistance. If anyone is unsure if you can use a VTF without special software - you can, you won't be able to view it in your operating system but it imports in to the game just fine. The new sprays are named blue-extra.vtf and red-extra.vtf respectively.The original sprays are color-normal.vtf
  5. Want a quick and easy way to recruit players in-game? Below you will find a preview and a download link for 6 sprays that you can use to paint all over HG's servers for new recruits! Do NOT use these sprays on other communities that have rules against advertising, it reflects badly on HellsGamers and will likely get you banned in their community. (Normals) (Extras) Click Here To Download
  6. Congrats bub, love you :)

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  7. Homer has never backed down on that rule to my knowledge and no position of power supersedes Homer, this rule should be enforced based on that thread as it's still pinned and was updated in 2015 so it's clear that it was still wanted after 5 years of being posted. Added BOSCH's reply to the original post. There should be no confusion now that it's against the rules.
  8. I'm aware that this has been looked in to before I returned to HG but I'm not the biggest fan of the outcome and I'd like to make some arguments in favor of making the rule against homophobic slurs found in the TF2 and CS:S divisions become global across all of our divisions. I'm sure that everyone agrees in HG that homophobia has no place within our community and I'm posting this with the hopeful assumption that people's arguments against this rule aren't discriminatory but instead a matter of reason. I want to make it clear that I'm no social justice warrior wanting to rid the world of anything even slightly toxic, but this rule in particular I'm hopeful for because I'm not in fact straight myself, I'm bisexual. I take particular issue with homophobic slurs, the biggest way they're used as an insult is to describe someone feminine and I don't find it fair as not every person who isn't straight is feminine, including myself - I'd say I'm pretty masculine, it's just a stereotype that doesn't fit everyone that I personally don't like to be grouped under. I believe the biggest argument against this rule when discussed before my return to HG was that some divisions have more mature audiences who can take it. I find this unreasonable, age doesn't come in to play when it comes to discrimination, there are 60 year old men who've been imprisoned in their lifetime who play these games (of course very few but there are), they have serious trauma hearing these slurs not only said to them but about other people too. I find it odd how we have rules against racism and not homophobia, homosexuals of course haven't had it as bad as black people however they have had it pretty fucking rough. I'm not saying we should ban every single person who says it, it can be lenient, we can warn multiple times before taking action on it I really don't mind how severely it's treated but I'm a little disturbed that at the minute in some divisions we just take no issue to it and find it acceptable, that shouldn't be the case at all in my opinion. Attached to this thread is a poll where we can get a summary on people's support, if you could I'd appreciate you to vote on it so that those of power that can do something can see what the overall view of HG is on the subject. If you can I'd also like people to share their opinions below, regardless of if you support the rule or are against it, if you're against it let's constructively debate, you won't be assumed as a homophobe by me at least and I'm sure others will give you the benefit of the doubt as well. EDIT: Just to be clear this doesn't have to be a rule of it's own - It can be tied in with the racism rule(s) by turning it/them in to rules regarding discrimination in general. EDIT 2: Please see this reply by BOSCH. It's already a rule and not being enforced. It needs to be enforced.
  9. Fume- If we enforce it leniantly with multiple warnings then it shouldn't lead to less people unless they're literally trolls or just actual homophobes and neither trolls nor homophobes should be around anyway. Eddie- I agree completely and I really appreciate the support, if they want to use that language I have no problem with it as long as it's in private, in public however it needlessly offends people. It would be fair to say that HG doesn't have much of a gay community so it's stupid to enforce rules protecting them, but has anyone really wondered why there isn't much of a gay community in HellsGamers? It's not exactly the most welcoming place for them if there's people throwing around that kind of language. It's not going to cause some massive depopulation adding this rule or changing a rule, TF2 and CS:S did it just fine and saw no depopulation, we have two cases where it happened and worked out just fine.
  10. Fred.

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