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  1. Tough choice between Stormy Storm and Green Blackhole.
  2. The original developers of Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios, have announced that they are working on a spiritual successor to L4D known as 'Back 4 Blood'. This game will follow the same formula as the L4D series, carrying over ideas such as special infected, 4 survivors, all in a multiplayer horror style, while also expanding upon and refining new ideas. You can find more information below, see the initial announcement, Q&A section and even join their official Discord if you're interested in working with them as a developer. NOTE: THIS ISN'T LEFT 4 DEAD 3, PLEASE AVOID SPAMMING ANY TURTLE ROCK STAFF MEMBERS ABOUT WHETHER THAT'S TRUE OR NOT, BACK 4 BLOOD IS A DIFFERENT IP. https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/warner-bros-interactive-entertainment-and-turtle-rock-studios-announce-back-4-blood/112397 https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/back-4-blood-announce-faq/112400 https://discordapp.com/invite/turtlerockstudios
  3. Because I suggested it, I might aswell suggest how to nerf it kek. Seeing how it plays now, I would reduce the health and base melee damage by alot, it deals bleed damage ontop of normal Fast Zombie damage, so having that attribute stand out more sounds good. And given its name + appearance, having it possess low health will make it a easy to kill, but if it gets any hits on a human that's where the Starved Zombie wins out.
  4. In order from most to least played : Yoshi, Ridley, King K. Rool Yoshi for his air movement and air attacks, Ridley for his specials and King K. Rool because he's fun to play.
  5. @ForrestMarkX Good thing dillemma was in the title (Though spelt incorrectly), but there are some other iterations of the bullsquid which could suffice for my reasons and for ZS: - Either of the Half-Life 2 beta models (Maroon or Green) accessible via Steam Workshop - Either of the Opposing Force 2 models (Canon styled or wide) accessible via OF2 Stadium demo - Maybe the other Half-Life Source model (With the hook tail) - The model from the 'Trusty Packs' mod (Pale in colour) accessible via MODDB - The model from the 'They Hunger' trilogy (White in colour) accessible via MODDB - The model from the 'Wilson Chronicles' mod (Highly detailed) accessible via MODDB Some of the models listed might contradict some of the points I've made above or may require porting to Source, but as long as either the pink or the model is fixed, I'll be glad.
  6. @welchnome Thanks for the support, but I still feel that the Half-Life model still holds up in Source, and alongside all of whats been discussed above, it would be easier to change it. Even the Half-Life Source model and sounds could be used instead of porting it over from GoldSrc all over.
  7. Hey everyone, for a while now the bullsquid has been added into ZS, being a seemingly underrated rundown / projectile class while also being another Xen rep (Alongside the several species of Headcrab). But despite its capabilities, there's only one problem (Albeit cosmetic) that I see in it, being its model. I’m not here to talk just about the pink discolouration as is not my primary concern, but also the model and its representation of the bullsquid. For those who don’t know, the bullsquid is a Xen native species, mostly found inhabiting regions of the ‘Xen Borderworld’ that are higher in humidity and closer to water sources (As observed in Half-Life). During the Resonance Cascade, the bullsquids soon adapted to environments hazardous to most life-forms, such as toxic waste and radioactive materials, all the while still retaining its aquatic lifestyle. In Half-Life 2, the Bullsquid was going to make an appearance in the canals, also adapting a similar ‘amphibian’ behavior shortly before being cut from the game. The bullsquid closely represents a small theropod, being identifiable by its strong and stable legs, stiff but maneuverable tail for balance, and its 5 red tentacles. The bullsquids AI in Half-Life portrayed it as a feral creature, being very precise with projectiles, having a decent amount of health and chasing down potential prey. The AI also makes the bullsquid a territorial species, attacking other bullsquids and pretty much any life forms it deems a threat. Its sounds combine a ton of screams, cries and vocalisations to further make the bullsquid more primal than ever. The unique behavior, design and sounds of the Bullsquid has made it memorable for many Half-Life fans, however its representation in the fan made remake of Half-Life, ‘Black Mesa’ doesn’t do it enough justice. In Black Mesa, the bullsquid can be found in each of the areas as mentioned above while also appearing in some new locations unique to Black Mesa (Being a remake, not a remaster). If it does come around, the bullsquid may even appear in a Half-Life 2 remake, playing some unknown enemy role which may be missing from the original. But the BM’s bullsquid biggest flaw is its design. It still retains the essential characteristics of the bullsquid, such as the legs, tail and tentacles, but they are dumbed down alot to look clashy and messy on the model. The posture of the BM bullsquid is very lazy, being alot fatter and slouching more than the HL1 bullsquid, which in comparison had a muscular, alert and threatening body composition. The tentacles, back patterns and legs are ironed out even more to look muddy, straying far from the original design. The tentacles have become a rubbery yellow with supposed blood near the mouth area, instead of having red tentacles overall. The back patterns have become alot more pronounced, making the details on the skin look like they have been drawn on instead of occuring naturally. The legs have become fatter (As mentioned above), depicting a slower and cumbersome creature instead of the fast and daring one familiar to most people. But the oddest of all, the eyes have moved position from the bottom half of the head to the very top, pretty confusing change. The AI has also received a hit, becoming increasingly inactive by staying in 1 place and rarely moving, spamming the same projectile attack till death. The sounds have again, been dumbed down to make the bullsquid a quieter and less vocal species, and again, compared to the bombastic and frightening vocabulary of the original. All of this in turn has made the bullsquid into a duller enemy, being a shadow of its former self. But I’m not here to rant on the reinterpretation in Black Mesa, I’m here to address why the model doesn’t coincide with its playstyle