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  1. @Silent. I wish I had specified this more in a post I made about every zombie, but I didn't know what should be done about the Wild Poison Zombie regarding its poison / its class in general. The size update makes it alot more differential from the Standard Poison Zombie, which is a nice touch. And after seeing what's been done to its secondary attack, I would change it to function as a mini Bonemesh / Spitter Zombie. I would make the secondary attack a single but large projectile instead of being made of multiple sprites / mini projectiles. This 'bomb' would explode upon contact with any surface and would have a particularly yellow colouration. It would deal small damage, but have a decent AOE, dealing about 10 damage to barricades while inflicting 10 - 15 damage to humans with a poison side-effect. Also, not to beat around the bush, but I wouldn't summon staff like they're slaves.
  2. Although it may interfere with animations a bit, I think there should be an option to have older 'c_models' for the HL2 weapons.
  3. Genuline

    Game Addiction?

    While I may not be addicted to video games, I'm addicted to hard adderall.
  4. @F00L This might not be the exact cause, but I think it's because of the Difficulty Multiplier at the top left corner of the screen. This multiplier increases the amount of damage (Maybe health) of zombies and increases in size when a Supply Crate is destroyed. If both Supply Crates are alive and you are supposed to deal 34 damage, you may deal 28 because of them both being alive. When you break a Supply Crate, the Difficulty Meter increases, making your damage the specified value in the Cards Menu. If both Supply Crates are destroyed, you will deal above average damage. So theres my little explaination to your problem, my words aren't final so ask staff as they might have a better idea. And this might not even be the cause and it could just be disabled for all I know.
  5. @Talbot Thanks! I feel like zombified / infected animals are hard to pull off (Not specifically for ZS but in other media), but when done right are scary as all hell. There's also an infected Spotted Hyena and Horbill present in REOF#2, but they're don't bring much to the table regarding abilities / features.
  6. @Smecklingdorf Of course, all of what I've described in this topic isn't final or official, it's always open to change. I might've worded it wrong or didn't specify enough in my origianl description of Leo, but the secondary attack is the one which doesn't reach as far a leap as the Nerf, the primary is like any other zombie, dealing 20 DMG and bleed while having the same amount of range. And by 'doesn't leap as far', doesn't mean it will leap 2 meters ahead of itself, the leap of Leo would cover just a little less distance than a Fast Zombie as it isn't suited to climbing / jumping (Unless you take the videos into context then maybe a further leap is possible). And thanks for the compliment, I would see Loxodonta as a specifically outside / roaming boss due to both its size and behavior in its source material. In REOF#2, the Zombie Elephant (Dubbed as Loxodonta here) would roam around the zoo while the group of 4 survivors would try and out run it. So don't expect it to get too close to cades, but be aware of your surroundings outside while it's alive.
  7. @Unusual Memes Interesting ideas, I like the Terror and the Bunker Buster, but I feel like the the Parasite should be like a mini Devourer, latching onto players with a harpoon or hook instead of latching onto them directly. From there the hook could do bleed damage until its broken via being damaged or once enough distance between the Parasite and the effected human has been increased. I've also got a couple "Special Bosses" in mind. Leo "Once a zoo's most popular inhabitant, the infection has been able to spread to mammals, making this male lion an apex predator, even beyond decay" The idea of Leo is essentially, the ultimate run-down class, being based on an infected African Lion this class would be just as dangerous as it sounds. I would place it with around 1800 health as its abilites make up for its low durability. Its base movement speed is 290 Hammerunits, being the fastest infected on the roster, but not by much. Its primary attack could be a simple bite or claw swipe, dealing 20 damage or so while also applying large bleed damage as a trade-off. The secondary attack would be a lunge which cannot reach far, but has devastating effects, on contact with a human, they will get knocked over and receive 10 damage from the impact, they won't fly very far, but it will take a long time for them to get up, allowing Leo or any other zombies to chow down on the unfortunate soul. The design / model would be taken from Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 as I've also taken alot of inspiration from that game. Some examples of the model in that game can be seen in the links below, the videos arent that high quality, but I hope you can see what I'm going for with this idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ1eik-fEGc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvf33JRhLCs https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Zombie_Lion Loxodonta "The star of a running circus, this unfortunate proboscian has succumbed to the infetion, and with it comes along a carnivorous appetite" Similar to the 'Bunker Buster' as you've mentioned, Loxodonta is a relatively large zombie, acting as the first true tank zombie if it were added. Although I've suggested it as a "Special Boss" I would love for this to just be a regular boss as it has alot of potential. This boss would move at a speed of 200 Hammerunits, being slightly slower than the humans minimum speed (Disregarding Returns) It's primary attack is a simple trunk swing, dealing 15 damage while also giving noticable knockback, its secondary attack is an AOE stomp attack which has a small but devastating range, dealing 30 damage on hit while also stunnig them for 2 seconds, however it has a recharge time of 20 seconds and is very situational. As its special ability, when you press your designated reload button, you will be in a state where you move at 240 Hammerunits, similar to the Zombines ability to sprint. This mode is when you are "Charging" and once you make contact with a human while charging, you will reset to 200 Hammerunits of speed. Upon contact, said human will be inflicted with 20 damage and will have a "deafening" status effect, the same effect apllied to the Howlers howl ability. The human will be knocked down for 3 seconds and can be further attacked while on the ground. Again, I have 3 links showing the model off with the quality being a bit better, check them out below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl1DbmZ0t9M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N432R2enHE https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Zombie_Elephant I can't find any addons or any sources where the models can be aquired, but I'm sure there are some on the internet if you ask nice enough. The 2 "Special Bosses" I've mentioned may sound OP, but can be fine tuned into Blood Arsenal specific bosses if that idea is given the go, or maybe in the Loxodonta's case, it can become a standalone boss. @pho- Thanks for the recognition in your post!
