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Timothy J. Burthstein

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    i make music.

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    custom built
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    ryzen 7 1800x
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    gtx 1070 ti
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    soundblasterX AE-5
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    1440p acer
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    beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO limited edition

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  1. i can legit make you a nice animated gif. don't look at my current sig as an example tho, its poopoo. i used to make alo tof forum sigs years ago.
  2. that is very unepic. maybe u can try to revert the file to a previous version in file properties by right clicking the file.
  3. havent spent much time working on the map, but i have made progress. still needs the last part of the map, which takes place in 6th wave. the easter eggs havent been added yet, and what you see in the previews are bound to change a bit.
  4. bought the game just to participate in the event
  5. despicable, and here i thought you were such a dank fellow mclovin'it. plz don't ever speak to me again.
  6. i applaud your promotion. :thumb:

  7. those who spray over other ppl's sprays. smh
  8. locations wont be right next to zombie spawn, so it wont be too difficult.
  9. zs_vistagrim semi objective map /sci-fi themed / finished progress about 75% map will include HG reference easter eggs objectives which will require a bit of teamwork. first part of map will require that some "cores" be placed in specific power inlets corresponding to their color. an admin room accessible via noclip only. Jug Arena, after wave 2 ends, the regular human spawns gets disabled and another human spawn located in the jug arena gets enabled allowing the jug to spawn there. if jug does spawn, wave 6 area gets unlocked early because its located right next to the arena. any suggestions to the map would be appreciated.
  10. with some people already using player models with different hitboxes, i doubt this will go unabused(not saying its been abused already). what will be of the wardrobe in the future? will it be removed again or will those who abuse it be restricted to it's use? will silly things like changing model as a crow be considered abuse? will player models need to be approved first before being able to use them? i personally like wardrobe, so i'd like if wardrobe wasn't removed again.
  11. i was expecting the hand cannon to a be a buffed version of revolver with more ammo. biggest disappointment was finding out it used 3 rounds per shot and had bad accuracy. also, lack of accuracy is a guaranteed "no buy" for me. 1/69 bad gun.
  12. ey unjo welcome :)

    1. Unjo


      Thanks. The account you replied to is one I made after I forgot I already had one lol. The one I'm replying to you with is my actual account.

  13. are you sure the sprays you are using are 200kb or under?
  14. i'd actually play on the minecraft server, but only for a month at most before i lose interest. and im pretty sure others would probably do so as well.

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