in Zombie Survival. As touched on above, the bullsquid in both Half-Life and Zombie Survival is a fast, run-down opponent, using its projectiles to temper most targets from a distance while incorporating its tentacles to be just as effective up close. This all creates a well balanced moveset and something unique at that, but the only thing holding it back from perfection is its model. The Half-Life moveset of the ZS bullsquid makes it good, but the BM bullsquid model being used is what jumbles things up. My solution would be to change the model of the bullsquid from the Black Mesa model to the Half-Life model. This will portray the species and the class better, while also fixing some other prevalent issues. While it sounds absurd (Given the low poly count), alot of people really underestimate the importance of design in a character. The way a certain zombie looks gives people an idea of what it will be like to fight, the Standard Zombie is average in abilities, the Fast Zombie is fast but weak, and the Bloated Zombie is sustainable but slow. All of these attributes to each zombie can be based off their design alone. The Half-Life bullsquid gives the appearance of a fast and cunning predator, spitting at and running down anything it deems dangerous while the Black Mesa bullsquid looks fat and lethargic, only making use of its spit attack while it weighs itself down. Why should the appearance of an otherwise deadly class be slowed down by a soft and pudgy model? The animations for the Half-Life bullsquid also have an advantage, showing it to be alert while idle and concentrated when on the move, whereas the Black Mesa bullsquid stays slouched and sluggish, shaking and grooming itself alot when normally, its species should always be alert. The advantages of the Half-Life bullsquid come with its history, its behavior in source material, its sounds and appearance all weave together a solid enemy, while the Black Mesa bullsquid fails to carry over these attributes. And on the surface, the old GoldSrc model might seem out of place in a Source game, but it coincides with the Half-Life 2 art style more than the Black Mesa art style. Overall, replacing the model has enough advantages as is, so I would be all for seeing the Half-Life bullsquid model used instead of the Black Mesa model. Replacing the model also fixes a minor problem currently in the latest version of ZS, being the pink discolouration of the BM bullsquid thanks to an issue regarding how addons work for GMOD. So please know that I am not asking for the bullsquid to be buffed or nerfed, I'm simply asking for the model to be changed to give people a better understanding of what it's capable of. All Feedback and comments are appreciated. P.S. Alongside this fix, can the bullsquid be a bit bigger alongside its view being adjusted too so its eye level with the class instead of above it? This has handicapped it from fitting into some small spaces when fairly it should.
  8. Also, It's meant to be orange, might be a client side issue for me, but it has the same appearance as the Standard Headcrab, only bigger.
  9. @Snowyamur (Assuming you meant my comment :D) Probably not, but I wouldn't imagine it being that hard to path, especially since most obj.'s are linear in design whereas survival maps can have multiple cade / hideout locations for humans, leading to more strenuous pathing times for anyone involved.
  10. Although unrelated, I think the zombie team should start out with only bots, gradually earning players on the undead team. This would remove the sometimes random decisions made by either Ground Level, Distance from Zombie Spawn or even Random Choice. When a batch of humans are picked, it is bound for someone to rage-quit simply because they didn't want to be a zombie. By having a designated team of bots, all the blame if you die or disconnect is on you. And once a human dies, the bot is removed from the server, vice versa, if the human who died then leaves, the bot rejoins. This would keep the median amount of zombies in the undead team the same, regardless if people decide to ragequit. This would also allow for cades and defences to be built up at a faster rate, eliminating the fear of becoming a zombie when you may have been the only person willing to cade. The bots aren't weak either, they (For some scary reason) have very clever AI, playing differently with each class and boss, making the experience feel more unique for the first few waves or so. This bonus would end at the beginning of Wave 2 or 3 as not to allow people to join on the later waves.
  11. I might be alone here, but I would say Slender Fortress. The original idea is great, but the official version / servers have too much unnecessary content, if the bosses (What you get chased by in SF) were strictly from Source / GoldSrc games or mods, it could be good. Featuring lesser known enemies and monsters from those old horror mods or just S/GS games in general, it could feel like a well rounded server. Just some examples for where you can get some inspiration for bosses for the server and some of the games here already have enemies / monsters in the official version of SF2. - Paranoia (HL2 Mod) - Grey Mod (HL2:EP2 Mod) - Cry of Fear (HL1 Mod) - They Hunger (HL1 Mod, I would recommend using the High Definition Pack found on MODDB for better quality models / sounds) - Afraid of Monsters (HL1 Mod, I would also recommend using the Directors Cut version of the mod for better quality models / sounds) And not to get hopes up high (I doubt this idea will make it past this page kek) I could do some mapping for HG unique maps, I've had a knack for horror related media and I know what to do right and wrong, and I've gotten used to the version of Hammer they use to make the official maps.
  12. 2016 What I had set to accomplish in GMOD was to find a good server for each 'major' game mode (Good content, population, staff and player-base). I had been getting lucky, finding a good TTT or Murder server, but I had been struggling with a good ZS server. Until I found HGZS, then that really captivated me for some reason. Since then I've gone into retirement and have only played on this ZS server as the other ones (Not only ZS) I had favoured either died, weren't populated enough or shutdown.
  13. Sounds good! Could be similar to how you can disable automatic redeeming and the Headcrab(s) on your Zombie model.
  14. Ever since the Blaster was buffed and the Zombie running speed was increased, Tantibus has become more balanced for both teams albeit difficult to win, but not cheap to play.

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