  8. @Unusual Memes You have alot of very 'out there' ideas, but I dig alot of them. I'll try and go in order. I would love to see every zombie have atleast 1 varient which plays a role that neither the base zombie or any other zombie has. So I woudn't hesistate to ask about getting varients for regular classes / bosses, but if they already have a varient, why bother? For example, asking for a varient for the Bonemesh, Nerf, Devourer, Howler, Flesh Beast and Bullsquid is fine by me, but asking for another Headcrab varient is excessive, especially since it already has 2 varients. Instead I would repurpose your idea of the Nitro Crab for the Fast Headcrab as it only has 1 varient. And having a Zombine varient is uneeded as the it unlocks on wave 6, if a varient were to be added, it would out do the Zombine, making it obsolete. The Bullsquid is fine as it is, it deals low damage while also taking alot, but attacks and moves fast as a trade-off. No nerfs or buffs needed, however, a varient is needed and I absoloutely love your idea for the Houndeye. The Houndeye could unlock on wave 5 and use a 'Sonic Boom' attack which covers a short distance (Despite its range in official or unofficial games), as to prevent it from going through walls and hitting players. The only issuse I find with it is that it might be bigger than the current Bullsquid (As it was resized for collision purposes) and its only attack as depicted in Half-Life might be a bit tedious to perform and utilise effectively. Another good idea is buying bosses with Barricade Points, this not only gives players who despise being a zombie more determination to play, but also adds a new section of potential bosses. I'm not sure what to call them, maybe Special Bosses, Secret Bosses or Demi-Bosses? Regardless, the cost to get one of these bosses should be high and the stock low (Around 2 of the same boss costing 15000 BP or so), as not to flood the server with tons of presumably OP Bosses. The reason for such is that most players have a median amount of barricade points, meaning that if they all have enough for a boss, the majority of them can all get bosses at once, making killing them tedious while also increasing the risk of "Bullshit" to occur. The vote minimum should be lowered to 60%, I've seen it up to 75% with the vote being unsuccessful. 'ze_pidaras' is a long running joke, so it's probably not a real map and I'm not sure about the other 2 if they're real or not. If the option to toggle deployable models was added, it could easily make gameplay more confusing as the hitbox for each old and new model is different (Primarily the Arsenal Crate), toggling this could make the actual hitbox more tedious to navigate around. And for me personally, adding wardrobe crosses the line from HG to Sunrust, I like seeing mostly Half-Life themed models used everywhere and having some 'anime cum-bucket' or a dragon running around is too distracting from gameplay. Either remove it from ZS or make the price real money and a seperate purchase, albeit at a high price if people really want it. I feel like having a T6 'Crossbow' and 'Shotgun' is the only 2 needed Tier 6 weapons, pistols are intentionally weak and making a T6 one feels out of place. I'll probably focus on establishing the Houndeye idea more while thinking of a Flesh Beast varient, apart from that, nice ideas!
  9. @Jareth26 As far as I know, the latest 2 weapons to be prohibited from being under the effects of Beserker are the Raygun and the TAU Cannon. Those are the only 2 I know, good luck on finding more incompatible weapons!
  10. @pho- Maybe if the rocks were only able to be pulled out of sedimentary terrain (IE Rock, Concrete, Asphalt, Cement etc.) it could be made more situational, yet more viable. An example of terrain specific abilities includes the Headcrab, Molted Headcrab and Fire Headcrabs ability to burrow into natural terrain (IE Dirt, Sand, Grass etc.)
