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    Practicing my craft in basketball, Talking to people, Striving to work, Surfing the web, Playing Videogames, Talking to friends, and driving.
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    If you ever need to contact me for whatever reason my discord is Synurized#1580 Thanks!

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  1. Congrats y'all hope the best!
  2. Congrats man, I'm so proud of you. Good luck man! You deserve this position and always have. My 6' 6 foot friend.
  3. Welcome to HellsGamers! Congrats on -hg- Recruit. I'm always here if you need someone to talk to and enjoy your stay.

  4. I like those effects too, user tho the brother hood of arms is overpriced in my opinion. But whatever suits you. K1ng those effects are clean ngl
  5. Nice, I agree though nebula is a little too overrated.
  6. Time Warp and Purple energy are stupid good Division, In my opinion and nebula, demolin orbiting planets is sick minimalism
  7. Congrats, on Division Staff you deserve it man, you've proven what true leadership is, you always put through your best effort on everything you conceded, did, and succeeded at. Congrats on this achievement and keep grinding man <3 :staff::dis-gon-b-gud: 

  8. Congratulaytu0nzzz on yo promoti0n to Recruiter!!! ;)

    1. Sinister⠀


      Thanks brotha ;)

  9. Congrats on getting Recruiter!

    1. Sinister⠀


      Thanks bro, I'll make good use of it.

  10. Congratulations on HGCE Recruiter! Welcome to the team. 

    1. Sinister⠀


      Thanks bud, you've always been one of my mentors <3.

  11. Well said^ I agree with a lot of those things.
  12. Circling tf logo has always been one of my favorites because of how simple it is and clean, and stormy storm looks great for old theme hats.
  13. Okay, that's okay just know that I'm here for you always :).
  14. You are so beautiful. You are worth more than any price and more than every star in this sky. Please, if you are suicidal, do not kill yourself. Don't you dare say the stars would still come out, the seasons would still change, and the world would still turn. The world would never ever be the same without you simply for the fact that you wouldn't be here. You are a part of something beautiful and you absolutely deserve to be alive. Not for anybody else, most importantly for you. Because you are important, you are kind, you are meaningful, you are worthy, you are an absolutely gorgeous human being. I don't care what religion, race, any stretch marks, scars, or body type you fall under. I don't care about your weight or your height or your face, I care about you. Even if I don't know you, you as a human being are incredible. Please stay strong and remember, always be you. Depression may never go away, those scars may never go away and those feelings may never go away, but you will survive. Life is not a situation of survival, it is about how you THRIVE. You only get one life, please cherish it. I know that lots of other people do. And most importantly, above all. I’m here for you. Contact me in any way, and I’ll try my best to help you, I’m no expert but I’m here to help.

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