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    Playin them videa games and fishin
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    Pretty good gamer and a pretty decent strimer. Twitch.tv/GlimTV

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  1. *ahem* pp snitch



  3. GlimTV

    Comp Teams!

    If you choose other, reply what game you would like it to be on!
  4. Congrats on Recruit!! Love you!!! <3 Forever and ever mega best briend!! 

    1. deer<


      bank u i dont bove u

  5. Congratulations on HGCE Recruiter! Welcome to the Recruiter Team lol. Hit me up if you have questions.

  6. What if HGCE uploaded a weekly news video breaking down the week and maybe it even be an actual news team with people who are comfortable being seen and reporting. Another segment to this could be a podcast with a host inviting various HG members or outside figures and have like an interview or kinda chill QandA session? This is just an idea and I would appreciate opinions on this<3
  7. Imperial knight? More like ... Imperial Ski lift. XD actually the highest skiable point in the US so truthfully Imperial Knight be flexing on us.



  8. Have a great spring break everyone! 


  9. Congrats!

    1. GlimTV


      Thank you!!

  10. Congrats!

    1. GlimTV




  11. Look forward to getting to work with you! Congrats :)

    1. GlimTV


      Thank you sm!!

  12. Grats on Outreach Staff!

    1. GlimTV


      Thanks my mans!! 

  13. You're a starter now

    1. GlimTV


      no your a starter 

    2. ☆Raging☆


      bitch im the leader you wanna be a sub sandwich again


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