  11. @Lady Luck The Bullsquid is one of the most well balanced classes, despite it being relatively unchanged since its release. While it may seem under-powered, it out-competes most classes prior to its unlock on Wave 4. It has a higher movement speed than the humans, even with their fastest item held out. The primary attack deals low damage, but can be used in quick succession to achieve high amounts of damage on humans or barricades. Same goes for the secondary attack as it comes out just as quick, however, it isn't too effective against getting past barricades and hitting humans. This is where the Poison / Venom Headcrab should be used instead of the Bullsquid. Overall, its well balanced as is and buffing it would cause a 2nd wave of Spitter Zombies atleast. If anything, the Spitter Zombie should be removed and the Bullsquid should be put on wave 3, we have the Ghoul, Flesh Beast, Poison Headcrab, Poison Zombie and now the Bullsquid, along with their variations, we have more than enough spitting classes. Currently, the Bullsquid is broken in regards to the model as it not only has a visual bug, but is larger than its hitbox. So fixing / replacing the model will make the class look better aesthetically, but also regarding functionality as people will have a clearer view of what can and cant be shot at. And I agree with you on the other 2 points, Random Selection was a little gamble to get a better boss, but is now redundant and the regen on the Supply Crates is way too high. EDIT: The size of the Bullsquid has been changed to be more accurate with its hitbox I believe, as long as the model gets changed or fixed, the Bullsquid is perfect.
  12. @Hugin&Munin Thanks for reading! @Lady Luck I think if all of the perks that cause increased damage against zombies were combined into one, it could work (IE You take 0.5x or 2x more damage from zombies). @Snowyamur Thanks for the feeback as usual! And to make things easier, I'll follow along the lines of the format you've given above. For alot of this, I will be using alot of hind-sight as I am seeing flaws more and more as I look at your response and my original post. In most zombies casees, they will either be at full health or just under it, being near 400 health or so. The 'Sniper' Turret deals around 150 damage, which would require atleast 2-3 shots to kill one zombie. And if it were to be rebalanced as it is right now, eithre the fire-rate or the damage would need to be reduced. And I agree with the 'Precision' Turret being used instead of just 'Sniper' Turret. And I also agree on your points about the 'Mini' Turret, increasing the overall ammunition it can hold would improve it, and maybe lowering the damage to make it have that sorta "burst" effect. When I talk about 'niches' in a cade, I refer to points in a barricade which need to be defended from zombies breaking and entering. This can include vents, windows, breakable walls etc. And the force-fields I've suggested are intended to cover each area where the Force Field Emitter can't or doesn't do well when it can be used elsewhere. With the limited stock and the lack of different force-field types, it can be hard to use the current one. And if these 3 were added, I would like to see the drop down menu added to it, maybe like the Beacon where you can right click and choose your force-field type. And with all the traits I've mentioned, I think most of them can be combined into one trait, see below: - Susceptible - You will receive 2x more damage. (Combines Entomophobia, Ostraconophobia, Homicide and Teutophobia) - Light Headed - The players vision will become more distorted based on health (Combines Hallucinogenic and Dizzy). This needs a little explaination, distorted view would look like a photo filter to play around with (IE Stretching the screen, Bending the screen etc.). Also I apologies for some of the Returns mentioned, I think some of the effects I've listed are already present ingame, while some are unnecessary.
  13. @Talbot Don't mean to repeat myself, but the potential is there. The only issues I see are maybe making the curved and spherical force-fields.
  14. @Techyyy Very unrelated, but I can definetely reason with you. I too have wanted things to be changed or added in for a long time to no evail (IE Barnacle or Flesh Squid), so know that I've been there, done that. I haven't thought about it the way you have, but again, I can see where your coming from. People tend buy and upgrade a popular weapon more than ever whilst ignoring the lesser known weapons, but It's hard to point the blame at one or another. Cards have been in the game for a while and people would've presumably sunk a good number of points into their upgrades, removing that system may leave players feeling cheated, but could be benefitial in the long run. And re-working some, if not all weapons may be good for the server, it could also confuse players more until they find the next meta weapon while also wasting a huge amount of the devs efforts and time. The best thing I would do is to re-work some of the more absurd weapons without nerfing them to the point of no return whilst buffing some of the lesser known weapons to some degree. And not to sound rude, but alot of things are changing with ZS soon, this next update is going to add, remove, buff, nerf, change or re-work alot of features currently ingame. While they may not be what you would likely want them to be, they're definetely worth a checkout.
  15. Hey everyone, been a bit and I thought I would try something new and share my thoughts on some new additions I’d like to see added to the humans array of weapons, defenses and other elements. In this post, I will go through some new Worth Menu Returns, Force-Field and Turret ideas, summarising what they would do ingame and how they can further make the humans items more unique. NOTE: None of the statistical values I mention are exactly the amount they have to be (IE Cost, Damage, Health etc.), they are open to changing value based on user feedback and or other opinions. To begin with, the humans currently have access to 3 different Turrets and 1 Force-Field, and I think they could use a little more variety. The three turrets the humans currently have are the ‘Gun’ Turret which uses SMG rounds, the ‘Assault’ Turret which uses assault rifle rounds and the ‘Blaster’ Turret which uses shotgun shells. These turrets cover 3 of the 5 primary ammunition types (Ammo purchasable from the ‘Worth’ Menu), and the other 2 ammo types have potential to be turned into their own respective turrets. The ‘Sniper’ Turret and the ‘Mini’ Turret are 2 turrets which differ from the standard model. The 3 turrets currently available in-game are all suited for terrestrial combat, although they can be placed on walls and ceilings by some miracle. These 2 new turrets will be suited to becoming adhesive against walls and ceilings, again with the ability to be placed on the floor. They have a much more spherical and smaller frame which makes them weaker than the previous 3 turrets. As their names subtly imply, the ‘Sniper’ Turret would take sniper rifle rounds and the ‘Mini’ Turret would take pistol rounds as obviously, there are no turrets in-game who use either ammunition types. Each of the turrets are capable of 360° horizontal and vertical turns. They would both be available in the ‘Worth’ Menu and the Arsenal Crate for 60 points each. They can be purchased by anyone in the ‘Worth’ Menu but have a limited stock of 3 in the ‘Arsenal’ Crate respectively. The ‘Sniper’ Turret can perform said rotations as mentioned above, but moves and fires the slowest of any turret in-game. However, the turret deals 150 damage per shot and has a fire-rate of 1 shot / 1.5 seconds. This turret is capable of carrying 80 bullets, slowly and gradually firing each one and has an integrity of 80%, being slightly weaker than the 3 current turrets. The ‘Mini’ Turret can also perform, move and rotate as mentioned above, instead moving and firing the fastest of of any turret in-game, possessing a fire-rate of 25 bullets / per-second. The downside with this turret is that it deals 15 damage per shot and has an integrity of 70%. This turret can hold 350 pistol ammunition which can be fired out easily. Overall, these 2 new turrets will provide a new way to defend against zombies, differing from the standard 3 ground based turrets. The design can be experimented with more, hopefully retaining the same spherical shape, but is open to community ideas. Next up is the Force-Field, being a reliable and goto item in the Arsenal Crate, it's definitely got alot going for it. However, I feel it is due for some new additions of its type of deployable. The Force-Field currently comes in 1 model, being a basic rectangular plane with the ability to stop poison and other projectiles. I would like to see some new types of force-field in-which I hope will make using them much more flexible. Before adding these, I would change the name of the current force-field from Force Field Emitter to ‘Pane’ Force-Field so each new addition can be different from one another. But regardless, I would like to introduce these 3 new force-field types, the ‘Lower’ Force-Field, the ‘Curved’ Force-Field and the ‘Spherical’ Force-Field. These 3 new items should be added to make the current usage of force-fields more convenient for the human team. Each one of the caters to a specific entry point / cade holding position. Everyone one of these new force-fields would be available in the Arsenal Crate for their own respective prices, placing at a stock of 2 each. The ‘Lower’ Force-Field would cost 80 points and is shaped as an elongated rectangle, this force-field would work on defending smaller windows or entrances to the interior of a cade, this force-field is also somewhat weaker than the others. The ‘Curved’ Force-Field would cost 100 points and works on defending a primary attack point of the zombies, curving at a 90° angle and protecting more humans, however it’s has more exposure to poison and other projectiles. And the ‘Spherical’ Force-Field would cost 150 points and be able to hide humans inside of it, defending them from all angles, its downsides include the fact that it’s extremely vulnerable to poison at that. Overall, for these new force-fields will make use of unfilled niches in cades, preventing projectile based attacks further. And finally, I just wanted to touch base on some Returns for the ‘Worth’ Menu as I’ve also had them on my mind for a while and I think they would be neat new additions. Their value is up in the air and can be decided on if they’re given the greenlight to be put in ZS. - Asthmatic - Being near Zombie Gases will deal damage. - Paranoia - Adds a layer of thick fog around the player, limiting visibility. - Hallucinogenic - The players view will become more distorted and muffled based on the lower the health. - Entomophobia - You will take 2x more damage from Flesh Beasts. - Ostraconophobia - You will take 2x more damage from Headcrabs. - Homicide - You will take 0.5x more damage from all Zombies. - Teutophobia - You will take 2x more damage from Bullsquids. - Lophobia - When hit with poison damage, you will not recover lost health. - Schizophrenia - When more zombies come near you, your hearing will become increasingly muffled. - Insomniac - When more zombies come near you, your vision will begin to darken. - Dizzy - When more zombies come near you, your screen will begin to shake. - Aquaphobia - You will move 60% slower in water and have 50% less oxygen, with or without the Oxygen Tank. All comments and feedback are appreciated. (Sorry there wasn’t much explanation to those Returns)

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